SEO consultancy services

Are you confused about how to do a proper SEO for your website? Is your website not ranking in Google searches? If these are your questions then you need to read the complete information on this page.

As you know I am Sunny Grewal the owner of

I know most bloggers face many problems in SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

They seek some professional help so that they can set up everything correctly.

As you know Google has 200+ ranking factors, how many do you know?

I think very little.

That’s why you are facing the problem. 

But don’t worry I will help you to solve all the problems you are facing in your SEO journey.

From today!

I am starting 1-hour consultancy service for all serious bloggers. 

What they really want is a professional to help.

I personally call you and solve all your doubts and problems related to the SEO of your website.

How much do I charge for this? As you know I am running multiple online properties so I don’t have much time. 

But only for my viewers I am charging Rs 3000, for a one-hour consultation service.

So if you want to become a successful blogger like your better version, apply now

Please email [email protected] and I will reply ASAP.