How Google Bert Affects SEO & How To Optimize For It

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Friends, today in this article we are going to talk about Google Ranking Signal BERT, what is Google BERT Algorithm, and how Google Bert affects SEO.

How Google Bert Affects SEO
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Every SEO makes its website No. 1 in Google. 1 position and if you know that Google ranks a website by looking at what things, then your work will become much easier.

No one knows the secret of how Google ranks Search Engine websites. 

Leave aside SEOs like us, even SEO Expert and SEO Guru do not know how Google ranks a website. 

Now it is not that this algorithm of Google to rank these websites is absolutely a wonderful secret.

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Page Rank Algorithm

Now Google’s first formula was to analyze the backlinks and understand the importance of a page and extract its rank, this algorithm is called Page Rank Algorithm. 

This algorithm was named Page Rank because it was created by Google founder Larry Page.

In 1998, Google put the Page Rank Algorithm in front of the world, but since then till today, Google has never openly told Google Ranking Signals again. 

Now for Ranking Signals, we keep collecting a little bit of information from here and there, but Google never gave us a Definite List, which we could implement in our website.

19 Google Ranking Signals

But recently Google has published a list of its Ranking Signals, in which Google has listed 19 Google Ranking Signals. 

These 19 Ranking Signals told by Google are as follows –

  • BERT
  • MUM

This is an alphabetical list, it is not that the first Ranking Signal in this list is the most important and the last Ranking Signal is the least important. 

Now read this list once carefully and ask yourself that out of these 19 Google Ranking Signals.

How many Ranking Signals do you know and understand their meaning and how many Ranking Signals have you implemented in your website?

Google has used these 19 Ranking Signals somewhere in ranking your website and if you do not even know the meaning of most of these 19 Google Ranking Signals or you are not able to understand that your website needs to be ranked for them. 

How to optimize then you can understand that the real root of indexing or ranking your website is these 19 Google Ranking Signals only.

We will explain these 19 Google Ranking Signals one by one in detail on this website and will tell you what these 19 Ranking Signals are and how you can implement them on your website. 

A separate article will come on each Ranking Signal, in which only that Ranking Signal will be talked about so that you will be able to understand these 19 Google Ranking Signals better.

We will discuss each Ranking Signal in a separate article because the way each Ranking Signal works is different and its Purpose is different in such a situation it will be easy for you to understand these Ranking Signals and for us to explain them to you.

We will keep these 19 Google Ranking Signals in a separate category, which you can access from the link given below and you can also find them in the Menu section above on our blog.

19 Google Ranking Signals

Now we come back to our topic and in this article, we will learn about the first Ranking Signal BERT out of these 19 Google Ranking Signals. In this article, we will try to understand these questions related to BERT Ranking Signal –

  • What is BERT Algorithm?
  • What is the history of the BERT Algorithm?
  • How does BERT Algorithm work?
  • What is the impact of the BERT Algorithm on SEO?
  • What changes should be done to the website to achieve BERT Ranking Signal?

Let us now try to understand these main questions related to BERT one by one –

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What Is Google BERT Algorithm

BERT Algorithm is Google’s first Mentioned Ranking signal which means – “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. 

BERT Algorithm is a Natural Language Processing model that was created by the AI-Language team.

History Of BERT Algorithm

BERT was also made Open Source in 2018 i.e. anyone can use it. 

Although 2018 is not a matter of 100-200 years ago, it is a huge time difference in the field of AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

When Google launched BERT in 2018, it was a revolutionary model.

How Does BERT Algorithm Work?

BERT Natural Language Processing Model can handle many difficult tasks simultaneously –

Sentiment Analysis –  It can do Sentiment Analysis of the text i.e. whether the review of a movie is positive or negative, BERT can easily detect it. 

Computers do not watch movies and cannot understand its review, but by analyzing BERT Reviews, they can understand whether this review is positive or negative for the movie.

Chatbots to Answer Questions – BERT can answer the questions of Chat Bots.

Creating Summary Out Of Articles – BERT can create a summary of a long text.

Text Prediction – BERT can predict text. If you are typing a word, then the keyboard can tell what you are going to type next. BERT can also do this work.

Writing Articles – BERT can write an article on any topic.

Detecting Bad Comments – BERT is capable of detecting bad comments.

Speech to Text – BERT can convert someone’s spoken speech into text.

All these works were done with different algorithms even before BERT Algorithm, but BERT Algorithm has increased the accuracy of these Tasks and has greatly improved their quality.

Importance Of BERT Algorithm

What is the Importance of the BERT Algorithm, you will understand by its name itself –


First comes Bidirectional, before BERT Algorithm, all language models were used to process either Left to Right Language or Right Left, but BERT can analyze text in both directions.


The second word is Encoder but before understanding Encoder we understand Transformer. 

In the world of Transformers AI, such a mechanism is spoken that works to understand the relation between two words. 


Now, these Transformers have two parts – 

Encoder and Decoder and if we understand these two words in the simple language then Encoder means Input and Decoder means – Output. 

The encoder works to analyze the given text and the Decoder gives results based on this analysis.

But Google uses only Encoder in BERT and does not use Decoder in Google BERT because the work of the BERT Algorithm is only to understand the text, to understand the relation between the words which are given.

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How does Google Bert Affect SEO?

What is the impact of the BERT Algorithm on SEO?

SEOs can use Google BERT in four ways –

Understanding Query

BERT can better understand the queries or keywords that normal Google users type in Google’s search bar and can show new pages in search results based on this new type of understanding. To become a successful blogger, it is very important for you to understand them.

Understanding Emotions

Google BERT can do the job of understanding the mood of your page. Whether the content of your page is positive or negative, if a particular type of logo is being targeted in any content, then BERT can easily do such Difficult Tasks.

Understanding Quality

BERT can do the work of understanding Questions and Answers very well. If you want to rank your page for a particular question or answer, then whether your page is giving the correct answer to that question, Google can do this through BERT.

Understanding Entity

If any Person, Place, Country, Brand, Date, or Company is mentioned in the content of your page, then Google BERT can easily understand it. Because of all these features, BERT Algorithm is a Powerful Algorithm.

Now our last question about this Google Ranking Signal comes that how SEO and Content Writers can rank their pages for this BERT Algorithm i.e. how this Ranking Signal can rank your website better.

How To Achieve BERT In Website?

You can follow two steps to achieve the BERT Algorithm in your website –

#1 Stop Believing In the Concept Of Stop Words

First of all, stop believing in the concept of STOP words. 

Those who would be old SEOs or who would be studying outdated material would know the concept of STOP WORDS very well. 

Although we also told you in many articles that you should not use STOP WORDS in your title, now according to BERT, all those things are out of date and you can use STOP WORDS in your Titles.

Earlier it was believed that Google ignores stop words like – to, the, from, a, and for, because these words do not have any meaning and it was right to trust them a long time ago, but The situation has changed after the introduction of the BERT Algorithm. 

The Stop Words which used to be till now have now become Go Words because these words work to tell the meaning of the entire sentence to BERT.

Therefore, whether it is Title, Description, or Content, you do not have to think about Stop Words and you do not have to rely on any concept like Stop Words.

#2 Don’t Use Keywords Unnaturally

In your content, you do not have to use keywords in an Unnatural, Unintentional Forced way because BERT Algorithm can understand your mood by analyzing your text. 

If you use keywords in an unnatural way, then BERT will catch you and it will have a bad effect on the rank of your page.

That’s why to keep the content of your page natural. You must use keywords but use them in a natural way. This also improves the User Experience of your page.

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So, friends, this was a complete description of Google BERT Ranking Signal, and how Google Bert affects SEO.

By reading this you must have got to learn a lot of new things, as well as you would have been able to know in a good way what is Google BERT Algorithm and how it works.

After this, you must also read the rest of the Ranking Signals, about which I told you above because only by knowing about all these 19 Google Ranking Signals, you can provide a better rank to your website.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Ranking Signal, then do tell us, and if you find this information helpful then do share it. 

Your Feedback is useful to us.

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What are the disadvantages of using BERT?

– BERT’s drawbacks include its size, which results from the training framework and corpus.
– Because it is large and there are several weights to update, training takes a while.
– It is pricey.

What is Google BERT in SEO?

BERT is employed by Google to comprehend both the materials that are indexed by the search engine and the users’ search intentions. It does not require the analysis of prior searches like RankBrain to comprehend what users mean. BERT has the same understanding of words, phrases, and the full text that humans do.

Is BERT still used in Google search?

BERT is a tool that Google uses to better recognize whether a user is looking for sexual content.

What is the impact of BERT?

BERT has altered how companies conduct keyword research. Businesses today must concentrate on user intent rather than specific keywords. Natural language questions are given priority by BERT, thus it’s crucial to produce material in your target audience’s language.

What is the precursor to BERT SEO?

Therefore, it is thought that the RankBrain algorithm came before the BERT algorithm.

What are the weaknesses of BERT model?

Due to the training framework and corpus, the model is big.
It is pricey.

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