Top 65 Technical SEO Interview Questions and Answers 2022

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Today, we have come to the most important technical SEO Interview questions and answers for you. 

If you want to create your career in the field of SEO. 

Technical SEO  Interview Questions and Answers

Or you feel that SEO can prove to be a better career for you. 

Are you preparing for SEO from released job interviews? 

Then today we are a key to you that you have a lot of work. 

Today we will tell you some such top interview questions related to SEO or technical SEO and their answers. 

Those who ask most SEO experts in their interviews. 

So, if you understand these questions and their answers practically, then it becomes very easy to be selected in your interview. 

So let’s start. 

65 Technical SEO Interview Questions And Answers List

Technical SEO  Interview Questions and Answers

1. What Is The Full Form Of SEO? 

SEO’s full form is search engine optimization. 

2. What Is SEO? 

SEO is a process in which we optimize our website content to take the SEO so that more and more traffic comes on our website. 

With this technology, we optimize the webpage’s content in such a way that it is ranked on the position of the search engine on the position. 

3. What Is ON-PAGE SEO? 

ON-PAGE SEO is a process in which we have to optimize the website’s pages or posts. 

In it, we optimize the search engine to the content, URL structure, internal linking, meta description, Heading, keywords placement ETC, our website. 

4. What Is Off-Page SEO? 

Off-page SEO is a process in which we pay more attention to the factors outside the website. 

There are the most important factors in External Link, Backlinks, Guest Posting, etc. 

5. What Is The White Hat SEO? 

Such methods are adopted to improve the search engine which is according to the rules of the search engine, then we call White Hat SEO  Techniques. 

6. What Is Black Hat SEO? 

The only ways adopted to improve banking on the search engine which are against the search engine in them, we call Black Hat Seo Techniques. 

7. What Are Backlinks? 

When we link a website to another website, then we call it a backlink. 

The search engine is a way of optimization, in which if we put a high authority website on our website, our website has a lot of benefits in SEO. 

8. What Is Organic Traffic? 

The number of visitors coming to a website is spoken traffic. 

You can come from traffic several sources if the sharp search engine is coming from then it is called Organic Traffic. 

9. Important SEO Ranking Factor? 

Google has told the 200+ search engine optimization ranking factor. Keeping in mind that we have to optimize our website correctly. 

But here is some Important Writing Factor such as: 

  • – Keyword or LSI Keywords 
  • – Mobile Responsiveness 
  • – High-Quality Backlinks 
  • – Content Quality 
  • Bounce Rate 

10. What Are Internal Links? 

When we make a link to any other page or article of our website inside our website or blog, we only call it internal linking. 

11. External Links? 

When we make links to other websites inside our website or blog, we call external linking. 

12. What Are Nofollow Links? 

There is a link on the site that you want to follow Google and does not have any effect on your website’s SEO, such a link we call the no-follow link. 

13. What Are Dofollow Links? 

This link is absolutely opposed to the Nofollow Link. This means that the Dofollow link follows Google and has an effect on your SEO. 

14. What Is The Full Form Of SERP? 

SERP’s full form search engine result page occurs. 

15. What Is SERP? 

If there are some searches in a search engine, the search result page where 1 – 10 then there are articles of different websites, which we call SERP. 

16. What Is A Keyword? 

Keywords are such words or phrases, which are searched for more and more on any search engine. 

17. Types Of Keywords 

There are three types of keywords: 

  • – Short Tail 
  • – Medium Tail 
  • – Long-tail 

18. What Is The Short Tail Keyword? 

It is such a keyword that is made of a single word. 

There is a lot of competition along with a lot of volume on them. for ex: SEO, Google, etc 

19. What Is The Medium Tail Keyword? 

It is such a keyword that there is more than one word. 

These are also medium traffic along with the medium composition. For ex: What is SEO?, Types of SEO, etc. 

20. What Is The Longtail Keyword? 

There are words that are made of big phrases. 

There is less competition as well as decent traffic. For ex: Benefits of Using LSI Keywords, What is Email Marketing Tool? etc. 

21. What Is The Use Of A Keyword In SEO?

The use of keywords is very important in SEO.

Search engines like Google work on the basis of keywords.

The words and phrases that are searched on the search engine are called keywords.

SEO-optimized content is created by targeting the keyword according to its popularity and competition.

22. How Do You Do Keyword Research?

First identify the main keywords related to your topic, after that other related keywords related to it are detected.

Using keyword research tools such as Google keyword planner, ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

We can easily find out the search and competition level of any keyword.

23. What Is Keyword Density?

What percentage of keywords have you used in your content compared to the total word, this is what we call keyword density.

Its formula is something like this:

          no.  of keywords

= ———————————– ×100

     Total words in an article

24. What Is Keyword Difficulty?

How difficult it is to rank on a keyword, is what we call keyword difficulty.

25. How Is The Website’s SEO Optimized?

To improve the SEO of any website, we have to do many things such as:

  •  – Keyword research
  •  – High-quality content
  •  – Loading speed
  •  – Create backlink
  •  – on-page SEO
  •  – off-page SEO

26. What Is Alt Attribute?

Here is an attribute of the image of HTML which is used to make the image SEO optimized.

If we use the keyword in the alt attribute, then the search engine gets to know what the content and the image are about.

27. What Are Meta Tags?

There are some tags in HTML that give information about the content of the web page to the search engines.

Such tags are called meta tags, these tags are only in the source code and are not visible inside the webpage.

28. Types Of Meta Tags

 It is of four types:

  •  – Meta title
  •  – Meta description
  •  – Meta keyword
  •  – Robot Meta tag

29. What Is Meta Description?

A meta description is a type of HTML tag in which we write information about our content.

If we are writing a blog, then we write the short description of that post inside the meta description.

30. What Is The Use Of Meta Description In SEO?

This is very important for SEO.

The information written in this section appears on the search engine result page.

31. What Are Sitemaps?

There is a type of file here that contains information about all the pages of your website.

It is like a blueprint, sitemap helps search engines in crawling and indexing web pages.

32. What Is A Google Bot?

Google bot is a type of software that keeps on collecting information by visiting different websites on the Internet.

It crawls and indexes web pages.

33. What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a type of search engine ranking score from which Moz was created.

How many chances are there for a website to rank on search engines?

This score ranges from 0 to 100, the higher the score of the website.

The better its SEO performance.

34. What Is The Limit Of Words In The Meta Description And Title Tag?

Google shows the first 50-60 words of the title of a page and 160 words of meta description in the SERP (search engine result page).

That’s why we should make the title tag and matter description very carefully.

35. What Are LSI Keywords?

The full form of LSI is latent semantic indexing.

Other keywords and search terms related to your target keyboard are called LSI keywords.

If you use their words inside your content, then the search engine can easily understand in which topic your content is written.

36. What Is Anchor Text?

By clicking on the text on which the hyperlink is created, we go to another page, which is what we call anchor text.

37. What Is The Google Algorithm?

The Google algorithm is a complex system or program that determines which pages will appear in the search engine results page when the user searches for a query, and whose order will be on them.

38. What Is The Google Panda And Penguin Update?

Panda and Penguin Update are Google’s algorithms to improve the ranking of quality pages and the negative ranking of spammy websites.

39. Where Do You Check The Traffic Of Your Website?

You can see the traffic of your website in Google Analytics.

For this, you have to link your website to analytics.

40. What Is Crawling And Indexing?

When the bot of the search engine looks at all the content of a website, then that process is called crawling.

But when the crawled content is organized by the search engine and installed in its database, then we call it indexing.

41. What Is Meant By Error 404 Page?

This is a standard response code that indicates that the browser is able to communicate with the requested server but the server cannot find the file we want to view.

42. What Is Meant By 301 Redirects?

When a person visits a URL but is redirected to another page, it is called a redirect.

This is a permanent redirect that tells the search engine that that file has been moved to another location permanently.

43. Which Tools Are Useful For SEO?

Although all the tools are useful, some of the most used tools are as follows:

44. What Is AMP And What Are Its Benefits?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is the full form of AMP

Or is it an open-source framework created by Google and Twitter to make webpages mobile friendly and fast loading?

45. What Is Google’s Rankbrain?

Rank Brain is a most essential part of Google’s search algorithm.

Google tries to understand the intent of the user using machine learning.

46. ​​Is It Necessary To Use HTTPS In The Website For Better SEO?

The full form of HTTPS is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure.

Which is more secure than HTTP.

Google likes secure websites more, so we should always use HTTPS on our website.

47. What Is The Google Search Console?

This platform has been created by Google for website publishers.

This is a platform where we can see the performance of our website.

Apart from this, which pages of our website are ranked at which position.

And on which keywords the traffic is coming, with the help of this tool, we get to know everything.

48. How To Remove Bad Backlinks From A Site?

You can use these steps to remove the bad backlink.

  • – First of all, identify the bad backlinks.
  • – Make a complete list of such backlinks in a text file.
  • – In Google Search Console, select your website in the disavow tool and upload the file of links.

49. What Is CTR?

Click Through Rate is the full form of CTR.

CTR tells us what percentage of the people viewing our website on the search engines are reaching our website by clicking on the link.

50. What Is The Bounce Rate?

Bounce rate shows what percentage of visitors who come to the website return after seeing only one page and do not visit any other page of the website.

51. What Is Paid Traffic?

The traffic that comes from the advertisements on the search engine is called paid traffic.

52. What Is Referral Traffic?

We call the traffic coming from any website other than the search engine referral traffic.

53. What Are The Featured Snippets?

Sometimes Google gives some information at the top of its search engine result page, this is what we call rich snippets.

This information is taken from inside the web page itself.

In these snippets, there is an image along with the page title along with the searched keywords.

54. What Is Keyword Stemming?

 Keyword stemming is a way in which Google understands the different forms of a keyword.

55. What Is Guest Posting?

When we write an article on someone else’s blog, it is called guest posting.

You can also create backlinks for your website by writing guest posts.

56. What Is A Mobile-Friendly Website?

Such a website which is visible on mobile without any problem, we call it a mobile-friendly website.

This is a very important ranking factor for search engine optimization.

If you want a better ranking of your website then you should make it mobile-friendly.

57. How To Increase The Loading Speed Of the Site?

There are many ways to increase the speed of the website, some of them are.

  • – You use great hosting.
  • – You must use a CDN network.
  • – Compress your images.
  • – Minimize redirects on your website.

58. What Is Cloaking?

Cloaking is a method by which the content shown to the search engine is different from the content shown on the browser.

This is a black hat SEO technique that is against the guideline of Google.

59. What Is Robot.txt?

Robot.txt is a file where we tell the search engine which pages to crawl and which pages not to crawl.

60. What Is Google Sandbox?

It is believed that it is a very difficult task to rank a new website in Google because Google uses a filter for the new website which keeps an eye on it for a few days and this is called Google’s sandbox.

61. What Are Social Signals?

Like shares and other activities on social media of a website are called social signals, it helps in the organic ranking of any page.

62. What Is Local SEO?

Google My Business is an online platform from where you can manage the online presence of your business.

You can put the location of your office in Google Map, you can s

63. What Is A Domain Name?

Where does the domain name of the address & the details of your organization or office on Google?

64. What Are Google Trends?

Google trend is a tool by which you can find out which keywords are trending on Google right now.

Site go, which we can access by entering the URL bar of the browser.

65. What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting or website hosting is a service in which the hosting provider provides you with such facilities so that you are able to store the content of your website on the server and show it easily on the Internet.


Today we have given you the list of Top Technical SEO Interview Questions and Answers in this article.

If you want to make your career by doing a job in the SEO field.

So it is very important for you to be familiar with these questions and answers.

Because all these questions and answers are from a basic to a higher level.

With the help of this, you can easily crack your interview.

Apart from these questions, it is very important for you to have some knowledge of SEO.

Or you should have practical knowledge of it.

Due to this, you can easily answer the questions asked in more depth.

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What are questions for SEO interview?

Important questions for SEO interview are:
1. What is the full form of SEO? 
2. What is SEO?
3. What is ON-PAGE SEO?
4. What is off-page seo? · 
5. What is the white hat seo?
6. What is Black Hat Seo?
7. What are backlinks?
8. What is Organic Traffic?
9. Important Seo Ranking Factor?

How do i talk about SEO in an interview?

There are many ways by which you can make an SEO interview impressive.
– Always share your experience.
– You should always talk about SEO.
– Must talk about SEO tools.

Why should we hire you for SEO?

If you hire an SEO professional, then you get a huge benefit in the growth of your website.
Because he puts his knowledge and expertise in creating the best campaign for you.
Because of this, your campaign can bring good results for your business.

What’s technical SEO?

Technical SEO means that with the help of the website and website server optimization, your website is easily crawled and indexed by the search engines crawler.

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