Hey Guys I Am Sunny Grewal

Whole Jouney Of My Life So far.....

Hello, guys. I understand you’re all busy people. However, it is September 3, 2021, and I decided to share my true life storey. My true narrative is based on my job and experience. Let’s get started.

Firstly Little Bit About Me:

I am Sunny Grewal, I am the CEO and Founder of DigicNet and Seowithsunny.

DigicNet is a digital marketing agency started in January 2021, and the agency provides various work like content writing, web designing, digital marketing, etc.

And my second company SeowithSunny started in September 2021, and it is fully dedicated to building a search engine optimization.

I’m also a blogger but accidentally, And an engineer by education.

To be honest guys, I just started my blogging career and I posted some blog but my main focus or goal to give maximum value to you guys.

Oh! By the way, I am graduate as an engineer in 2014 and by education, I am an engineer.

But I never do any engineering jobs because I hate jobs. I hate the culture of job I hate to work under anyone else for long 8 to 9 hours with the same activities day by day, with frustrated Monday and happy on Saturday night.

This is a small reason to hate jobs but the big reason is that I would be a boss of myself.

Because I love freedom, freedom of work, freedom of time, freedom of place, and much more.

My digital marketing,blogging journey:

Digital marketing

My digital marketing journey started in Nov 2019 when I saw all businesses shifted from offline to online. I go deep into that and I found there is a lot of potential in a digital world.so I search term digital marketing on google as well as search videos on youtube.

I found lots of videos and articles and seriously I excited about them. In this founding process,

I found a guy who changes my life from the north to the south, it’s a 180-degree shift.

. And the guy is Digital Pratik. I watch his videos and learn how this online marketing works. and from him, I connect with Garyvee.

I started learning online for free but in march 2020 lockdown held, before lockdown, I take a paid offline digital marketing course but from lockdown, I take a course running lockdown half online in May and June then I started learning with physical classes in Indore. I pursued my offline class from Digital Mind Web Solution under Vajid Khan Sir.

In January 2021 I launched my digital marketing agency DigicNet.


To be honest, my blogging journey just started, and I learn blogging from Harsh Agarwal sir, Pavan Agarwal sir, and many others.

The reason behind starting my personal blog is to share experience from your knowledge.

I learn a lot of things related to blogging these days.always my mentor Digital Pratik says Learn Apply and Share. firstly I learn new things then apply and then share.

I started a blog with the niche of SEO.and gradually for a few months ahead i started affiliated marketing with that blog, it is my future goal.

My Education

I started my playschool at Little Star Play School around 1994-95.

And my 1st class to 3rd class I pursuit my schooling from Christain Eminent School around 1997.

But unfortunately, I changed my school because In 3rd class I made supplementary in a science subject.

Then I continued my 4th to 12th from Gyanodaya Vidhyalaya school.

I take P.C.M after pass out my 10th class in 2007.

After passing my 12th class in 2009.

All my schooling completed in Indore.

Then I join an engineering college in Indore name A.I.T.R.

But in the 4th semester I can drop out the college and then 1 year I continued with them and in 2014 I completed my engineering. but I don’t do a job.

I can do home tuition called Perfect Home Tution.

My Hobbies And Likes


My hobby is to play cricket, singing,

I also love to read books like rich dad poor dad, why the rich are getting richer, where good ideas come from, the business school, stay hungry stay foolish, the 4-hour workweek, turning point, the power of your subconscious mind, think and grow rich.

My Favorite Cricketer is Rohit Sharma.

My favorite Singer Is K.K.,Monali Thakur

My Favorite Music Director is A.R. Rahman.

My mentors

I can follow a lot of personalities but few are here.

Garyvee, Digital Pratik, Kulwant Nagi, Harsh Agarwal, Sorav Jain, Pavan Agarwal, Sandeep Maheshwari, Sirhud Kalra, Zorba The Zen, JackMa, Vivek Bindra, Ujjwal Patni, Sonu Sharma, Harshwardhan Jain snd many more….