What is the Importance of Schema Markup in SEO?

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In this article today we will talk about the importance of schema markup in SEO.

Today we will try to understand all the aspects of schema markup, & I will try to answer all types of questions related to it.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

In which the most important questions will be what is schema markup?, what is its importance in SEO, different types of schema markup, etc.

Technical SEO is a data structure that helps the search engine to know very easily about the website”.

Schema markup is also a part of technical SEO that defines the different categories of your website.

Although there are many types of schema markup, you should use it according to the needs of your website.

Recent research has shown that websites, where schema markup is used, have a great impact on the SEO ranking and CTR of those websites.

That’s why today I will try to tell you that scheme markup is how important an SEO perspective is so that you can make full use of it.

I use a variety of schema markups on my website, my favorite is the “FAQ Schema Markup”.

If you also want to add schema markup on your website.

Then in this article, I have given you complete information about how to add schema markup to your website.

If you try to understand by reading this article deeply.

Then you will understand schema markup easily, and you will be able to take full advantage of it.

So let’s start

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What is schema markup in SEO?

It is absolutely true that if you want to get a high ranking in the search engine.

Then you will have to show better and different articles are already ranking on your keyword on SERP (search engine result page).

Now the question comes to your mind what should we do, due to which our website also starts ranking in search engines?

The answer is very simple, you should use schema markup to differentiate the content on your website.

“Schema markup is used to give some extra information to the search engines”.

Schema is microdata with the help of which the search engine can easily explain the website.

So it is very important to add schema to the website.

If we try to understand it more closely, then the website has two forms, first visual form, and second HTML form.

The visual form that is there for us humans is what we read.

But the HTML form is made up of complete coding which is read by the bots of the search engines.

The bots of search engines do not understand some important information.

As a result, your website’s ranking suffers greatly.

Therefore added website schema markup so that the search engine can easily get the necessary information about the website.

If you want, you can add only one schema to your entire website.

Or if you want, you can also add schema to a single article.

Now you must have started understanding the schema markup.

Let me now tell you if schema markup is really important.

Is Schema Markup Important?

A few years ago, the world’s famous website Search Engine Journal ran a small test on schema markup for one of its customers.

Due to this, they saw an increase in CTR (click-through rate) of more than 40%.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO
Source By: Seobolity

Provide more value to searchers and are a great way to get your listing’s attention on Google.

Second, there are a lot of b2b businesses that don’t use schema.

Or don’t know how to use any kind of data/schema markup Google because:

– They lack sufficient funding for their digital approach.

– They don’t have enough technology to understand the requirements of coding.

Now, let me tell you the most important question in schema markup, what is the importance of schema in SEO?

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Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO?

Schema has a lot of impact on SEO. If you have known well what schema is, then you must have understood how important schema markup is for SEO. 

If you do not know, then it doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you in-depth.

We do on-page, off-page, and technical SEO to get our website a high rank on search engines.

Our only purpose for doing this is that our website can outperform our competitors by performing better on the search engine.

“Schema markup is also known by many people as rich snippets”.

By incorporating schema into your website, you can enhance visitors.

Due to this, the ranking of the website starts improving and the CTR also increases significantly.

Now you must have known what is schema markup and what is its impact on SEO, so now let me tell you its types.

11 Types Of Schema in SEO

Whenever you add schema to your website, then you add schema according to your website.

Its most important types of schema markup examples are:

1. Person Schema

This is a schema that presents the necessary information about any famous person separately in front of you.

Because of this, you do not need to click on any website.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

If you search for any name on the internet, then you get to know the name, date of birth, height, net worth, spouse, education, etc.

For example, if you search for the name of Warren Buffett, then you get complete information without going to any website.

If you write articles about such famous people and give information, then you must add a person Schema.

Due to this the chances of getting traffic increase on your website increase.

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2. Review Schema

This type of schema is used when you post review articles on your website.

If your website is niche around affiliate marketing, then you must use reviews schema markup.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

You need to understand that in today’s era, people definitely read reviews of anything before buying it.

But where do the reviews come and read, the simple answer is on Google.

Due to this, they do not have to work hard.

Just after reading some reviews, they can easily decide to buy that thing and use it.

Doing so saves them time and effort.

For example, If a person wants to purchase hosting from Hostinger and he/she searches on the internet Hostinger Review.

So without clicking on any website in the search result.

Some such information will be shown as you can see in the image above.

In this way, you can easily increase traffic to your website by adding schema markup to your review website.

By doing this the ranking of your website improves.

3. Article Schema

You must have come to know very well what is schema markup, so now let me tell you what is article schema markup.

Article schema markup is also a type of schema markup.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

Article schema is also called normal schema because it doesn’t contain much extra information in the search result.

That is why in the search result you see all the articles as normal.

For example, if a person searches on a search engine, what is SEO?

In the search engine, he will see all the results as normal as you can see in the image above.

4. Recipe Schema

This type of schema markup is mostly used by websites that publish food-related content.

If you have a recipe website then you should add a recipe schema to your website.

Because recipe schema starts showing your recipe website pages as rich snippets.

For example, when a person searches for a burger recipe on a search engine, then some search results come in front of him.

Websites, where recipe schemas are added, have some extra information like- star rating, vote, time, etc.

Due to this, they become more attractive and visitors prefer to visit such websites first.

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5. Software Application Schema

Software Application Schema is a schema that explains any software or application to search engines.

Due to this, the search engine shows people some important information.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

When they search for any software or application without clicking on any website.

If your website is a software application website.

Then you must add the software application schema to your website.

For example, if you search for any software application on a search engine.

You will get separate information about it without clicking on any website.

6. Movie Schema

Everyone likes to watch movies but do you know what a movie schema is?

Let’s try to understand, movie schema is also included in the types of schema markup.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

But if you have a website related to movies.

Then you must definitely add the movie schema to your website.

Due to this, the search engine can be easy to understand and it can give correct and authentic information to the internet user.

When this happens, there will be a traffic increase on your website.

And the ranking of your website on the search engine will be boosted.

For example, if the name of any movie is searched on the search engine.

Then without clicking on any website, the information related to it is given separately on Google.

Such as release date, director, budget, production company, cast, etc.

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7. Local Business Schema

If you already know about local SEO and you have also learned about schema markup.

So you can understand the local business schema very easily.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

This is also a type of schema markup used for local businesses.

If you own a local business, you must first construct a website and get reliable hosting. Following that, you must submit your website to the online directory.

There are many online directories such as Google My Business, Bing Places, Yelp, etc.

Along with this, you can also add a local business schema to your website.

Because of this, it will be easier for search engines to understand your local business better.

After this, online local searches are done by people around your local business.

People get information about your local business through top search engines.

For example, if you have a coffee shop and if people around your local business search on the search engine.

Coffee Shop Near Me, the search engine shows them the information of the nearby coffee shop in the result.

Which also gives information about your coffee shop’s name, address, shop opening time, rating, etc.

8. News Schema

Because of this schema markup, Google bots easily include your news articles in Google News.

For example, if a person searches on the search engine SEO news.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

So search results come in front of that page, in which top stories are seen.

In these top stories, the search engine shows the news of the same website that adds the news schema to their website.

If you have a news website, then you can also add good traffic to your website by adding the news schema to your website.

Due to this the chances of improving the ranking and CTR of your website increase.

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9. Video Schema

Video schema is also a type of schema markup.

If you add a video to your website then you should also use video schema in your website.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

So that the search engine can easily understand the videos present on your website.

They can easily crawl and index those videos as well.

Only after this process, the search engine starts showing the videos on your website.

According to the searches done by the people in the search results.

For example, when a person searches on a search engine, how to make a website?

Then, in the search results, there are several videos related to it.

This, by adding the video schema to your website, you can increase traffic to your website.

10. Product Schema

Product schema is the type of schema used by online shopping websites.

You must be aware here that day by day people are becoming dependent on online shopping.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

If you have an online shopping website, then you can add the product to your website.

By adding a product schema, some extra information about that product is also presented in the search result.

For example, if you search for any product on the Internet, then you get some extra information about the product without visiting the website.

Because this way the website is very good to see, traffic starts increasing, and the chances of selling that product increase.

11. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Schema

You will see this schema being used in every one of my articles.

This is a very popular schema type that every successful blogger uses.

Importance Of Schema Markup In SEO

An FAQ is a small code that you use to blog your website.

But if you do not know to code, and you want to benefit your website by using this schema.

The simplest way is to first shift your website to WordPress.

You can first install the Rankmath SEO plugin.

Because in the editor of WordPress, you get the option of FAQ very easily.

But if you are blogging on Blogger, then for that you should know coding.

By using this, the search engine gets a signal that the content we are going to publish on our blog or website is in the format of question and answer.

After that, when this content is well marked up, that means the content published by you comes in rich snippets, then it starts showing in the search results of Google.

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Benefits Of Schema Markup

Well, there are many benefits to using schema markup on your website.

Some of the important benefits are as follows

  • – This can greatly increase the CTR (click-through rate) of your website.
  • – It is very easy to set up, which can be done by everyone.
  • – By using this, your website starts looking very different and attractive from other websites.
  • – Due to this, the importance of your website increases in the eyes of Google, and traffic starts coming to your website.

how to add schema markup to website

By reading this article, you have come to know what is schema markup.

And what are its types, do you know how to add schema markup WordPress to your website?

If you don’t know how to add schema to the website, then let me tell you.

You can install Rankmath or Yoast plugins on your website to add schema markup to the website.

Using them, you can very easily add schema markup to your website.

Schema Markup Generator

Schema markup can be created very easily with the help of the schema markup generator tool.

Here I am going to tell you the schema markup tool, with the help of which you can create very easily.

  • – Schema Markup Generator By Merkle
  • – JSON Generator By Hall Analysis
  • – MicroData Schema Generator
  • – Google Structured Data Markup Helper And Highlighter

schema markup validator

Click here


Today we learned in this article the importance of schema markup in SEO.

As you have read this article now, what is schema markup and what are its types?

Apart from this, I have also told you in this article how the schema markup is added to the website.

But if you do not know whether there is a schema added on any website or not.

So you can use a structured data schema markup testing tool.

For this, you need the structured data testing tool on the search engine and enter the URL of your website.

This will bring all the details in front of you so that you can know whether you have added schema to your website or not.

I hope you liked this article very much.

If you found this article helpful, then you can share it with needy people.

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What is the importance of schema markup?

Rich snippets, which frequently have higher clickthrough rates than standard search results, are powered by schema markup. Increased website traffic is the result. 

How can I improve my SEO by schema markup?

Visit the Structured Data Markup Helper on Google.
Choose the Data Type. There are numerous choices listed.
The URL You Want to Markup Must Be Pasted.
Decide the elements you want to mark up.
Adding Markup Items Continued.
Produce the HTML.
Test Your Schema. 
Add Schema Markup to Your Site.

Does schema help with local SEO?

A form of structured data markup code called local business schema can be added to the website of your company to help search engines understand who you are and what you do. Given that local SEO is a crucial ranking component, this is a good method to assist optimize your website for local SEO.

Why is schema important?

Schema is a mental framework that aids in our comprehension of how things operate. It relates to the way we arrange knowledge. We make connections between new knowledge that we learn and what we already know, believe, or have gone through. And in the brain, these connections create a kind of structure.

Is schema markup a ranking factor?

Although schema was helpful, it was not a ranking component, according to the general view among SEO experts.

Why is it important of using schema to better understand the text?

Gives readers instructions on how to extract or create meaning from their own previously acquired knowledge. Students can be guided to understand a text from a broad perspective by using the Schema theory. Schema theory’s contributions to comprehension cannot, therefore, be disregarded.

How do I maximize SEO ROI?

Determine Clearly Who Is Your Target Audience and What They Need.
Find keywords that are focused on customers.
Determine Content Opportunities and Gaps.
Produce content that is relevant, detailed, and user-friendly.

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