Whole Jouney Of My Life So far.....

Hello, guys. I know that you are all quite busy. On September 3, 2021, though, I made the decision to share my real-life story. My actual story is based on my job and experience. Let’s get started.

Firstly Little Bit About Me:

I am Sunny Grewal, the CEO and Founder of DigicNet and Seowithsunny.

The digital marketing company DigicNet was founded in January 2021 and offers a range of services, including writing, web design, and digital marketing.

My second business, Seowithsunny, which I founded in September 2021, focuses only on developing search engine optimization.

I’m an engineer by education along with a blogger by accident.

Since I recently started writing, I have published a few blogs, but my major goal is to provide you guys with the greatest possible value.

Oh! By the way, I graduated from an engineering college in 2014 and am an engineer by profession.

However, I never worked in engineering because I hated my job. I hate job culture and dislike working long shifts of 8 to 9 hours alongside others while performing the same tasks every day. Frustrated on Mondays and joyful on Saturday nights.

This is a small reason why I hate a job, but the primary reason is that I would be my own boss.

I love independence because it allows me to do what I want when I want to and much more.

My digital marketing,blogging journey:

Digital marketing

In November 2019, when I noticed that all businesses had moved from offline to online, I started my journey in digital marketing. I looked at it in depth and discovered that the digital world had a lot of potential. So I use Google to search for the term “digital marketing” and use YouTube to look for videos.

I discovered many videos and articles, and I was really excited about them. During the creation process,

I met a man who entirely changed my life around, moving it from the north to the south.

. The man’s name is Digital Pratik. I study his videos to get an understanding of how digital marketing works. and I got in touch with Garyvee via them.

I first started studying for free online, but a lockdown happened in March 2020. Before the lockdown, I registered in a paid offline digital marketing course, but after the shutdown, I enrolled in a course that ran half-online and half-in-person in Indore.

I opened my digital marketing business, DigicNet, in January 2021.


To be honest, I’ve only recently started blogging. Harsh and Pavan Agarwal, among many others, have helped me a lot.

My personal blog was started with the intention of sharing experiences and knowledge.

These days, I pick up a lot of blogging-related knowledge. Learn, Apply, and Share is what my mentor Digital Pratik always advises. I first acquire new knowledge before applying it and sharing it.

I launched a blog with an SEO focus. And over the next six months, I gradually began doing affiliate marketing for that blog, which is my long-term objective.

My Education

Around 1994–1995, I started going to Little Star Play School as my playschool.

I continued my education at the Christian Eminent School from first to third grade around 1997.

Unfortunately, I had to change schools because I had taken a science extra in third grade.

I then started my studies at Gyanodaya Vidhyalaya from fourth to twelfth grade.

I began taking P.C.M. in 2007 after finishing my tenth-grade year.

I graduated from my 12th grade in 2009.

My entire education was completed in Indore.

Then I enrolled in Indore’s A.I.T.R. engineering college.

However, I have the option to leave the college after the fourth semester. After continuing with them for another year, I finished my engineering in 2014. however, I don’t work.


My Hobbies And Likes


My hobby is to play cricket, singing,

I also enjoy reading books like Think and Grow Rich, The 4-Hour Workweek, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, The Business School, Why the Rich are Getting Richer, Why the Rich are Getting Richer, Why the Rich are Getting Richer, and Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

My Favorite Cricketer is Rohit Sharma.

My favorite Singer Is K.K.,Monali Thakur

My Favorite Music Director is A.R. Rahman.

My mentors

I can follow a few people, including:

Anil Agarwal, Neil Patel, Jasmin Alic, Ruben Hassid, Fery Kaszoni, Garyvee, Connor Gillivan, Samy Thuillier, Digital Pratik, Harsh Agarwal, Sorav Jain, Kirtish Vyas, Code with Harry, and many more…

I follow these websites for SEO

I can follow a few websites, including:

Google Search Central

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Land