How To Do Keyword Research in SEO: Full Beginners Guide 2023

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In this article, we are discussing Keyword Research in SEO.

In brief,

“Keyword research is essential for gaining a high rank in search engines, so it is important to use long-tail keywords and keyword research tools such as premium SEO keywords tools”.

When we write our articles, the first question that comes to our mind is which keyword we should write our article.

You are going to get answers to all the questions related to your keyword in this article.

keyword research in seo

If we understand keyword research in Search engine optimization in a very simple language, then it is a process in which it is known which term related to our niche is being most searched in today’s time.

With the help of this, we can easily get a post-high ranking by using those keywords in our content.

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of search engine optimization, with the help of which we can get our website a high SEO ranking.

In this entire article, we will try to know why Google keyword research is so important in SEO and how does it work?

let’s start

What are Keywords?

The words we use to search any topic in the search engine are called keywords.

Actually, whatever we search by words in the search engine, all the words are keywords.

We need words to search for anything, with the help of which we can easily find our topic.

But a sensible content creator can easily rank his blog post or YouTube video by using these words.

There are several types of keywords:

Focus keywords:

Such keywords are always in one word.

It mostly uses those content creators who are very old and experienced.

Actually, there is a lot of search volume on their keywords but there is also a lot of competition.

Medium keyword:

Such keywords are in two words, on which the search volume is also good and the competition is also medium.

You can do the work with these kinds of keywords and give them you high ranking in less time.

Long-tail keyword:

If we talk about long-tail keywords, they have three or more words.

The truth about them is a lot of volumes but the competition is also very less.

With the help of this keyword type, any new content creator can easily rank their content by using them wisely.

What is keyword research in SEO?

It is such a process to find out which keyword is being searched the most in search engines.

And how much competition is there in that keyword and how much is the search volume of that keyword?

If you do keyword research in the right way, then it becomes easy for you to rank on that keyword.

Whenever you write your article, start writing your article only after researching the keyword in the right way.

Because of this, you can easily get your content ranked on any search engine.

And with its help, you can increase a lot of traffic on your website.

Why do we do keyword research?

Being content creators, we should write a post on all our blogs by researching keywords because if we write a blog post without researching the keyword, then we can never get successful on the search engine. 

Because only those keywords rank in search engines that are searched and optimized properly.

You only have to do research before optimizing the keyword properly.

On whichever topic you want to write your blog post, do keyword research on that topic and then use its focus keyword in the right way wherever it is used in your entire article.

Note: And of course, keep one thing in mind if you are a new blogger then you should always focus more on long-tail keywords.

How to do keyword research?

To gain a high rank in search engines, we should keep some important things in mind while doing keyword research so that we can optimize our blog properly and earn a high rank in search engines.

When we do keyword research, there are some keywords whose search volume is very high but the competition on them is also very high.

That’s why we have to use such a keyword for our blog, which has low competition and high search volume.

And my suggestions to those bloggers who are new in this field use long-tail keywords in the initial stage.

For keyword research, you can use keyword research tools.

Talking about keyword research tools, there are many types of keyword research tools available in the market, using which you can do keyword research for your blog.

You will find most of the premium SEO keywords tool available for keyword research in the market, which is used by different webmasters according to their choice.

When to keyword research?

The best time to do keyword research is when you are writing an article about a particular topic.

If your website is in multiple niches then you have to cover many topics in that blog post.

You have to work on a lot of niches at once and optimize your website according to Google’s algorithm by writing different blog posts.

For this, you cannot use many keywords at once.

But when you work on a particular niche, you can find many keywords for your articles.

According to the trending topic, you can also find the keywords and use them and get your blog post ranked.

Who should do keyword research?

Keyword research is an integral part of search engines, you cannot ignore it.

The content creator who is true to his work and wants to earn money online, then he has to do good keyword research to write his content and impress his user.

The biggest advantage of doing keyword research is that we get to know how our user is looking for their query by searching in the search engine.

We should not take keyword research lightly, but before writing an article, we should spend maximum time finding the right kind of keywords.

How to choose a high-quality perfect keyword

We should keep this thing in mind while searching for keywords that we have to find a perfect one.

With the help of which we can get our article to come on Google easily on Google.

So let us understand how to choose keywords and why these steps are important.

A.Search volume

We should always check the search volume while choosing our Keyword.

Search volume is the most important factor in keyword research.

We should always focus on keywords with high search volume.

B.Cost per click

CTR is very important for any keyword.

CTR means total search volume out of how many clicks come for that keyword.

We should choose only a keyword with a high click-through rate.

C.Seo difficulty or keyword difficulty

SEO difficulty is also an important factor to choose any word.

If the keyword difficulty is very high, then you should not focus on that keyword.

Because the chances of ranking with high keyword difficulty are next to impossible for new bloggers or content creators.

If you are in Blogger or you have just started learning search engine optimization, then you should always focus on keywords with less difficulty.

D.Cost per click

CPC is not directly used and effective in search engine optimization.

But with the help of it, we can definitely choose the perfect keyword for our blog posts or youtube videos.

Whenever you do keyword research, you must have seen the CPC of that particular keyword.

But it may be that the search volume of that keyword is less.

But if its CPC is high then it means that the people are searching for that keyword on the internet.

And you can easily get high-ranked for that particular keyword.

Important steps of keyword research?

Keyword search is as easy to hear and see.

But actually, it is a hard process to find keyword research.

But you do not need to worry if you follow my blog properly, then I guarantee you that you will be able to do keyword research easily.

Whenever you do keyword research, it should be kept in mind that for doing proper keyword research, it is very important for us to take care of some things.

Such as:

1. New idea generated for keywords

The first process to doing any keyword research is to generate the right keyword idea.

There are many ways to generate keyword ideas, with the help of which you can generate keyword ideas for yourself.

So we know the types of most important keyword idea generation.

A.Keyword analysis

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

In keyword analysis, you can come up with some sets of keywords.

For example, if you want to start a business with a safety product, then you can analyze some such keyword ideas.

B.Suggestions by Google.

Google suggestion is also a very good option to find your keywords because Google tells us about our focus keyword.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Source by: Google Google

In which more information is available about our Keyword.

With the help of this, we can also easily make the h1 and h2 heading of our article.

If we want to get our article ranked in the Google search engine, then we should take the help of Google while searching for our keywords.

C.Related to search

Related to search is one of the most amazing features of Google, with the help of which you can generate the new idea of ​​keywords.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

Google’s search-related keywords are very important suggestions for those who write an article and find some ideas related to focus keywords.

These keywords come directly from Google’s search library.

This means that they are searching more and more of these keywords on Google

D.Suggestion by youtube

With the help of youtube suggestions, you can easily find trending and fresh topics for your article and videos.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

And you can easily find keywords that rank easily on YouTube.

These keywords you can also easily use for youtube SEO to optimize your video properly 

E.Suggestion by Wikipedia

You all must be thinking that how can we generate keyword ideas from Wikipedia.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

So of course you can generate keyword ideas from Wikipedia.

Let’s know how?.

First of all, you have to search by putting your focus keyword in the Wikipedia search area.

After this, whatever result you get, you can find many keywords from Wikipedia’s Table of Contents.

And you can easily pick keywords for your article.

2. Keyword research tools

On the internet, there are lots of keyword research tools and all are good to find keywords.

In the below the best keywords research tools list, you can use and find keywords easily.

But most of the tools are freemium, which means they can give daily, weekly, or monthly free trials and then you can join subscription plans.

a.Google keyword planner

Google Keyword Planner is a keyword research tool that is fully owned by Google, with the help of which we can easily research keywords.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

This tool is absolutely free and easy to use.

Google kept this tool by adding it to its Google ads, for this you have to create an account on Google Ads.

With the help of this tool, you can easily find the search volume and competition of your keywords.

This tool is made by Google for its advertisers, but you can also use it to do keyword research.

To know better about Google Keyword Planner, you can visit our Google Keyword Planner guide

b. Semrush keyword research

This is a very useful and powerful keyword research tool, its library is very large.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

With its help, you can search for keywords very well.

This tool shows you keywords that are already ranking keywords.

Apart from this, it helps you to do perfect keyword research with the help of the Magic Keyword Research Tool.

Here you get many advanced features that are not available in free tools.

  • Competition difficulty
  • Keyword difficulty
  • SERP Features
  • Search volume.

c. Keyword research Ahrefs

With the help of this tool, you can do keyword research very easily.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

This is a very powerful keyword research tool.

In this tool, you will get many advanced features, with the help of which you can easily process your keyword research.

Some important features are:

  • Search volume
  • Keyword difficulty
  • Word count
  • Return rate
  • CPC.

d.Uber suggests:

This is a freemium tool, with the help of which you can easily research your keyword.

keyword research in seo
Source by: Google

You get to do keyword research three times a day for free on one of your Gmail IDs.

After that their premium plan will have to be purchased, after that you can use this tool.

Some of the important features of the tool are:

  • Traffic analyzer
  • SEO Analyzer
  • Site audit
  • Keyword overview
  • Backlinks
  • Keyword ideas
  • Content ideas

Many other keyword research tools help you a lot. 

The list is given below:

  • The hoth
  • Wordtracker
  • Seo quake
  • Keyword surfer

Why is it important?

Keyword research is very important to make any search engine optimization campaign successful.

Because only with the help of keywords, you can rank the website in the search engine with your content.

Keyword research is a type of market research in the 21st century.

Just as you cannot be successful in business without proper market research.

Similarly, without proper keyword research, search engine optimization campaigns cannot be successful.

SEO keywords list


We tried to go through this entire article, Keyword Research in SEO & how to do keyword research.

If you follow all the steps I have mentioned, then it can be very easy for you to research the perfect keyword.

Are you ready to write a blog post article and research the keywords in the right way for it?

You should always keep one thing in mind, it is important to do keyword research, on any blog, and YouTube, with the help of this, our content is able to rank in any search engine.

So we have to take care of this thing.

If you liked this post, then share it with your friends.

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What are keywords research?

Keywords are important words or concepts in a research question or thesis. Picking out the most important nouns from the research question or thesis is a quick and dirty way of extracting keywords; All other words are irrelevant. Searching with keywords rather than phrases or complete sentences will always yield more results.

What are the 4 types of keywords?

Short-tail, long-tail, question-based, and intent-targeting keywords are four different categories of keywords.

Why keyword research is important in SEO?

You have a chance to rank high in search engines for that particular topic by doing your research and choosing the most suitable target keywords. You can advertise your goods and services online by attracting visitors to your website by getting high search engine rankings.

What is the best keyword research technique in SEO?

Researching keywords in bulk.
Competitive Keyword Analysis.
Keyword crowdsourcing.
Keyword research for the long tail.
Suggested keywords from SERPs.
trending words.

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