Truth About Duplicate Content: The Complete Guide 2022

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Today in this article we will deeply understand the truth about duplicate content.

If you are a new blogger or you want to make your career in the blogging or online world.

Truth About Duplicate Content
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And you are looking for various important information about digital marketing.

The article is going to be very helpful & useful for you.

Do you know that the article published on any blog or site should always be original?

Do you keep publishing articles on your web page regularly?

For that, you can copy someone else’s content.

But you are doing wrong on your webpage by copying content from other websites.

Or you are unknowingly copying other people’s published content and publishing it on your site.

Let me alert you here because Google can impose a penalty on your site.

My suggestion to you is to avoid doing this right now.

If you do this, this mistake can greatly spoil the SEO ranking of your website.

According to Google’s Terms of Condition, if you copy someone else’s content as it is, then Google penalizes your webpage immediately.

That is why plagiarism content not only reduces your ranking but also removes your site completely from search engines.

I have come to this article for you to give you the right information about copying content.

So let’s get started.

Here We Start Truth About Duplicate Content Journey but Firstly, What Is Duplicate Content?

The very simple definition of plagiarism content is that “if the same content is on two websites, then the content of one website will be considered as duplicate content“.

In this also Google or any other search engine sees that the website which has published its content first is considered as unique or original content.

It happens many times that we put some such content on our web page or blog that someone else has already put on the internet.

That is, by copying someone’s content, you have put it on your site or blog, we will call it duplicate content.

There are many such content creators who find it very simple to put content on their site or blogs, who steal the content.

There are some such smart bloggers who copy websites with two or four lines only to make a complete article.

Here let me tell you that if you try to copy or steal the content as well as an image of any webpage. 

Then it also comes in this category, we count this type of activity in plagiarism content.

Any Website How Much Affected by Duplicate Content

If you put plagiarism content on your website, then it can prove to be very dangerous for your webpage.

Due to this, your webpage can be completely blacklisted in Google and other major search engines.

Because catching duplicate content in any blog or site by Google is considered a negative SEO technique.

If a website goes to Google while creating such plagiarism content.

Then it directly violates all the algorithms created by Google.

Due to this Google searches that web page or blog and drops the ranking of its website in the Google search engine.

Google duplicate content checker, Google also uses its Google Webmaster Tool, which we know today as Google Search Console, to help us understand duplicate content.

When he comes to know that there is plagiarism content on a webpage.

Then he completely blacklists that site or blog from his search engine.

Has seen many times that Google has removed many websites from its search engine forever.

How To Secure Website Through Duplicate Content

If you want to protect your website from duplicate content, then first of all you shouldn’t stop doing copy to others.

Secondly, you shouldn’t use any content of any webpage on your site without permission from that site.

Thirdly, if you are putting such content on your webpage which is already written on some other website and you are writing it after seeing it, then you will have to give credit to that webpage.

Note: Friends, if you are using the image of any blog in your webpage or blog, then it is very important to give credit to that person’s blog.

For example, you can give the name of that website or the name of the owner below in the image.

Because, even if you are using someone’s content, then that content doesn’t lie in the plagiarism content category.

Fourthly, if you are copying one or two words or lines from the internet and presenting in the content of your webpage.

Then, friends, this will also be considered plagiarism content.

Fifthly, inserting duplicate content will have a very negative effect on SEO.

Due to this the chances of your site being ranked will be greatly reduced.

How To Avoid Duplicate Content?

There have been many such updates from Google, according to which it is very important for you to pay attention to your blog’s content.

Google keeps on giving warning suggestions to avoid duplicates in the search console account.

If we sit to calculate between quality content and plagiarism content, which content is published more on the internet?

Friends, let me tell you here that quality content is created in very small quantities.

Very few people create quality content.

There are mostly such content creators who think it better to copy the same content.

So that they don’t have to put more time to invest and their content can be ready without any effort.

By doing this, you can probably earn some money for a few days.

But you can’t take advantage of it for a long time, you are sure to fail.

Whenever we talk about WordPress, the most important is SEO.

Even today there are many such WordPress blogs that are earning a good amount of money.

Identity your talent area and make a blog on it, only then you can write your own content.

Like I have told you earlier if you copy-paste someone else’s content and publish it on your site.

Then your SEO is greatly affected because of this.

Pros and Cons Of Duplicate Content

Although there can never be any benefit of such a thing, here I am going to tell you some such benefits which are very short term.

First of all, I will tell you its advantages here, after that we talk about its disadvantages.


  • – Any search engine makes a slight delay in understanding the content of your webpage, due to which you can earn a small amount of money.
  • – By doing this, you will neither have to put much brain nor will you have to work hard.
  • – It takes a lot of time to find the right keyword research, but if you do this kind of work then there will be no need to find the keyword.
  • – By doing this, you don’t need to understand SEO because there is no working strategy in duplicate content.


  • – It is absolutely true that search engine is very intelligent in understanding content.
  • And when it comes to knowing about plagiarism content, it will penalize your site.
  • – Your website deranking and the traffic on it will end.
  • – You will never be supported by the webmaster of any search engine.
  • – Won’t let you jump up the rankings until the copy content is completely removed.
  • – If you don’t convert it into quality content in the end, you will never be successful.

Use Duplicate Content Checker

First of all, we have a sword to see here whether or not the problem is related to duplicate content, then Google gives a different kind of signal.

If you don’t see any problem in your HTML improvement.

Then it doesn’t mean that there is no issue of plagiarism content on your site.

It may happen that whatever material you put on the blog may be in it, if so, fix it immediately.

If this question is coming to your mind, how do you fix it?

For this, there are many duplicate content removal tools available on the internet that can help you such as:

  • –
  • – Duplichecker
  • – smallseotools
  • – Copyscape
  • – Quetext
  • – Siteliner etc

How SEO Based Duplicate Content Create?

When any website has content, it can be accessed from many URLs.

The chances of having WordPress plagiarism content problems increase.

Google Search Console in this, also found in HTML improvement.

“This simply means that if the same content appears in different URLs in many places on your webpage “.

Google bot becomes very confused because of so many URLs.

The search engine doesn’t know which URL is authentic and which can be shown in the search engine.

According to me, you should always start your blogging career on WordPress.

With the help of this, you can easily optimize your site and rank it in search engines.

Duplicate Content On The Same Page

When we talk about such content which is on the same page along with being duplicated, it also has many disadvantages.

This also happens on copy-paste blogs because there is plagiarism content in the original content.

Too many such URLs create duplicate content problems on the same post such as:


This type of problem affects any webpage very much, and it has been seen in many cases that this problem doesn’t end until a perfect solution is found.

Why Is Having Duplicate Content An Issue For SEO?

Whenever you see a plagiarism content problem in your search console, you don’t have to worry about it.

Truth About Duplicate Content

But ignoring it means decreasing the ranking of your blog.

There can be many reasons for this, which following a blogger’s blog in different ways generates duplicate content problems.

SEO Plugin Settings

In today’s time, Yoast or Rankmath plugin will be seen on most websites, which is one of the best plugins for SEO.

If the settings of these plugins are not taken care of properly.

Then, mistakes such as settings are made which create site plagiarism content problems.

It is not that anyone himself thinks of setting wrong, but it happens, unfortunately.

If you would have noticed, there was an error in the Yoast plugin, due to which media files were not indexed.

Yoast, CEO also agreed that the ranking of many websites has been affected due to the bug in it.

Another plugin has been made to recover it properly.

Duplicate Title

As we saw above, there are many such settings regarding plugins that we have to do.

In which the most important setting is the SEO title in any blog post, which is mandatory for us to write.

You must also know that it is necessary for every post to have a different and unique title.

Whenever you give a title in more than one post title, then the possibility of duplicate content increases.

Duplicate Description

There is a problem that copy content comes somewhere in the blog post we write.

That is why it is very important to write a unique description for each of our posts.

Otherwise, it has been seen many times that facing issues.

If you don’t understand this thing very well, then you can follow Google Duplicate Content Guidelines.

Domain Setting

A domain can have multiple URLs, as we have explained in the example below.

Due to the incorrect preferred domain setting in the search console, the plagiarism content problem can’t be fixed.


As above the examples, but still different in the eyes of search engines.

Like these, there are many other duplicate contents such as:

  • Session ID’s
  • Sorting option etc.

What Is The Most Common Fix For Duplicate Content?

If you really don’t know how to find the plagiarism content problem.

Then Google Search Console can prove to be a very beneficial tool for you.

Still, one thing we should always keep in mind is that we will be able to become successful content creators.

Only when we can learn to read and understand Google’s Search Console and Google Analytics in the right way.

Let us try to understand step by step, how you can reach your solution.

  • Step 1: First of all you have to log in to your Search Console account
  • Step 2: Open the search appearance option
  • Step 3: Now click on HTML improvement there and open it.

After following the steps, you will start seeing duplicate title tags.

It is very important for you to fix them, otherwise, the search engines will be penalized.

Let Us Now See How You Fix The Content.

For this you need to pay attention to all your SEO settings, they need to be checked properly.

To increase webpage traffic in search engines, pay attention to all SEO settings.

But during this, some mistakes happen which are often seen by webmasters such as indexing website categories and tags.

As we mentioned above, the site generated in category and tags also contain the same content as in the original post.

That is why we must keep both these no-indexes so that the plagiarism content solution is easily found.

You Need To Check For Duplicate Content

I have seen this many times whenever we focus on so many things in SEO.

But we never focus on duplicate content, that is our biggest mistake.

There are many people who pick up the content from your site and put it on their webpage.

We do this because it is very difficult to create original content.

But let me tell you one thing here: making original content is difficult for those who don’t want to work hard.

Those who want that get everything made ready and it becomes successful.

But believe me guys, after all the fun and hard work that goes into creating original content.

Then the WOW content becomes more important.

There are many SEO tools that quickly detect such plagiarism content and send you an alert.

How Much Duplicate Content Is Acceptable?

As far as I have understood it, big and important search engines have not yet decided on any such parameter.

But there are many SEO experts who have talked a lot about it.

Like I believe that your content should be 30% more original than other content.

Here I use an application for this whose name is keyword density.

It has been seen that many such tools which are a comparison between any two content and show you duplication percentage-wise.

To do this, you simply go to Google and search their” keyword density tool or duplicate content checker“.

A list of so many tools will come in which you can easily choose any one tool which is likely to be used.

Advanced Duplicate Content Correction

When a large amount of plagiarism content is present on a site, it becomes very difficult to fix it immediately.

This is often seen in e-commerce websites because the many products are similar there.

Due to this the chances of having such problems increase very much.

I believe that if your webpage is small or medium then you can use an automated method to fix duplicate content.

But if your site is very big for that you should never use an automatic method to fix plagiarism content.

Because it has been seen many times that when you start doing automated solutions.

There are many such pages that are not fixed properly.

And there is no content creator who would want that.

According to me, the best advice is if you know that there is duplicate content on any page on your website.

Then you should appoint a separate writer for it and tell him to rewrite your content to fix your duplicate content problem.

If this is not possible for you, then the least you can do is rewrite the plagiarism content on all your category pages.

If you don’t have any knowledge to do this, then you should set up all your category pages correctly because due to these the chances of getting sales increase a lot.

I am saying this because it has been seen many times that category pages get ranked easily.

Due to this, the chances of getting conversions are very high.

But if we talk about the product page, there is no guarantee that it will rank or not, even if there is plagiarism content in it.

But if in some situations these ranks, then Google gets confused and doesn’t rank them there.

With a lot of duplicate content on your site, then it is going to take some time for you to fix them.

You may think that by using the automatic option you will be able to fix your plagiarism content easily, but you shouldn’t do this.

For this, you should take out time and sit with your writer and create unique and authoritative content for each page.

I believe that it is better to rewrite your duplicate content than to try to put in fresh and unique content, and this method always works.


Today we talked about the truth about duplicate content in this article.

Because it is very important for us to understand the plagiarism content because of this our webpage can be completely ruined.

Many new content creators do this, they copy-paste someone else’s website content on their website.

Because of this, no one can save their webpage from being penalized by any search engine.

I brought this article so that whoever is making this kind of mistake should pay attention to their content and not copy-paste someone else’s content.

You can read and see someone else’s content as a reference, and try to write it in your own words.

But when you copy-paste someone’s content completely.

Then that method goes into a negative SEO which can completely destroy your blogging career.

I hope you liked this article very much, if so, then you can comment below and don’t forget to share it with your friends.

You can also read my other article.

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Does Duplicate Content Really Matter?

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