9 Most Important Off-Page SEO Factors That Boost Your Organic Traffic

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In this article, we will discuss what is Off-Page SEO & Off-Page SEO Factors.

If you are also a new blogger and you have just started a new blog or website.

Off-Page SEO Factors

Then it is obvious that there will not be any special traffic coming to your website and if you are already an old blogger then you have started Off Page SEO. 

And you must have heard the name of Off-Page SEO. 

If you are interested to know about Off Page SEO then you must stay in this article till the end!

If you also want to get your website ranked in Google, then you must know how important website SEO is to rank a website at the top position. 

For this, we have to optimize the SEO of our website well.

What is SEO?

SEO literally means – Search Engine Optimization. All the efforts or techniques we use to rank our website or blog on a high position in any search engine, it is called SEO. 

All the steps that are followed to bring a website to search results come under SEO. 

By the way, we can see many big changes in the Future of SEO because some or the other updates related to SEO keep on coming.

There are mainly two types of SEO – On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We have already discussed in detail On-Page SEO, so today we will discuss in detail Off-Page SEO in this content –

What is Off-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO means the optimization that we do by visiting any other website or servers, we call it Off Page SEO. 

We do all the optimization of Off Page SEO by visiting other websites whose results we get to see on our website.

SEO is a big job but if we divide it into small steps then the work will become a little easier and it also becomes easy to track its progress. 

So today in this article we will learn about Off Page SEO Checklist.

So that you can get an idea about what basic things we should remember during Off Page SEO Optimization of our website.

9 Off-Page SEO Factors

1. Backlink Analysis

How many people keep searching about how to make backlinks? 

Backlinks are a huge part of Off Page SEO. 

You have to pay attention to the following information in Backlink Analysis –

A. First of all, you must check how many backlinks you are getting in total.

B. After this, check how many domains you are getting backlinks from, that is, how many are the Total Referring Domain.

C. After this, make sure that in which of your pages you are getting the most backlinks.

D. In the end, you must also check the Anchor Text of your Backlinks.

You can also check this Backlink Analysis i.e. Backlinks on Paid Tools like Ahref and Semrush and you can also do it with the help of Google’s free tool Google Search Console.

As you all know that all these paid tools provide us with more options. 

But many times these Paid Tools do not have Accurate data as compared to the Google Search Console has just Accurate data because it has data from its Search Engine but it does not have any fancy designs to show them. 

Apart from this, you can analyze Backlinks in a better way by using Regex inside Google Search Console.

But if you are doing SEO for a new website then you can miss this step but if you are going to do Off Page SEO for an old website then you must focus your attention on creating a Quality Backlink for your website.

2. Competitor Backlink Analysis

This is the second most important thing inside Off Page SEO you should also analyze your competitor’s backlinks. 

You have to see with what technology your representative is working or how he is building his backlinks, all you have to do is defeat your competitor or leave him behind. 

Now you cannot use Google Search Console to do all this because it only shows you your own data, and does not show the data of anyone else’s website.

In such a situation, Ahref provides you with such a tool, with the help of which you can easily check the backlinks of any website. 

With the help of this tool, you can analyze the top Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks of any of your representative’s websites and by creating Backlinks for your website on those websites, you can also get it ranked through Quality Backlinks.

All the top bloggers give a good ranking to their new website in this way and Google also gives it authority, you can feel free to use it for your website.

3. Link Building Campaign

This step is also in the context of links. Links are an important issue in Off Page SEO Activity. 

Once you have analyzed your backlinks and that of your competitors, then the next step comes from our link building. 

We can create links for our website in many ways. For link building of your website.

It is very important for you to have good relations with the owners of websites similar to the niche of your website. 

You will be able to get quality backlinks for your website only when you have good relationships with other websites.

You can create a Backlink for your website in these ways –

  • Directory Submission
  • Social Profiles
  • Q&A Sites
  • Forum And Community
  • Genuine Blog Comments
  • Job Portals
  • Link Buying
  • Guest Blogging
  • Mention Links
  • Broken Links
  • Link Exchange
  • Testimonials
  • Killer Content
  • Sponsoring

Make a link campaign for your website keeping all these points in mind.

But one thing must be kept in mind: anything more than a limit can be harmful.

4. Find The Gap

In this step, we analyze both ourselves and our competitor’s content and see that-

A. What are the keywords on which your competitors are ranking but you are not ranking on those keywords?

B. What are the keywords on which your competitor is ranking on the first page of the search engine and you are ranking on the 3rd or 4th page on the same keywords?

Overall, in the Find the Gap step under Off-Page SEO, you see the gap between yourself and your competitor and focus your attention on its shortcomings in it.

If once you have found the keywords on which your competitors are ranking.

Then you can create a unique article by using those keywords in your content in a natural way. 

Tools like Ahref and Semrush can help you find these types of keywords. 

Try to reduce this gap as much as you can and the more you improve your keywords, the better results you will get to see.

5. Outreach

Writing content on your website is another thing, and promoting your written content is another. 

Without Content Outreach, even your strongly written content cannot help you.

You can use the following channels to increase the outreach of your content –

  • Social Media
  • Guest Blogging
  • Influencer Outreach

Social Media is a free method to increase the outreach of your content. 

You can use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In to promote your content.

On these social media platforms, you cannot create your audience just by pasting a link to your content. 

For this, follow the people related to the industry of your website, and talk to them. 

He may not interact with you in the beginning, but the rest of the followers will definitely do.

Try to build your own audience, even if it is small. 

Focus your attention on building your own distinct audience so that after reading your content, they can share it with needy people.

Guest blogging is a similar process that largely depends on your personal contacts with the owners of other websites. 

Google gives a lot of authority to the backlinks you get to your website through Guest Blogging. 

In the initial days, guest blogging was the only way to bring quality traffic to your website in a legal way.

Tools like Buzzsumo can tell you which type of Blogs and Influencers will be right for your website.

6. Local SEO

Many bloggers do not yet cover the elements under Local SEO

By not doing this, they are all missing a huge part of their traffic. 

It is easy to rank in Local SEO because most of the bloggers are not using it properly and if you focus on it properly then you can easily get your blog ranked.

There are many such steps inside Local SEO which are Off Page SEO Factors. 

You can also boost your area-specific pages through Local SEO. 

The special thing about Local SEO is that either very few people are using it or they are misbehaving with it in a very wrong way. 

In such a situation, if you put your 50% into it, then you will get good results.

You can optimize your website’s Local SEO well and get it ranked at the top position at a specific place on a specific keyword. 

Along with Off Page SEO Activity on your website, you should also pay attention to it.

7. Video Marketing

The information given in the video format is more popular than the content format. 

The reason for this is clear: people like to read less and like to watch videos more. 

You can imagine for yourself in which format people like to take information more.

The best thing is that you do not need any separate content to make a video.

But the information you have shared in your content, you share the same information with the people through the video so that your content will remain unique.

You will definitely get another powerful step in marketing your content.

You can upload your videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Linked In from where you will get even more impressions. 

The most useful point of Existing Content Off Page SEO is to market your content and which you can do very well with the help of videos.

8. Graphic Marketing

InfoGraphics, Graphics, and Memes are very popular nowadays in every field. 

In almost every Social Media Platform, Group, and channel, you will definitely get to see Memes related to the industry.

Memes are a medium to say something similar to a topic in a funny way. 

Infographic is a medium to easily understand and remember any data and such content is shared very fast. 

People may not share any article or video even once, but they will definitely share Memes, which promote both the name and brand of your site.

So if you know a little bit of graphic design or there is such a person in your knowledge who can do this work well.

Then you must check it once and if you are not interested in it or you think that your industry For all this is meaningless then you can forget it.

9. Paid Ads

Finally, when all the efforts of the Off Page SEO Checklist are completed.

Then you can run your ads, now whether those ads are on Google, Instagram, or Facebook. 

You can run your Paid Ads through different platforms and you can reach your content to new people so that both your content and your brand will be promoted.

Brand and content promotion are two different things and the strategy of both is also different. 

Before promoting your content, make sure that your content satisfies the user’s query.

Your content should not be boring nor your content should be too long.

This is definitely a Paid Activity but it is an effective strategy and you get the result immediately. 

If your content has power, then of course you will get good results too.

If you are a beginner then we will recommend you this step in Paid Ads anytime because we know very well that a beginner blogger does not have enough money to run Paid Ads for his blog. 

Because he has to invest his money in many other things like a Best Reliable Hosting and Domain Name.

And even if someone has money for this, he would not want to invest his money in it because he is a beginner and all this is new for him, and putting money in it will not be less than any risk for him. 

In such a situation, you can get incredible results by following the rest of the steps mentioned above, but if you have money for Paid Ads and you also have knowledge of it, then you can use them.


In this article, we will clearly discuss Off-Page SEO Factors.

For any website or blog to be ranked in the top positions in the search engine, it is very important to optimize its On Page SEO and Off Page SEO well. 

In this article, we have talked about Off Page SEO Activity.

Off-Page SEO is helpful in getting well-optimized content ranked. 

If you have a good relationship with websites similar to your website’s industry, then this gives a boost to both your Off Page SEO and your content. 

Any kind of SEO will not support you unless the purpose of your content is to remove the user’s query.

Always keep your content user-friendly and do not use any such sentences in it which generate hatred towards you in the mind of your user. 

Increase your website’s authority in Google’s eyes.

Numerous such websites achieve high rankings even without SEO; the reason for this is that they consistently provide reputable content.

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