How To Increase Crawl Budget For Better Website Ranking

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Today we will talk about how to increase crawl budget.

So if you are running a blog or website then this article is going to be very beneficial for you.

How To Increase Crawl Budget For

Friends, there is no need to tell what is the meaning of SEO in Digital Marketing

Because without SEO no blog is successful. 

In this comes another term which is known as Crawl Budget.

It is also important to know the Crawl Budget because it is directly related to the indexing of the content of our blog. 

Next, we will know those things due to which Google does not crawl our blog. 

So let’s know what is Crawl Budget.

What is Googlebot Crawl Budget

Google Crawl Budget refers to a process in which Googlebot crawls and indexes the pages of a website within a certain time period.

If you understand in simple language, some time limit has been set for Google to visit each website. 

For the same amount of time, the Crawler comes to the website and does Crawling and Indexing.

How does crawl budget work?

When Google sends the Crawler to your site, it finds some Systematic URLs on the site which it crawls. 

Similarly, when a URL crawls, with the help of Robot.txt Files or with the help of Internal Linking, URLs are crawled one after the other.

There are many ways to crawl the URL, out of which if you point out any type of link in your content or through XML Sitemap, the Crawling Process can be done.

When is Crawl Budget an Issue

The job of Crawl Budget is to crawl and index the page of the website in the stipulated time.

Similarly, if you have a website with only a few pages or a small website, then there is no problem for you because Crawl Budget will not harm you.

Basically Crawl Budget comes in the form of a problem when it crawls the pages of big websites like E-commerce. 

In which millions of pages have to be crawled daily. 

There are some terms for this, let us know-

Terms of Improving Crawl Budget

Friends, in January 2017, Google webmaster’s Trends Analyst Gary Illyes released a note in which 2 important terms were talked about Crawl Budget.

The two terms that Gary Illyes told about were the first Crawl Rate Limit and the second Crawl Demand. 

So let’s know about it in detail.

Crawl Rate Limit

The Specific Timeframe that is set for Crawler to Crawl Pages is called Crawl Rate Limit.

If Google will crawl all the pages of your site together, then in that condition your site’s server may be down. 

To avoid this problem, Google introduced this term.

Crawl Demand

Crawl Demand is very important for any website. 

Because if you are not crawling the pages on which side, then the index will not be able to be done.

That’s why you should put Trending Topics or such content on your site whose demand is high. 

For this, you can use Google Question Hub.

So that Google keeps getting the demand to crawl this page and the growth of your website continues.

How to Increase Crawl Budget 

1. Reduce Redirection– 

You probably know that sometimes errors like 301 redirections are generated on the website. 

Due to this Google has difficulty crawling those pages.

By doing this the URL can be crawled but it takes a lot of time. 

That’s why try not to create these types of errors on your website.

2. Block Unnecessary Sections or Parts– 

If there are some parts on your website which are not required. 

So you should immediately block them with the help of Robot.txt. 

With this, you will be able to get your Site Crawled by helping Googlebot.

3. Link Building– 

As you would know, what difference does it make in ranking on your blog after taking Do Follow Link from a big website? 

This simply means that Google Spider gets confidence that your website has been linked to a big website.

There are many other such factors that are helpful in increasing the Crawling Budget.

How can crawl depth be reduced?

Sitemaps help reduce the number of pages that are crawled on your website. 

By linking to a sitemap at the footer of your website, other web browsers will be able to find all the important pages on your site more quickly.


Today we will talk about how to increase crawl budget.

I have tried to explain it to you by focusing on each and every point according to me. 

If still there is any problem, then do tell us by commenting.

Hope you must have liked this information about Google Crawl Budget. 

Do give your feedback about this article through the medium of Comments.

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What affects crawl budget?

The popularity of URLs and how long they’ve been around on the Internet affect how often they are crawled. Our systems try to prevent URLs from becoming out of date so that users are more likely to find them.

How do I increase crawl accessibility?

Google Sitemap submission…
Improve internal connections.
Update and add fresh content frequently.
Do not duplicate any stuff.
Speed up your page load time.

How do you increase crawl depth?

Some pages on the web are more likely to be crawled than others. This is because the more links a page has, the more likely it is to be found by Google’s robots. However, there are ways to make a page more likely to be crawled, such as improving its structure and making sure to update it regularly. In addition, making your site faster can also help.

What is the average crawl budget?

If you keep your crawl budget at an average of 27 pages per day, that means you’ll have used 810 pages in 30 days.

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