What is the Importance Of XML Sitemap in SEO?

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In this article, we are discussing the importance of XML sitemap in SEO.

Importance Of XML Sitemap

Any website owner who wants to raise their site’s search engine rankings needs an XML sitemap. 

It’s an easy-to-use file that includes a list of all the normal and pillar pages on your website as well as other helpful data, such as when each page was last modified and how frequently it changes.

Your website’s rankings may rise if you have an XML sitemap, which might make it simpler for search engines to crawl and index your site. 

Additionally, it makes sure that all of your web pages appear in SERPs, which is essential for bringing traffic to your website.

So let’s get started 

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what is sitemap

A sitemap is a file that includes a list of all the pages on a website together with details about how they are organized and connected to one another. 
It makes a website easier for search engines to crawl and index, increasing its visibility and usability for users.

What Is XML Sitemap In SEO?

“A sitemap is a file that contains a list of the entire page of the website”, in which the list of pages is divided according to the category.

You know by the name of this that the map of a site like pages, posts, categories, images, videos, etc.  There are also a lot of lists in which things are in the proper one file which we call Sitemap.

For this reason, whenever a search engine crawler comes to our website.

Because of Sitemap, he is able to easily crawl and index anything on our website.

He gets to know what is available & updated on our website.

If any new thing is also updated on our website, then the crawler also gets to know about that thing only through the sitemap.

Because of this, the crawler of any search engine doesn’t need to find the pages of our website.

In a way, we make it easier for search engines to crawl and index by submitting a sitemap of our website.

Submitting the sitemap of our website doesn’t only benefit the search engine.

But every single user who visits your website benefits.

Due to the sitemap, our users can easily find any category on our website.

What Is WordPress XML Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of all pages that all users can access.

An XML sitemap is a way in which a blog owner informs search engines about all the pages in their blog.

The biggest reason for doing this is so that the search engine can find these pages very easily.

The XML Sitemap also tells search engines which links are more important and which pages are updated regularly.

By the way, your search ranking doesn’t get a boost from the sitemap. But yes, with this the search engine can crawl your website well.

Now we are going to see further: what is the importance of XML sitemap In SEO?

Importance of an XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap is essential for your website’s SEO for a number of reasons, some of which are listed below:

Improved Crawling: To crawl and index web pages, search engines use bots or spiders. An XML sitemap enables search engine bots to easily crawl every page of your website, including those that might be challenging to locate using standard navigation.

Better Indexing: An XML sitemap can assist search engines determine which pages are most important and need to be indexed fast by providing information about the most recent modification date and how frequently each page changes.

Avoiding Duplicate Content: If your website contains multiple pages with the same content, an XML sitemap can help by giving search engines a canonical URL for each page.

Finding Broken Links: An XML sitemap will assist you in identifying any broken links that may be affecting your website’s search engine results. You can instantly find any broken links on your website by providing a list of all the pages on it.

Enhanced User Experience: By making sure that all of your web pages are easily available and discoverable by search engines, an XML sitemap can help you improve the user experience on your website.

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Is It Necessary to Submit Your Sitemap Every Month?

If we talk about the value of XML Sitemap here, then it depends on how soon you submit it.

A very famous online marketing veteran’s question-and-answer show was going on.

In which a person asked

Importance Of XML Sitemap

They made it very clear that there is no need to submit your sitemap every month.

After this, many other misconceptions and common questions which are related from now on the sitemap were also discussed.

How to create an XML Sitemap?

The procedure of creating an XML sitemap is simple. 

A variety of websites, such as the XML Sitemap Generator, can automatically build an XML sitemap. 

A text editor or XML editor can also be used to manually create an XML sitemap.

Follow these steps to manually create an XML sitemap:

  • Open an XML editor or text editor.
  • Specify the XML namespace and version first.
  • Set the sitemap schema and create the XML document root.
  • Include links in the sitemap
  • Indicate additional details for each URL, such as its priority and the date it was last modified.
  • the document as an XML document.

How to submit an XML Sitemap to Google?

An XML sitemap must be sent to search engines for indexing when it has been ready to go. 

The processes to submit an XML sitemap to Google are as follows:

  • Register with Google Search Console.
  • Click “Sitemaps” in the sidebar menu to select the website for which the sitemap was made.
  • In the “Add a new sitemap” field, enter the sitemap URL.
  • To submit the sitemap to Google for indexing, click “Submit”.

What’s The Value In XML Sitemap?

An XML sitemap is a very good thing to crawl and index your website properly.

That’s why a lot of third-party SEO audits these days say that “If you haven’t yet created an XML Sitemap for the website, then create it immediately”.

This can be good SEO advice, but it is another type of misguiding for the client, due to which he is not going to get much traffic.

An XML sitemap is not a ranking factor for any website.

Its most important job is that it can find useful links.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to find your website on the sitemap.

It has been seen many times that the site whose architecture and coding are very good, in which they have applied all the things they don’t sitemap necessarily do.

Search engines can easily find all their links to such a website, for this, they don’t need a sitemap.

But there are many such websites that have technical SEO problems due to which crawling is not possible, sitemap is a boon for those websites.

The most important thing in this is that XML Sitemap is important to fix the SEO of your website, but sometimes it is not so important.

If you are an SEO professional and you include this thing in your audit without understanding it, then you are doing a disservice to your client.

So, I’m in need of an XML Sitemap; how frequently should I submit it?

Usually, you only need to submit your sitemap once in the search console of any search engine.

On the Google, website submit the Google search console & on the Bing website submit it in the Bing webmaster tool.

After that, it automatically reads whatever new thing is happening on your website by recrawling it.

For this, you can add your sitemap with the robots.txt file as a reference.

After that, there is no point in submitting it again and again.

But if you have redesigned and updated your website and you want to resubmit it, then there is no harm in doing so.

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… Knife-Sharp

They say that my most common SEO argument is the XML Sitemap knife.

You can use it to butter your bread or you can also harm yourself with this.

And there is no such rule for XML Sitemap.

But XML Sitemaps are a great way to index all your URLs.

You should also keep in mind that always give importance to XML Sitemap in your strategy.

I have seen many such websites which have many errors in their XML site map.

Many URLs of such websites aren’t automatically updated and removed when you change your website.

So the process of submitting the sitemap in it ends which is completely 301 redirects or pages that don’t exist anymore.

What’s the Deal With HTML Sitemaps?

In your early days, you shouldn’t have to worry about submitting HTML Sitemaps.

HTML Sitemaps are not bad, but wherever you update your website and it is necessary to come, you must use them there.

You don’t want to send such a confusing message to the search engine.

In which you will tell the non-canonical version of your sitemap that you don’t know anything about.

Remember that HTML Sitemaps are essential to get your website crawled in another way.

If the architecture of your website is perfect, and you have kept all your code clean and crawlable, then you don’t need it.

In all the clients I have worked with, it has come to the fore that HTML sitemaps prefer only those clients who have to get a quick fix on their website.

Because there are many UX issues that you have to remove.

The search engine can easily reach all your pages, it works but it’s not the best way.

If really seen then XML Sitemap is a very powerful and great way when you want to fix many issues of your website at once.

Types Of Sitemap In SEO

If we talk about its type, then it is of two types.

  • – HTML Sitemaps (hypertext markup language)
  • – XML ​​Sitemap (extensible markup language)

There are two types of XML Sitemaps.

  • – Index Sitemap
  • – URL Sitemap

There are three types of URL Sitemap.

  • – Sitemap For Web Pages
  • – Sitemap For Images
  • – Sitemap For Videos

We have discussed HTML and XML Sitemap very closely above.

Here we will talk about its other types such as video and image sitemaps.

Video Sitemap

If you are a content creator, in which you create content in the text as well as in the video.

Then it is very important to know about you on this site.

If you want, you can also create a sitemap for your videos.

For this, you can submit your new file and give your video information to the search engine.

When information is added, it helps a lot when it comes to the visibility of any website in rich snippets.

But I want to clear you here that Google can crawl all video formats such as mp4, MPEG, mpg, WMV, Avi, etc formats.

Image Sitemap –

Adding information to any website is a very important part, whether it is audio, video, or images.

An image sitemap is a very important part of any website.

You create a normal sitemap, but you also want Google to show the images of your website in your image search result.

Then for that, you have to create an image sitemap.

For this you don’t need to do much, you can easily add all the information of the same image in your Google search console tool.

Bonus Sitemap Type

Google Sitemap –

Only sites registered with Google News may use this sitemap.

Google News sitemap provides all the information in metadata about specific news on any website.

These allow the site owner to control which content is submitted to Google News.

Using the news sitemap, Google News can quickly find the news on a website.

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Advantages Of XML Sitemap

Talking about sitemap, its benefits shouldn’t be forgotten and it can help you a lot in SEO ranking.

So let us know about its benefits.

– High-quality information is given the highest priority by Google.

It is a common practice to put new content in the blog and change & update the old content.

For this reason, we maintain the ranking of our website.

With the help of a sitemap, the search engine gets a signal of a change in the blog.

Due to this, the web crawler comes to the website faster.

– A sitemap contains all the information about the website such as how many pages are there on the website.

How many categories are there and adding their URL to the site makes it easier for the search engines to crawl our website.

Because of this, we get benefits in SEO.

– The purpose of creating your content is to be searchable on search engines as soon as possible, sitemap helps you a lot in this.

– There isis content such as news, which has to be crawled fresh.

It is very difficult to know at what time the website crawler will come.

So adding a sitemap solves this problem.

– Everyone likes free things, and creating a sitemap is also a free service that everyone should do. 

Submitting a sitemap to a search engine is also free.

What is the use of tags in XML sitemap?

When you use hreflang tags in your sitemap, you are telling search engine crawlers that you have created multiple versions of your website’s pages.

Search engines use this information to provide the security that whatever result is coming in front of the user, it is according to the language and location.

The biggest thing in this is that according to you, you can provide more value to your user through the right location in all languages.

XML Sitemap Example

Now let us try to understand the XML sitemap by example.

Here you will get a sitemap.xml example for the website.


This is a type of sitemap type, which we also call Index.

If you want it on the selected site of your website, then it will be something like this.


We should keep this thing in mind while creating our XML sitemap so that it should always looks clean.

But this does not happen because many times our XML Sitemap goes in its raw form which we call HTML.

We try to understand it through examples.


It is most important for us to create a sitemap, but it is ours that our user doesn’t have to do it.

But search engines can crawl it easily.

How to help any search engine so that it can understand our website properly.

Common issues with XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps tend to cause website owners to run into the following problems:

1. Incorrect format

To be properly understood, an XML sitemap needs to conform to a specified format and standard.

2. Large sitemaps

Too many URLs in a sitemap can interfere with crawling and indexing. The maximum number of URLs in a sitemap is advised to be 50,000.

3. Duplicate content

Duplicate content on a website can make search engines unable to properly crawl and index the page. Duplicate URLs must never be included in the XML sitemap.

4. Broken links

Indexing and crawling problems may result from broken links in the XML sitemap. It is essential to verify that each and every link in the sitemap is trustworthy and working.

Other Important Points:

Sitemap XML format

Website Map Sitemaps are made in a specific format called XML that search engines can understand. 

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to convey details about each page on a website, including the URL, the most recent change, how frequently updates will occur, and the page’s priority in relation to other pages on the website.

XML sitemap validator

An XML sitemap validator is a tool that determines whether an XML sitemap file is correctly formatted and includes all the data that search engines need. 

It can assist website owners in finding mistakes and ensuring that their sitemap is ready for crawling and indexing by search engines. 

You may quickly find various free online XML sitemap validators via a short online search.

XML Sitemap Generator

You will find many such XML sitemap checkers on the Internet.

With the help of this, you can easily extract information from the sitemap of any website.

I am telling you the list of some good Sitemap generators below.

  • – xml-sitemap.com
  • – sureoak.com
  • – xmlsitemapgenerator.org
  • – smallseotools.com
  • – mysitemapgenerator.com

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In this article, we are discussing the importance of XML sitemap.

Any website owner who wants to boost their site’s search engine rankings needs an XML sitemap. 

It makes your website’s user experience better for visitors and makes it easier for search engines to understand the structure of your website. 

You may increase the probability that internet users will find your website by building and submitting an XML sitemap.

Create an XML sitemap for your website now, if you haven’t already, to improve your SEO efforts.

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What are the benefits of a sitemap?

Large Website Structure.
serve as a designer and manager of projects.
Highlight the Objective of the Website.
Increase the speed of search engine crawlers’ work.
Improve visibility in search engines.
To attract more visitors, enable page links in an organic way.
Determine where the Site Navigation Could Be Made Better.

Is it mandatory to have sitemap XML file?

For really large sites, XML sitemaps are essential and powerful SEO tools. Sitemap XMLs are not necessary if you have a small to medium-sized site with strong internal linking, though. For some websites, XML sitemaps are useful, whereas they are not required for others.

How does XML sitemap affect SEO?

Search engines are able to effectively crawl and index a website when it has XML sitemaps, and they can all be informed about the site map by including it in the robots.txt file. In simple terms, sitemaps support SEO efforts by improving a website’s ranking in search engine results.

How to improve SEO with sitemap XML?

Include only your “money pages” Only add URLs that you don’t want Googlebot to crawl, index, and rank to your XML sitemap files. 
Avoid HTTP status codes other than 200. 
Don’t use noindexed URLs. 
a URL that canonicalizes to another URL should be avoided.

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