The Importance Of Backlinks For SEO Everything You Need To Know

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In this article, we can discuss the importance of backlinks for SEO.

All New Bloggers are interested to know how to create High-Quality Backlinks. 

Importance Of Backlinks For SEO

There is no dearth of questions related to backlinks and if seen, there is no dearth of answers to them either. 

Because if you search for any query or question related to Backlinks on the Internet.

Then you will not know how many such search results will be seen which claim that no one can tell you better than us! 

You go to YouTube and search – How to make Backlinks? 

Look at the top 5 videos that came in Search Results and follow them and call your SEO career bye-bye.

“Do Follow Backlinks, Guaranteed Backlinks, Secret Backlinks, 10 Minute Backlinks, High DA Backlinks”

All these words are a sign of such videos which can guarantee the annihilation of your SEO career in those 10 minutes. 

They may not give a guarantee but I can guarantee you this thing. 

I am giving this guarantee because today in 2022-23 all these assumptions are either old or were never correct.

There is one more thing, which people do not pay attention to and that is why Google gives authority to backlinks.

Why do our site articles start ranking as soon as backlinks are created, why our site starts ranking? 

And why do backlinks bring traffic to our site? In this article, we will discuss such Mysterious (mysterious) questions and tell you which is the best way to create Backlinks for you and why?

What are SEO backlinks?

Today in this article we will discuss Backlinks with a very basic. 

So if you are a new SEO then it is very important for you and even if you are experienced then definitely read it and make sure that you too are not adopting the old practice yet.

First of all, let us know in some simple words what is Backlink.

If we try to understand Backlink in simple language, then it is this – “When a user reaches your website by clicking on a link from another website or lands on one of your pages, then we call it Backlink”.

“You can also see it like this – When there is a link to your website or any of your articles on any page of another website, then we will call it a backlink of your website”.

Now that site can be any, if your site’s link is on YouTube then Youtube backlinks it is backlinked to your YouTube, if it is on Facebook then it has been backlinked to Facebook and many websites are of Forms type like, the link added on these is also a backlink for you.

If you want to grow your site, then traffic should come to it, and backlinks are used only to increase traffic on your site. 

Here I have told you about Backlink in very simple language. 

Hope you have understood the definition of backlink.

Why are backlinks used?

How to create backlinks? The question arises in your mind.

The main reason for people to use backlinks is to increase the traffic of the website. 

When an SEOs creates a backlink on another website, it creates it because the visitors of that website also come to our website.

The purpose of real function of backlinks was to get visitors and rank on the basis of their merit and quality through a link to a rankable website, but some people are taking the wrong advantage of it. 

They want to rank poor websites with the help of backlinks, but now Google is penalizing such websites with its AI technology.

If you have put any of your backlinks on any site and from there traffic is coming to your site from that backlink of 1 person, 2 people, or 100 people daily.

Then it means that the backlink is of your use and you have done your work and if on same.

If no traffic is coming to your site from the backlink you put in, then it is clear that that backlink is of no use to you, that backlink would have remained lying there like this.

Importance Of Backlinks For SEO

In your mind question comes, why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are important for many reasons such as:

Successful Backlink Cycle:

Before knowing about ‘How to create backlinks ‘, it is important for you to know how the cycle of successful backlinks works and how you can also implement it at your level. 

Only then can you become a successful blogger.

Suppose you have made a backlink of yours on any site or anywhere, and traffic is also coming from it. 

So the authority of your site is also better than that because Google’s algorithm thinks that traffic is coming to this site continuously.

Then it has a direct effect on the authority of your site and when the authority of your site is better than on your site. 

More organic traffic starts coming from the search engine, due to more shares on your site and the person who shares your site, traffic starts coming to your site from there too.

Then they also share further, more traffic and meaning it becomes a complete cycle.

Due to this, your site starts running and your site starts ranking up, due to which your earnings are also more.

Increase Blog or Website Traffic using Backlinks.

All the websites that grow with the help of backlinks work this way. 

One thing that matters here is how well your On-Page SEO is optimized. 

If you are not able to give a good experience to the user, then the sharing system that is here gets removed from here. 

The user goes to another site after being dissatisfied with your site, so you have to write content for the user. 

If your On-Page SEO is in better way, then the chances of your site ranking increase.

SEO Link Juice:

If the link of your site is on a website with a high authority, then Google will feel that it is a good and quality website and there is definitely better content on it, only then the website with such a high authority has linked it. 

Now whenever a visitor comes to your website with the help of that link, then your website gets some part of the authority of that big website, which we call Link Juice. 

This benefits your website immensely as well as the Authority of your website also increases.

Types of backlinks in SEO

Building backlinks is such a topic of SEO that all the information is already available on the internet, so we do not want to discuss this topic. 

On hearing the name of link building, a question definitely comes to the mind of the users that where should the link be made? 

In fact, both links and backlinks are a field of SEO that news SEO finds quite mysterious. 

Everyone tells you this, take the links in this hand and take the rank in that hand this is also true to a great extent but the issue is that not all backlinks are created equal.

We can generally divide backlinks into two parts-

Do Follow Backlink

No Follow Backlink

Along with this, they are also known by other names, which are as follows –

Natural Links

Unnatural Links

Now let us try to know about them in a little detail.

Do Follow Backlink / Natural Links:

The backlinks that you create naturally with the link juice of a site, we call them Do Follow Backlinks. 

Google also gives priority to Do Follow Backlinks and priority should also be given because Do Follow Backlinks are created on a website in a systematic manner with its permission.

From whichever website you create Do Follow Backlink, you are also passed the Link Juice of that website, from which you also get some authority of that website. 

Now, these backlinks are provided to you by other websites themselves, which is why they are also called Natural Links. 

That’s why you should always create Do Follow Backlink for your website. 

This process is definitely difficult but it will bring you the same results.

No Follow Backlink / Unnatural Links:

The backlinks that you create for your website in an unnatural way by visiting other websites are called No Follow Backlinks. 

Now since it is built in an unnatural way, your website does not even get the Link Juice of other websites from these backlinks.

Anyone can create No Follow Backlinks. 

For this, they do not need to take permission from the owner of that website and this is the reason why Google does not give any importance to these No Follow Backlinks. 

By creating Unnatural or No Follow Backlinks, you do not get any other benefit apart from the consumption of your time.

In No Follow Backlinks, you get to see the “rel=nofollow” Attribute inside the tag. 

By adding this attribute inside the link, the user (on whose website the backlink has been inserted) is telling Google that he does not know how the quality of the website to which this link is, so Google, you can share it with my page, Do not crawl.

Now in such a situation, it is not certain that by applying the “rel=nofollow” attribute inside the link, Google will not crawl that link or page. 

By using this attribute, you are telling Google only on your behalf that you should not crawl this page.

But even after this Google Bot can crawl this page under its Secret Algorithm because according to experts it has been found that Google crawls all the links on a page.

But by adding it, the link juice of your website will not be passed to that website.

Special Tip for No Follow Backlinks

If your website is brand new and you want to get yourself an initial kick, then you can go to some Trusted Forum websites and create some No Follow Backlinks for yourself or you can create some Profile Backlinks. 

But keep in mind, you have to make these backlinks in a very small quantity because your website can be penalized by making more such backlinks.

By the way, you should avoid such No Follow Backlinks,  but I am asking you to make these No Follow Backlinks here because with the help of these backlinks you can get a new website alert from Google. 

You can do it so that Google may get to know about your new website soon. 

Now in starting Do Follow Backlinks so you will not get it so soon! As a result, you can utilize them in whatever you like.

Some popular platforms provide No Follow Backlinks from where you can occasionally create some backlinks which may prove to be beneficial for you –

There are many more platforms from which you can create a No Follow Backlink. 

You have to simply create a profile on these platforms (but remember if that profile is related to the Niche or Topic of your blog or site, it is better) and

Here, according to your article, you have to post here or put some small articles and inside them, you have to share the link to your website, which you want to get ranked. 

If you really want to rank your blog or site by using No Follow Backlink, then you can grow your website very well only from Instagram, YouTube, and Quora.

How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe

How many backlinks should we make in a day? This is a question that definitely comes to mind for new bloggers. 

They are interested to know how many such backlinks we make in a day so that our website gets ranked and our blog gets a boost.

If you ask any advanced blogger or professional blogger the answer to this question, then no one will be able to give you a direct answer and if seen, there is no proper answer to it. 

How many backlinks should you make in a day? It depends on many factors like the quality of your website, the category of your website, and the traffic coming to your website.

Whether you make 100 backlinks or make 1000 backlinks in a day. 

The most important thing to build backlinks is – Natural Link Building.

If you want to create Backlinks for your website, then you should create Naturally Backlinks for that. 

Even if you create 100 Naturally Backlinks in a day, you are not going to face any issues. 

But even if you create 10 Spammy Backlinks on your website, your site can be penalized.

Backlink Quality vs Quantity

Here I want to tell you one more thing which especially new bloggers think or do the more backlinks I create for my website, the more my website will get a Boost. 

You think this is very wrong because you should focus on the quality, not on the number of backlinks, and you should follow this rule not only on backlinks but on the whole blogging journey. 

There is a difference between day and night in both Quantity and Quality. 

If you also create 1 Quality Backlink for your website instead of 10 Spammy Backlinks, then you will get more Boost in this 1 Backlink than those 10 Backlinks.

In Moz’s community form, someone asked the same question over there about how many backlinks I should create on my website daily! An expert has given a very good answer to this question, which you can see below.

How Many Backlinks Per Day Is Safe Moz Community forum.

Importance of Niche to Create Backlinks or Niche relevant backlinks

While creating backlinks, we should also keep in mind the Niche or Topic of our blog. 

I am saying this because – suppose you have a website related to a job and you have put a post on it which is going to be useful/valid for the next 4-5 days only.

Valid means that whatever job vacancy you have put in that post will be closed after 4 days. 

Now, how many backlinks will you create for that page in 4 days let’s assume that even if you have made good backlinks?

It takes at least 8-9 days for the effect of backlinks to come, so it means your Backlinks are not going to work.

Therefore, if you have a job related or any such website for which backlinks are not going to work, then you are not going to get any benefit from creating backlinks for those websites.

Backlinks also depend on your niche or topic, how many, and how you should create backlinks. 

If you want good results then you have to do Natural Link Building. 

One more thing you can do to create backlinks is to search your Main Keyword in Google and then check the backlinks of the website which is ranking at the top from where they are making backlinks. 

You can check this with the help of the Ahref Backlink Checker tool too for free! 

Then you also try to create Backlinks from there for that article of yours.

You put 20 -25 unique articles on your site and then slowly start making backlinks like – today you created 1 backlink, next day 2-3 backlinks, and then you can increase continuously so that Google also feels that you have quality backlinks. 

So your question should not be “ how many backlinks should I make in a day, but your question should be “ how do I make high-quality backlinks?

Some Important Terms of Backlinks

Anchor Text

Anchor Text is a Clickable Text, when you put your backlink on any website or when you add a link to any page of your website, then you target a keyword while placing the link and you add the link by selecting that keyword. 

The keyword which is selected while adding the link is called Anchor Text.

What is Anchor text? Briefly Introduction of Anchor Text

Anchor Text plays an important role in itself. 

While placing a link on any page, it should always be kept in mind that the keyword on which you are adding the link should be relevant to your link. 

This greatly improves your Page Experience and User Experience and gives value to Google-only backlinks with such Relevant Anchor Text, this is a part of On-Page SEO.

If you do not have the relevant anchor text of the link on your page, then whatever your user will click on that link, he will not find that thing there and he will close the page from there. 

This will increase your Bounce Rate a lot. 

For example, if you have selected Anchor Text while adding a link to your page, ‘Best Blog Niches’ and when the user clicks on this link, he is being told about SEO there, then the user can come back from there. 

And during this time Google gets a very bad signal due to which your ranking may also drop.

With this, whenever you create a Backlink for yourself on any other website, ensure that you will be given a Relevant backlink with Anchor Text.

Internal Link

Internal Links are also known as Internal Linux. 

When we add a link to any other page of our own website in any page of our website, it is called an internal link.

Internal links have a huge impact on your SEO and On-Page SEO. There are many benefits to us by doing internal linking in our website like –

1. By doing internal linking on our website, we can reduce our bounce rate because when the user clicks on these internal links of yours, then he visits another page of your own website so that he stays on your website for a longer time. stops. That’s why your Bounce Rate is Maintained by Internal Links.

2. With Internal Linking, we can get our pages indexed quickly. If you have recently published a new article on your website and you want it to be indexed as soon as possible, then you ought to connect it to any of your website’s pages that Google has previously crawled. This enhances the likelihood that your new page will be crawled fast, and if it is, the index will follow suit.

3. With the help of Internal Link, you can also get your pages indexed which are not getting indexed or Google Bot is not crawling them.

External Link

The other websites whose links we add to the pages of our website are called External Links. 

External Links are also called external Linux.

When you give any news or information on your website which is not known on your website or you tell about any tool or service.

You have to link other websites to your website, this process is called External It’s called Linking.

External Linking plays a special role in Website Ranking and Better On-Page SEO. 

Some of the advantages of doing External Linking on the page are as follows –

1. With External Linking, we are able to give complete information related to its topic to our user, due to which our website becomes a Trusted Website in the heart of the user.

Suppose you have written content on a topic on your website whose sub-category has been well explained on any other website.

Then you can link that page to the relevant Anchor Text in that article to your visitor from that topic. 

You can give complete information related. So that your user can get complete Satisfaction.

2. When you link any other website to your page and when a user searches that keyword of that website in the search engine on which you have given a backlink to him, then the chances of your page appearing in the search result also increase.

Therefore, link websites with authority on your pages, but only where they are needed!

3. When your website starts ranking and good traffic starts coming to it, then people also give you money to link your website or any page to your website. 

This amount depends on the quality and traffic of the website and with me, this amount can take a big form as well.

Guest Blogging/Guest Post

Whichever industry your website is related to and those websites are popular, you can get a High-Quality Backlink by writing an article for their website and their audience. 

Some bloggers charge you money for this, but you do not have to take backlinks from them and if you have enough budget you can buy a high-quality backlink to get your website ranked, then you must do so because from here you will get a single backlink. 

Do Follow Backlink will be available and this will definitely boost your website. This process is called Guest Blogging / Guest Post.

If you do not have money for this, then you should find small bloggers in your category and propose to them that you give us a backlink, in return, we will also give you a high-quality backlink. 

Now his website will not be too old and big, if you can convince him that doing this will benefit both of us, then you will definitely get backlinks from there and that too for free!

Now with this, a question and a lot more are asked whether we should make Profile Backlinks. 

So let’s look at this as well –

Should we make Profile Backlinks?

I’d want to provide a thorough response to this query.

You yourself think that there are some websites where anyone can create a backlink by creating a profile of their own and you can also create backlinks there other people can also create backlinks there for themselves and Google also knows that. 

Anyone can create a backlink here. 

Now, why would Google rank a website on the basis of such backlinks? 

So whether such common backlinks should be made or not, maybe you have got the answer!

At one time, this type of backlinks was beneficial because earlier Google could not differentiate the quality of backlinks. 

That’s why people used to sell links in the name of SEO. 

Earlier links were sold in bulk and were also bought, now this thing had two disadvantages-

1. With this type of backlinks, people used to get such websites ranked in the search results whose content was not good.

2. People used to make such bad links to harm their competitors and this was called Negative SEO.

But by 2016 Google started recognizing the quality of backlinks and ignoring bad backlinks. 

Now even if a website has poor-quality backlinks, Google does not impose a manual penalty on it, but just ignores those links. 

But this does not mean at all that you keep making such bad backlinks on the Internet and expect Google to tell you nothing. 

There are still some types of backlinks from which you can get an automatic or manual penalty, which are as follows –

Automatic/Manual Penalty Backlinks Example

  • Blog Comment Links
  • Forum Signature Links
  • Forum Profile Links
  • Low-quality Directory Links
  • PBN Links If you do not take much care then.

Friends, you have to be careful with the links mentioned above and you do not have to create backlinks in any way. 

This could end up being hazardous to you, so let’s know how we can create High-Quality Backlinks for our website –

How To Create Backlinks 

Create Linkable Contents

Just having good content is not enough. You must do good research on whatever topic/niche you are writing your content on. 

The majority of your time goes to research.

Do not focus on the length and keywords of your content, rather focus on writing well-detailed content related to your keywords in your language. 

Just imagine, if your content is not interesting, not unique, and not worth linking, then no matter how many emails you send to get backlinks, you are not going to get any benefit.

If your content is strong and some traffic is coming to your website, then people create backlinks for you themselves. 

At that time you do not need to ask for backlinks from anyone. 

When your site starts to grow, then you do not have to take much care of backlinks because people themselves do backlinks work for you so that they can also benefit from your support or their site also starts growing. 

But for this your content should be linkable.

Focus On Content Marketing

Content marketing is still the most powerful backlink strategy for link building in SEO, but your content should be powerful.

Focus On Organic Outreach

Send your new content to your context, and request them to read and review it. 

The first backlinks that will be available to your new page and new content can be found through this medium.

Focus On Social Media

Whatever follows is on your social media, use it properly. 

You share your content with them and share its facts and small memes so that your audience can read it and take interest in it. 

There is definitely a share option on every social media platform, so you should make good use of it. 

With this, you will get more readers and with this, you will also get more backlinks.

Focus On Email Request

If your content is good then you can also get backlinks from your email outreach effort. 

How many results you will get from this method, completely depends on you. 

First of all, never keep Email Outreach Automated, tools like Ahref and Semrush give you the facility of Automated Emails, which you should never use.

You write an email personally and tell them honestly that – this is my content, and this part will be good for your users. 

The content you are linking right now is out of date or if there is really an error in it then you can tell them with the source code.

Never pretend that giving you the link is going to do him any good because he is not a child of tomorrow. 

He must have already received hundreds of emails before yours.

If someone asks for a fee then avoid it because he is selling links and soon he can get a penalty from google and if you buy a link from him then you can also get a penalty. 

But if you contact with good content, in a Genuine way, then you have more chances of getting backlinks.


In this article, we can discuss the importance of backlinks for SEO.

Friends, these are some practical methods using which you can create high-quality backlinks for your site and get your site ranked at the top position of Google.

Hope you have got to learn a little more about Backlinks in this article. 

Also, we have told you all the pure steps with the help of which you can create Natural Links for your website. 

The most important thing to keep in mind here is that you have to protect your website from Spammy Backlinks and build the authority of your website as much as possible.

If this information can prove useful to someone, then do share it with them and if you have any questions or suggestions regarding it, then tell us in the comment section. 

Your Feedback is useful to us.

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What are the benefits of backlinks?

Backlinks are very important to search engines because they give an indication of which the website is being linked. It contains quality meaningful information related to the subject linked to the website.

Are backlinks important for SEO 2022?

Backlinks are still as important to search engine optimization as Google considers backlinks to be the foundation for its page rank algorithm. There has been a lot of school research in the search engine optimization business that has proven that backlinks are an effective way to improve your website to rank.

Do backlinks affect SEO?

Backlinks are important for search engine optimization because search engine optimization proves how valuable your content or website is, understands your content in more ways, and ranks it accordingly.

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