How Can I Find Broken Links And How Do I Remove Them?

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In this article we are discussing, how can i find broken links and how do i remove them?

How Can I Find Broken Links And How Do I Remove Them

In brief,

“Broken links are harmful to a website, both from the point of view of users and search engines, as they can lead to 404 errors and dead links.”

Your blog might have displayed 404 page not found errors at times. 

You encounter this error when a link on a blog or website is broken. 

If you are experiencing Broken Links then make sure to read this article completely. 

You may easily fix the broken link after reading this article.

To save you time and explain in detail what is a broken link, let’s go straight to this article.

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What is Broken Link

Links that take users to pages that are not yet present on the website are deemed broken.

Additionally, a 404 Page Not Found error message appears when a user clicks on this type of link.

Broken links are harmful to a website, both from the point of view of users and search engines. 

If there are more broken links on the website then the search engine ranking of the website should suffer.

Simply put, a broken link is one for which the webpage is not currently live. 

For every 404 error you see, your website has broken links. 

A broken link is also known as a dead link.

Reason for becoming Broken Link

By this point, you should know what Broken Link is. 

Let us now examine the process by which broken links are made. 

Because if you don’t understand why the link is broken, you won’t be able to find a solution. 

The following list of reasons:

Delete the post or page

When you delete one of your pages or posts, this is the most likely reason for broken links. When you delete a post or page from the website, the item is no longer there and its link is considered broken.

Change Permalink

Changing the permalink-based URL of a post or page is another factor that contributes to broken links. Even if the URL changes, a broken link is still created. However, if you previously changed your website URL from https”// to https”//example. com/category/post-name, then the old URL of your website will be considered broken.

From Comment

Broken links also appear in the comments section of the website. When users comment on your post, they also include the URL of the blog post from their website. However, if he later changes the URL of the webpage or removes it from the comment, a broken link is also created on your website.

From External Link

In addition, we include external links in our blog posts. However, it also becomes a broken link if the owner of that link later removes the page that was linked from that link.

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How Can I Find Broken Links And How Do I Remove Them?

How to Find Broken Link

Now the reason for the broken link is clear to you. 

Then you will know how many broken links are there on your website. 

I have described two techniques for detecting broken links below:

Using Plugin

If you use WordPress then it is very easy for you to find broken links. The Broken Link Checker plugin must be installed and activated. After that, you will reach its warehouse where you can see the list of every broken link on your website.

Using Online Tool

Another method is to use an online tool to find broken links. If you search “broken link checker” on Google, you can easily find broken links using several tools.

Check your broken website URL link by opening these tools. This tool will detect every broken link on your website after you solve the captcha directly.

How to remove Broken Link

After you’ve discovered it’s time to fix the broken link. 

Once broken links are detected, they can be quickly fixed.

By 301 redirection

The most efficient way to fix broken links is to perform 301 redirects

You can redirect a broken link to any page that is currently available on your website using redirection.

By creating the Same Webpage again

Another way to fix broken links is to create a new webpage and set it to Broken Links.

The disadvantage of Broken Link

From an SEO perspective, Broken Links have the following drawbacks:

  • Customer service is bad.
  • Your status may decline.
  • Your website’s reputation may get affected.
  • Trust among users of your site will be low.
  • This will result in a higher bounce rate.

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In this article we are discussing, how can i find broken links and how do i remove them?

After reading this article, now you must have understood what Broken Link is. 

In order to improve SEO, broken links should be replaced as quickly as feasible.

If You Have Broken Links on Your Website, the first thing is to fix them.

My earnest wish is that you enjoyed reading this article I wrote.

Please spread the word about this on social media, and if you have any questions about broken links, please leave a comment below.

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How can I find all my broken links?

Order each link on the website according to its tag.
For each link, send an HTTP request.
Check HTTP response code.
Use the HTTP response code to find out whether the link is working properly.
Repeat the process for each of the links you collected in step one.

How do I find broken links for free?

Site Checker
Dead Link Verifier
W3C Link Checker

How do I find broken links in Google search console?

A list of all 404 pages can be viewed by logging into a Google Search Console account.
Navigate to your website dashboard and click on the Google Search Console tab.
Select Coverage under Index.
The error message will be followed by “The submitted URL was not found (404)”.

What causes broken links?

The URL was entered incorrectly (for example, misspelled). Your website’s URL structure was recently modified without redirects (permalinks), which led to a 404 error. The external website is unreachable, has been moved permanently, or both.

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