Dominate SERPs Focusing on Topics Instead of Keywords

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In this article, we are going to talk about how to dominate SERPs focusing on topics instead of keywords.

Actually, the way in which there is no shortage of content on the internet.

Dominate SERPs Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords

But when we see this thing from a distance, we feel like there is really no shortage of content on the Internet.

But it is not so, it is absolutely true that there is no dearth of content on the Internet.

But there is a dearth of quality content.

By quality content, I mean content that people find engaging, relevant and learn something from them.

In today’s time, any content creator concentrates on creating content on the basis of keywords, forgetting the quality.

That is why he uses such keywords in his content so that despite having his content, he can do it.

But now Google SEO is making its algorithm more powerful day by day.

Due to this he also pays attention to these metrics whether the content is completely covering the topic about which it is being written or not.

According to many new updates of Google, now your job will not be just to use keywords in the right way.

While creating your content, now you have to take great care of this thing. How relevant your content is.

Today we are going to cover this topic and I will try to answer many questions related to it like what is SERP? why we shifted our focus to topics, not on keywords. etc.

So let’s start

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What Is SERP?

In common language, “SERP is called the web pages that the search engines show when you search for a keyword”.

Mainly major search engines typically display three types of listings in their SERPs.

  • – Listing that is indexed by the search engine crawler.
  • – Listing that has been indexed by a person in the directory of the search engine.
  • – To list the listings for which money has been paid in the search engine.

The full form of SERP is the search engine result page.

For those who don’t know this SERP word is an acronym.

Whenever you create a Google query, then the pages that you see in the search result are SERP.

If your website, page, or any article post is ranked, then whatever your rank SERP, it is called website SERP page rank.

If your content is good then it will automatically show on the first page of the search engine.

Because of this you can bring more people to your own website and increase the impressions on your website.

A metric has been found that more than 80% of people don’t go beyond the first page while searching.

It is obvious how important it is to sharply apply things to come on the first page.

What Are the Topics?

The topic is made up of many relevant terms and queries which fall into different areas in the journey of our buyers.

Whatever content you are creating on any topic, it largely depends on what kind of website you have.

There are some websites for which all these things are very important such as:

  • – Content that covers the early journey of the user.
  • – Content that is made from a business point of view.
  • – Such products are being offered which solve someone’s problem.

Small websites that work in the local area, only need educational content.

Due to this, they can market their product or service in the right way.

Marketing simply means that you are telling how your product or service can solve someone’s problem.

Define Keywords

If we try to understand the keyword, then the keyword is a phrase or a sentence.

You use this in the title to describe your article.

As we try to understand it with an example, then “What is the keyword” is a phrase, which is called a keyword in the language of SEO.

The traffic of your website increases because of the keyword, which is a positive sign for our website, which Google tracks very closely.

The topic on which you write is the same keyword.

If you want to write SEO-friendly articles, then you have to target a phrase, we will also call this target phrase a target keyword.

You can say that you search anything in Google and you get many results of that query, with which you can speak the keyword.

In today’s time, everyone wants to rank the SERP-dominant website.

But there is a whole mechanism behind it which we need to pay attention to.

Now that the matter has come that how should we get our website ranked on SERP, then we should always write our article SEO friendly.

Because any search engine quickly ranks the articles of those websites, on which SEO has been done very well.

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How To Dominate SERPs Focusing On Topics Instead Of Keywords

If you want to see that our content is made with a topic-focused approach, then what can be its advantages?

If we talk about the last few years, Google has made many such changes in its algorithm.

Due to this, its crawler is able to understand how any content is satisfying an answered query.

As of now, there have been a lot of such changes and more and more updates are being made to Google’s algorithms.

Including the addition of sophisticated enhancements to MUM and BERT in natural language processing and machine learning models.

With the help of these updates, Google is able to understand very clearly and well which topic a person is searching on.

What kind of content does the user actually need and what kind of content is he looking for?

In order to properly fill the query requirement of the user.

Google sees how the content of any website is matching that query.

The last goal of Google is that in which way it can give the best content to its user in any condition.

This is his first and foremost task, due to which the user can further enhance his search experience.

If we try to understand these things carefully then it becomes very important that we need to create the topic structure in the right way.

There should be a topic structure that can fulfill the needs of the user.

1. Start With A. Strategy

This is a very important thing that you can do for your website.

When you are building it or rebuilding its structure.

So you have to go back and think about which topic strategies you really need to focus on.

Whatever you are offering, if you try to look at it from a broader perspective.

Then you will be able to identify what needs to be changed in whatever top-level topic you are offering.

Because of this, you will be able to understand very easily and accurately what you need.

The biggest advantage of doing this thing will be that you will get an idea of which topics you need to focus on.

For this, which keyword research process will you have to follow, due to which your topic can become more aggressive?

By doing this, you will come to know many such things, due to which you will get topics related to whatever you are offering.

You can use these relevant terms anywhere on your website.

Actually, this is relevant and helps you a lot, the reason is that you should put your full focus on just one focus keyword.

When you find such relevant terms, then there is a great opportunity for you to cover the topic in the right way for every user.

Because of this, you can identify the various queries of your searcher and present it correctly.

You have to ask yourself what are the questions related to that topic that your user will be searching.

If it is possible, then you shouldn’t be afraid that you go to the ground level and ask people and try to know them there may be questions that they can ask about that topic.

2. Research Your Competitors

Once you understand according to your topic, what your content should be about, and how it should be.

So your next task remains now what you have to do to get ranked in the particular space.

If your content is already performing well in that space.

Then you don’t need to worry, you are following the right strategy.

You should also know who your competitors are and how they are performing in your respective space.

Once you understand your competitors, all you have to do is research their websites.

You will find many such tools on the internet which are capable of giving complete information about the competitors’ websites.

You have to use tools to find out how your competitor’s website is performing on relevant terms in the last few days, months, and years.

You get basic and very important information due to which we can know when and how we will get the results.

Once you find out how your opponent is doing things in that space.

So you should again pay close attention to what kind of structure it is making its content according to.

You should see how he is presenting his content to his users.

And according to what the entire site structure of his website is built around that topic.

With this kind of information, you can create a blueprint and work on your website accordingly.

You have to take care of this thing very well that you must see your competitor but never copy-paste its content.

If you do this then in the beginning you will not know but later you may come across many plagiarism issues on your website.

That is to say, you just have to see your opponent to see what he is doing, but you have to do better than him.

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3. Consider the Intention

As we all know, the search engine has become very intelligent in the last few years, especially since Google’s BERT algorithm has come.

It has become very important that now we should know what is the search intent behind whatever query is being searched in the search engine.

When we know the intent behind the query, it helps us to target our content properly.

If seen in the internet world, there are many such tools for SEO, with the help of which you can easily find out topics and keywords.

The best way to find out the intent behind the query is you can simply go to the incognito window and search for that query.

You will know that you have done some searching there for something.

If you pay attention to its search result, you will know how much educational content there is.

Because of this, you get the idea of how and how you have to create your content.

4. Don’t Forget Site Structure

Creating your content according to your topic is not a difficult task.

Apart from this, your content should be organized in such a way that the crawler can know about it.

Because unless the crawler doesn’t know about your content.

Then how can he assume how much understanding of a subject you have?

If the search engine comes to know that you are creating relevant content around any topic.

So you will go on improving more on those terms.

The best way to demonstrate this is to use breadcrumbs to show the flow of your website.

It not only serves as a second player for the navigation of the user.

But because of this, it is easy for the crawler to understand how to go from one point of the website to another.

With the help of Breadcrumbs, you can change the structure of your entire website without disturbing your URLs.

Because if you change the structure of your website and if its URL changes.

Then it is a very dangerous thing for the SEO of your website.

5. Time To Dominate

Google has become very choosy these days and it is trying such methods so that the entire process and content can be matched by the user query.

It becomes very important that your website has a logical topical structure, which helps in processing such content.

Just as a person loses his way in the night, then his biggest companion is the North Star.

The creator also gets both a gesture and help after doing the same.

You should enjoy the fact that your content is giving very clear and complete answers to every query of the reader.

Bad words shouldn’t be used while doing this.

You should always be aware of the quality of both your content and website.

You always use those keywords and phrases that your searchers are using.

Find a solution to the thing that issues for your user.

After this, you have to definitely track the performance of yourself and the competitor.

Always make a benchmark for yourself and try to achieve it in a better way.

By doing this you will see that you have moved towards domination, and it will keep giving you a good result till the end.

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Today in this article we understood and know How To dominate SERPs focusing on topics instead of keywords.

It is very important to do this in today’s time if you want to increase your content quality.

It is very important for you to know how your actual searchers are looking for your query by searching in the search engine.

After that, you should know that the search engine is showing results related to those queries on its SERP.

By using all those methods for yourself in a better and unique way.

You will see that you have started dominating your competition.

You should always keep measuring both your process and your result from time to time.

If you feel that there is a need to improve somewhere, then you should definitely take steps in that direction.

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– Start with a strategy
– Properly research your competitors
– Consider search intent
– Don’t forget the site structure
– Time to dominate

How Do You Dominate In SEO?

You can use these strategies to dominate SEO.
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– Eliminate spamming links
– Use keywords in H1 
– Target long tail keywords
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What Is SERP Keyword?

SERP is a search query page, on this page, you see many things like the organic result, paid results, rich snippets, LSI keywords, graphs on mobile and videos, etc.

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