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Today in this article we will see the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid.

Any newbie takes a lot of such mistakes in his initial days, due to which he has to bear the brunt later.

Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid

I have also done this mistake and I want that my friends my brothers, and all of you should not do this mistake, due to which your website can also be destroyed.

It is absolutely true that I have seen this many times that there are many people who make the most common worst SEO mistakes, these types of top SEO mistakes to avoid are very important.

Due to this many bloggers’ blogging careers may destroy.

SEO mistakes small businesses must avoid immediately.

Apart from this, if someone keeps doing such a mistake.

Then direct traffic does not come from the search engine on their blog.

Because they make some mistakes while writing the post without knowing the Best SEO properly on the blog.

Due to this, they have to suffer a great loss of search traffic.

That is why we should be aware of those mistakes in advance so that we avoid making such mistakes.

Many Types of questions in your mind came like Which SEO techniques should be avoided?

Which types of SEO errors codes take of care ranking perspective?

I am trying to give all types of answers related to this topic.

So let’s start

13 Biggest SEO Mistakes To Avoid For ranking

We make many mistakes unknowingly while making our blog search engine friendly.

Especially the new bloggers who have just come into this field and they do not have much knowledge of it.

So let us now try to go into this post, what mistakes bloggers make, and what can be the harm from them.

  • 1. Focus On Website Designing Only
  • 2. Unknowingly Do Keyword Stuffing
  • 3. Always Write Short Content
  • 4. Choose And Use the Wrong Keywords
  • 5. Never Focus On the Title Tag or Meta Description
  • 6. Using the Same Or Duplicate Content
  • 7. Create Bad Links Building
  • 8. Never Think About Mobile Friendliness
  • 9. Not Focus on On-Site Speed
  • 10. Missing and Don’t Use Alt Text
  • 11. Not To Worry About Bad Categorization
  • 12. Unknowingly Happen Bad URL Structure
  • 13. Never Focus On Compress Images

1. Focus On Website Designing Only

There are many such new bloggers, it is often seen in the day that they pay more attention to the blog design than to the content.

Because of this, they lose a lot of traffic coming from search engines.

Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition in blogging, if you want to get ahead then you should not waste your time.

This happens because many bloggers keep reading other blogs if your blog design is attractive.

Then the visitors coming to it are impressed to a great extent.

It is absolutely true that the design of your blog is a very good medium to attract visitors.

But if you do not put good content on your website, then what will people do after seeing the design of your website?

Therefore, always keep the design of your site or blog simple.

And try to optimize it properly by paying more attention to your content.

2. Unknowingly Do Keyword Stuffing

This is the most common mistake in SEO which new bloggers make mistakes like keyword stuffing.

If you are thinking that only new bloggers make a mistake, then let me tell you that old bloggers also make these mistakes many times.

The only difference is that new bloggers do not correct their mistakes by making this mistake.

Whereas the old bloggers rectify this mistake very quickly whenever they edit the post.

And they also come to know that this post is not getting traffic from the search engine.

But the new blogger is not easily able to know about keyword stuffing.

Due to this, he keeps repeating this mistake again and again.

Because of this, he loses a lot of traffic, so the new blogger should take special care that there is no keyword stuffing in his post in any way.

If you start paying attention to this thing, then they will start getting direct traffic through the search engine.

3. Always Write Short Content

This is also a reason why any new blogger starts writing very short content in a hurry to write his post.

Although this is not a big fact, you must agree that it is preferred to read the post written in a good way and in-depth.

If a post is being liked by the user, it means that it has good sentiment and the search engine gets to know that the user is very happy with the information given in that post.

So it helps to rank the search engine easily.

Here you need to understand two things, firstly, there should be quality content inside your post.

Secondly, your post should be written in a step-by-step manner.

This means to say that it should contain information in detail.

If you write your post in this way, then your post will automatically become a long post.

But you should also always keep in mind that your post should neither be in fewer words nor in too many words.

One of the biggest problems of a long post is that if you have written a very long post, then the user gets bored while reading.

That is why you have to use the words properly and it should be written in between 2000 – 2500 words.

4. Choose And Use the Wrong Keywords

It has often been seen that when new bloggers do keyword research.

They do not know which keyword can rank their posts in search engines according to the competition.

Apart from this, they also do not know which keyword is of a lot of competition on which they do not have to work.

Due to a big mistake here, they choose the wrong keyword which is harmful and does not allow the post to rank in the search engine.

It is known to all that we do not have to work in a place where there is already a lot of competition.

In the same type of world also you always have to pay attention to the competition.

If the competition for the keyword is very high, then you do not have to work on it.

It is not yet that all the bloggers who do blogging and whose posts you do keyword research by reading should tell you the right way.

Because no blogger would like to get his website ranked by blogging someone else in his place.

That’s why I am saying this because I have introduced all this and then gradually learned to do keyword research on my own.

Because keyword research in the optimization blog is a process that you have to learn on your own and choose the right keywords on your own.

In an SEO blog, you have to learn everything on your own because no blogger can teach you this process well because there are many factors in it that affect SEO.

Apart from this, search engines keep making changes in their guidelines all the time, which not everyone can tell you immediately.

For this, the easiest and most effective way is to keep yourself updated.

5. Never Focus On the Title Tag or Meta Description

There are many such successful bloggers who believe that title tags and meta descriptions are very important for any block post.

That is why while writing our post, we should pay special attention to its title time and meta description.

You should have an idea of when your website is ranked in any search engine.

Then only the title tag and meta description of your post are visible there.

If you have made the title meta description of your post attractive and eye-catchy.

Then the chances of getting clicked on it increase a lot.

But if you have not organized your meta description and title track well, then your clicks are reduced.

It can be said that clicking on it does not come at all.

That is why you should decide on a unique title tag meta description for your blog.

This will not have any negative effect on your blog and as far as I know, you must use it.

Due to this your engine optimization can be more powerful.

6. Using the Same Or Duplicate Content

New bloggers make the mistake very often that they copy and paste duplicate content from anywhere and putting it on their website.

Google or any search engine does not like this mistake at all.

Because if the crawler of any search engine will see your content copy, then your post will not have any value.

That is why we should avoid creating duplicate content from the very early days.

We should take special care of this thing that try to make your content different as much as possible.

Which can give you a lot of benefits in the future as well.

Apart from this, you should especially keep in mind that many times the traffic of that blogger from where the content is copied gets down.

No one wants to block your traffic.

In this way, the blog from which you are copying the content can also file a DMCA complaint against you.

Due to this, your blog will be completely useless because search engines deal very strictly with such blogs and blog the URL.

That is why I said above that we should avoid this mistake from the early days.

7. Create Bad Links Building

Building links is truly a very important and beneficial factor in SEO.

It has been approved by the search engines that if the external links on your website are properly created, then your website is considered to be optimized properly.

It is the most important ranking factor among Google’s 200+ ranking factors.

But it happens many times that new bloggers do not understand this thing properly.

And they start doing link building anywhere.

We should note that our website is a business of ours.

If we associate our business with a business that is already bad business in the eyes of the public.

So our business will also be considered bad in the eyes of the people.

In the same way when we link our website to a website that is already defamed.

So our website also comes on the list of infamous websites.

Because of this, the spam score of your website remains high, and the authority of your website decreases.

The SEO ranking has a very negative effect on this and it goes down.

Because of this, the overall popularity of your website gets ruined.

Apart from this, there are many new bloggers who fall under the misconception that buying backlinks will start ranking their websites.

Also considers backlink exchange to be right and starts doing that too.

You should really avoid all these things in your initial days.

8. Never Think About Mobile Friendliness

The majority of audiences in the world browse frequently from mobile phones.

More than 60% of the world’s population uses their mobile for any online search.

We can also do blogging on the phone, but most bloggers do it from a computer or laptop.

Because of this, we feel that all the users browse from laptops or computers only.

We forget that in today’s time, there are more mobile users.

And because of this small mistake, we do not make our website mobile-friendly.

Which can really be a big mistake of ours, which can ruin our career.

When your website is a mobile-friendly website then the traffic to your website increases a lot.

You will get to see its effects and results in a few days.

9. Not Focus on On-Site Speed

It must have happened such a time with you that you must have gone to some website and that website is taking too much time to open.

If this happens what do we do? We immediately leave that website and go to another website.

Which takes the least time to open from that website.

Just like when we do not optimize our website properly and do not pay attention to its speed.

So the user coming to our website also leaves our website immediately and goes to our competitor’s website.

This is the most important ranking factor out of the 200 ranking factors of Google.

The overall popularity of your website depends on your speed.

If any website is taking more than 3-5 seconds to load, then its bounce rate becomes very high.

You should always keep checking the speed of your website.

To check the speed of your website, you can visit Google Page Speed ​​Insight.

Apart from this, you also get to know about the speed of your website on GTmetrix.

10. Missing and Don’t Use Alt Text

The full name of Alt Text is alternative text, which is a part of any blog that tells the search engine what the image you have used in your blog is about.

If there is no Alt text in the image, then it will not be intake and will never be able to rank.

Sometimes it happens that the image is not able to load due to the speed of the internet.

But if you have used Alt text then the user can guess what it is by looking at it.

While doing images, we must use Alt text so that it is not missed later.

Modifying your keyboard properly should create some text that can describe your image properly.

11. Not To Worry About Bad Categorization

Category plays a big role in the blog which a tourist guide plays in a journey.

There are thousands of posts in a blog, and categorizing them makes it easy for a user, can find the post according to his need.

What I mean by bad categorization is that creating an unnecessary category and not putting some posts in it, it confuses people a lot.

If you create a category for a post, then the category’s side link is generated which is shown in the search result.

For this, you should always decide before writing a post in which category you want to include it.

If you do not have any category according to your post, then you should definitely create a category, not for it.

12. Unknowingly Happen Bad URL Structure

URL structure means the permalink of your website.

If you use WordPress and then you must have seen that it has a structure in the setting.

But there are many options to create a permalink in it.

If you want to make an SEO-friendly permalink then you should always look towards this example


A good link not only helps the user but also the search engine to understand to whom this post is written.

The advantage of this is that your post gets indexed very quickly.

The sooner your post is an intake, the sooner its chances of ranking increase.

13. Never Focus On Compress Images

Many bloggers also make this mistake.

In their early days, bloggers put high-definition as well as large-size images in their blog posts.

By putting large-size images in the block, the biggest effect on your website is that your website is not able to open easily.

When your website is not able to open easily then it has a huge negative effect on ranking.

For this reason, when the speed of your website is very low.

Then you should always pay attention to the inspector that the images on your website should always be of small size.

The ideal size for using images is 100 kb or less.

If you run a WordPress website, then you can use many plugins to compress the image such as Smush.

But if you want to complete your image online, then TinyPNG is the best platform for that.

how to fix SEO issues

You must first identify the problems in order to fix SEO concerns.

You can follow the steps that follow:

Conduct an SEO audit: To find any technical issues with your website, such as broken links, a poor loading time, or duplicate content, use tools like Google Search Console, SEMrush, or Ahrefs.

Optimize your website’s structure: Make sure your website is set up so that search engines can crawl and index it with ease. Having an individual page hierarchy, employing descriptive URLs, and developing an XML sitemap are examples of how to do this.

Conduct keyword research: Conduct keyword research to find the search terms that your target market is using to find your goods or services. Use these terms in the content, meta descriptions, and URLs of your website.

Optimize your content: Ensure that your content is helpful for your target audience by making sure it is of the best quality and relevance. Make sure your website is frequently updated with new information and include keywords naturally into your content.

Build high-quality backlinks: A powerful backlink profile can boost your website’s authority and search engine rankings. Ensure that the websites in your field that link back to you are trustworthy.

Monitor your progress: Track the traffic, positioning, and conversions to your website using programs like Google Analytics or SEMrush. Regularly examine this data to find any areas that could use improvement.

What are some obstacles to avoid that can hurt your SEO?

This is a very common question when we talk about search engine optimization, let us know which are the obstacles that we should avoid, otherwise, our SEO can be badly affected.

  • – We should never create these low-quality links on our website.
  • – There should never be a bad redirect on our website.
  • – There should not be duplicate content on your website.
  • – If you have changed something in your content now.
  • – You are using the robots.txt, noindex tag incorrectly.
  • – If low-quality traffic is coming from somewhere on your website.
  • – If you do not pay attention to the updates of Google.
  • – You violate copyright law.
  • – Your website is not mobile-friendly.
  • – If you have done negative SEO on your website without thinking.
  • – Your website is not secure.
  • – You have just changed the internal links of your website.

what is the difference between on-page and off-page SEO and why are both important?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing the elements of a website to improve the website’s search engine rankings. This covers elements like page speed, internal linking, URL framework, meta tags, and content.

On the other hand, off-page SEO describes the steps that are performed to improve the ranking of your website in search results. Link building, social media marketing, influencer outreach, and online PR are examples of this. Off-page SEO is crucial because it helps search engines in determining your website’s traffic and trustworthiness.

In order to increase your search engine rankings, both on-page and off-page SEO are crucial. Off-page SEO helps search engines determine the ranking and authority of your website, while on-page SEO helps them in understanding the content and organizational structure of your website. You may boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, increase traffic to your website, and ultimately achieve your business goals by improving both on-page and off-page SEO.

Should I use the same keywords on every page?

When you target the same keyword on many pages on your website, then it is negative SEO in the eyes of Google.

It has been seen many times that many websites start using the targeted keyboard on many of their pages in order to rank quickly on Google.

They think that because of this their website will get more ranking quicker.

For others, it seems to them that because of his weight, his website will start looking more relevant.

But there is no such thing when you target the same keyword on multiple web pages, then it is a negative signal in the eyes of Google.

For on-site SEO strategies should not have?

On-page SEO strategies for your website then put a negative impact on your website when you do not have all these things.

  • – According to Google’s search quality guideline, you do not use EAT.
  • – You do not use keywords according to the niche of your website.
  • – There is a lack of SEO writing on your website.
  • – Your website has very few visual assets.
  • – You ignore creating title tags.
  •  Your meta description is also not created correctly.
  • – There is also a lack of image optimization.
  • – If you use local search on your website, then you ignore geotagging.
  • – Your website speed is very slow and bad.
  •  – You have not used the right theme on your website, due to which your website is not responsive.
  • – The URL structure on your website is also not formed correctly.
  • – You have also neglected to create internal and external links.

What should you avoid when developing a search-optimized website LinkedIn?

When you want to get your content ranked on Indian Desi Rape A to Z website then you should avoid all these things.

  • – You should not create duplicate content.
  • – You should not use too many advertisements on your website page or post.
  • – You should never hide links and text.
  • – You should always keep tracking spamming.
  • – Cloaking should not be used at all.
  •  Negative SEO should not be done on your website.


Today we saw the biggest SEO mistakes to avoid in this article.

Whether we are new or old bloggers, we should avoid making such search engine optimization mistakes.

I believe that not only do new bloggers make mistakes, but old bloggers also make mistakes.

That is why we should avoid many such mistakes, due to which there is a direct effect on the ranking of our website.

We should always keep in mind that we do not have to make these mistakes.

And we have to keep updating ourselves according to the algorithms of the search engines.

Here only I have mentioned such SEO mistakes which are mostly seen.

Apart from this, there are many such mistakes that we do not get to see easily.

Because of this, our website is completely ruined.

Have you made such mistakes too?

Have you also made your blog a brand by learning from your mistakes?

Or have you also found such a blog post, due to which you have been of great help?

No matter what your answer is, you should avoid making these SEO mistakes.

If you like this post then you can comment on me and share it with your friends also.

You can also read my other blog.

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What is the main mistake of SEO that companies make?

Small business owners that want to rank higher in search results may be inclined to overuse keywords, which is a typical SEO error. But in addition to failing to provide the expected outcomes, keyword stuffing can hurt your SEO efforts by prompting search engines to penalize your page.

What are bad SEO practices?

Examples of poor SEO include failing to understand the search intent of your clients and failing to match their queries. selecting the incorrect terms

What makes SEO difficult?

The amount of information you need to digest and read is one of the elements of learning SEO that might be difficult. It takes a lot of research and practice to become skilled with useful tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Moz.

Why do people fail at SEO?

The incorrect use of keywords is one of the many reasons why new businesses struggle with SEO. Choosing the best keywords can be difficult, especially if you don’t understand SEO very well or you work in a highly competitive market. For ideas, use a keyword research tool. When selecting short or long-tail keywords, exercise caution.

Is SEO a dying industry?

No. The SEO industry is not in danger. The SEO market is still developing as it has in previous years. You need to be aware of SEO strategies that are effective today in order to stay away from them.

Which SEO should be avoided?

A Google penalty and a decline in rankings are potential outcomes of using a lot of keywords in your content, which may appear to be keyword stuffing.

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