Why Having A User First Approach To SEO Is Important

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In this article, we can find out how a user first approach to SEO will benefit your website on SERP/search ranking.

If we talk about content, then design and usability are one of the most important components of SEO. 

User First Approach To SEO
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If we pay even a little attention to our design, we can get a huge reward from the ranking point of view.

When we work in SEO, our main focus is to understand Google algorithms, optimize sitemaps properly, create backlinks properly, and take a lot of time to think and understand all these things.

Because of this we sometimes miss the primary goal which is most important is to provide important and useful information to the visitors coming to our website.

In the old days, it was very easy to understand how you could cram your page at no cost.

Change your meta tag and get ranked in the highest position in search engines directly.

Google itself has to say that this is not the right way to get ranking.

That’s why Google is changing its algorithm day by day and is getting smarter. 

Google SEO has started paying attention to UX, the first proof of this we got through the update of “Panda” from 2011.

Apart from this, we get to see and hear the changes in core web vitals and their algorithms coming from time to time.

After this, it would be absolutely wrong for you to understand that Google would not pay any attention to the old SEO factors.

Rather it started paying the most attention to UX along with all these.

But when we talk about organic search, yes it is absolutely true that Google puts UX as the first priority.

But now this question must be coming to your mind: how do we make our website with a user-first approach, so for this I have kept you below useful points.

With the help of this, you can easily make your website a user-first approach.

And I hope that after doing this, your ranking in the search engine will definitely be boosted.

So let’s get started.

Main Ponts To Focus on User First Approach To SEO

1. Address Your Existing User Pain Points

If you are fed up with a website that has come to you in no time and you are very worried about how to get your website done through UX content.

Then you should never be afraid to do so.

You should first take the help of Google’s tools, in which the most important is Google Analytics.

By going here, you should check the performance of your website and see where your user is leaving the website.

You should also use “Heat Mapping and Recording Set” properly.

By using Heat Mapping Software properly, it is easy to know that our users are interacting properly with our website.

There are tons of recordings available that let you easily see how cases are progressing on your user’s websites and what’s stopping them from doing so.

Once you have this kind of data, you can work on all those areas and improve your website.

So that users get the best experience they are looking for.

In fact, the biggest reason and advantage of finding such data is that it becomes easier to evaluate the way our users are expecting to exit our website.

2. Always give people what they want

If you have been working on a website for a very long time and you are only engaged in pleasing the search engines.

Then doing so will drive your users away from you or your website.

If you’re only working on the user’s perspective, you can easily work on other search engine factors as well.

Once you find a way to make the user and the search engine happy.

I am sure you can easily reap positive benefits from your efforts from both sides.

3. Know the Design Fundamentals

You don’t need to be a Pro level Graphic Designer to improve User First Approach.

Yes, but you should definitely know how to design better.

With the help, you can do a little bit of good design, and you need to know about the tools of designing. Must have the basic knowledge.

Through this kind of basic knowledge, you will be able to easily give a better experience to your users.

Due to this, you will get more pleasure in working on your website and you will let the natural flow.

Whenever you learn designing, you should always keep in mind that the one who teaches you is always working hard to teach the psychology behind it.

Understanding the psychological implications of design is one of the most important things you must learn.

Because you need to know the reason behind everything you’re putting in and what kind of decisions your users can make behind that.

4. Better test everything

This means that once you have your data, you should never jump straight to making changes to your website.

Although it would not be wrong to say that it is this data that has identified potential problems for you. It does not mean that you have found the answer to all your problems in this.

Whenever I make any such changes on my website.

I always keep this thing in my mind for whether it is right for my users or not, I always resort to A/B testing for this.

If you are really unfamiliar with A/B testing.

Then let me tell you here that by doing this we connect two variations of our one page and compare them to see which one is performing better, with that, we will proceed.

If both your pages do not perform properly then you need to think about something other than them.

That’s why testing is so important. You want to make sure any changes you make are helping or hurting you.

5. You stop learning and your growth will stop, that’s why never stop learning

One of the most important tasks is to learn any form of SEO in digital marketing and always keep improving.

The way such a big search engine Google itself keeps changing its algorithms from time to time.

While it doesn’t need to do so much, it still makes many changes inside itself, due to which it has become smarter. 

Only he gets the benefit of and he shows the same website on his SERP which are according to his algorithm.

In the same way, we also always need to make changes and improvements somewhere in our field.

To do this it is most important for us to learn which can have a direct impact on our work.

Experience is everything, UX is not everyone’s thing.

That is why there is a huge area of ​​web design dedicated to this. 

One or two UX experts can also work in your company.

But it is very important for SEO, but if for some reason you can’t do these things.

Then it doesn’t mean that you should ignore UX.

If you make such a mistake then your website can suffer a lot.

For this you don’t need to do much, only you need to put yourself in the place of every single user who visits your website.

And you will automatically start getting solutions.

What you need to change and what needs to be taken care of.

You have to make sure that your users are having a good experience.

They don’t get disappointed, whether your website is mobile-friendly or not.

You need to find the answers to all these questions in the right way and apply them to your website.

That is why your website doesn’t require any major changes.

So to increase your usefulness, it should be your goal to get your website lacquered only by taking small steps.

6. How the Right Ingredients Can Help

You must have heard that content is the king for SEO, this tells us why we need the right and better content for SEO strategy.

If you use your content in the right way, peacefully, you can come up in the search engine rankings.

You should always remember to take content marketing seriously and keep on changing your algorithms constantly.

You also have to keep in mind that high-quality content is the only thing that never changes.

7. Writing the Right Content

You always need to master the art of writing the right content in your SEO strategies. 

But if you are writing content, then first of all you should focus only on writing.

You should not worry about SEO as much as keywords research or page titles.

Instead, it is more important for you to always create content for them by taking care of the user first approach.

By writing the right content, you can easily overcome the mistakes that most Internet marketers make.

Besides, with the right content, more and more people can come to your website, due to which you have a lot of chances of generating leads.

8. Identify Your Target Audience

Before you start writing content, you must first think about who you are writing your content for.

Who is our user really? And you should know more and more about their likes and dislikes.

That’s why always pay attention to what are the characteristics of your current customers.

And because of this, you can get clues about your potential customers.

Apart from this, you can also look at some other points like look at metrics like age, gender, buying behavior, and webpage engagement.

And try to gather more information about your target audience.

Apart from this, there can be many ways to identify your target audience.

The most important among them is social media marketing.

Even here you can understand your audience very easily and by getting the right information about them, you can write content according to them.

Yes, which increases the probability of being satisfied by their own content.

9. Monitor the Competition

You should closely monitor your competitor and important actions taken by him before writing your content.

By doing this, you don’t need to think much and understand, only you have to create your own unique content on the basis of that and keep it in front of your users.

But you should always keep this thing in mind in order to create content quickly.

You should never copy your competitor’s content, use his content only as a reference and always try to create your own unique content. Is.


Today we have understood here in our complete article that we should create a user first approach to SEO content and how to use it properly.

We should never please the search engine, instead, we should always create our content keeping our users in mind.

I have already said that it is not that we should not take care of search engines at all.

These factors also need to be given a lot of attention, but before that, it is very important to take care of our users.

If you also make a mistake like this before in creating content, then you can fail in the world of SEO.

That’s why you always need to keep all the points mentioned above in mind.

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