17 White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

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In this article, we are discussing White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic.

White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

In brief, 

  • Write quality content
  • Create Mobile Friendly Website
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Fix Website Errors
  • Make an Easy and Good Navigation System
  • Use Title and Meta Description
  • Content strategy
  • Create Internal and External Links
  • Backlinks
  • do guest blogging
  • Listing on Local Business Websites
  • URL Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Join Online Communities and Question Answers Websites
  • Do Social Media Optimization

Friends, if you want to do White Hat SEO on your website, then do you know what it is and why it is important for the website?

If you don’t know, that’s okay; You can learn everything there is to know about White Hat SEO from this article.

If you want to grow your website and want to earn good money without any risk then White Hat SEO is a good way.

You can get your website ranked at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs) by reading and applying the White Hat techniques discussed in this article. 

This will also increase the traffic on the website.

So let’s start

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what is whitehat SEO

White hat SEO refers to SEO techniques used to rank a website in search engine result pages (SERPs) keeping in mind the policies of Google.

Black Hat SEO is the antithesis of White Hat SEO. 

White hat SEO definitely takes some time to deliver results, but it also has many benefits for your website. 

White Hat SEO is SEO that is done according to Google’s algorithm.

Simply told, White Hat SEO will improve your website’s position in search results and boost its traffic. 

I will explain why White Hat SEO is needed, now you should have a basic understanding of what it is.

Why White Hat SEO is Important

If you have fully understood what White Hat SEO is, then you should have a good understanding of why it is important to do White Hat SEO on a website. 

If not, allow me to explain.

When a new blogger creates a website, they use SEO techniques to increase the traffic and rank the website quickly on the search engine, which helps the website to grow more quickly. 

White Hat SEO should be used for this.

How white hat SEO is done is by following Google’s algorithms, making it safe, and ensuring that using these techniques will only have positive effects.

17 White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic

Once you have a clear understanding of what White Hat SEO is all about, let me explain some of the methods you can use to optimize your website for search engines in an ethical manner. 

The following list includes some of these methods:

  • Write quality content
  • Create Mobile Friendly Website
  • Page Speed Optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Fix Website Errors
  • Make an Easy and Good Navigation System
  • Use Title and Meta Description
  • Content strategy
  • Create Internal and External Links
  • Backlinks
  • do guest blogging
  • Listing on Local Business Websites
  • URL Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Join Online Communities and Question Answers Websites
  • Do Social Media Optimization

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Write quality content

You have probably heard the saying “Content is King”, but this is no longer true as “Content is Everything” in today’s world. 

No amount of SEO will help you rank highly if your content lacks power.

This is the reason: 

  • – Write only original, high-quality content.
  • – Understanding user intent will help you create content that is highly relevant to their search.
  • – While writing content, special attention should be paid to grammar and spelling.
  • – Use lists, graphics, videos, infographics, FAQs, and schema in your content.
  • Always improve the content.

Create Mobile Friendly Website

In the modern era, mobile devices account for about 80% of internet usage. 

All search engines are focusing on Mobile First Indexing for this reason. 

The website’s mobile friendliness is crucial as a result.

If your website is not responsive then it will not provide a good user experience on computers and mobile devices. 

Search engines can lower your ranking if the user experience is poor.

Use responsive themes and templates exclusively.

Page Speed Optimization

A website’s page load time of 2 to 3 seconds is considered fine, but if it takes more than 5 seconds, it is not.

If your website page speed is slow, you can use this white hat SEO technique to speed it up.

Therefore, there is an increased likelihood that the website will rank highly in the search engine result pages, as well as resulting traffic.

Keyword research

Since all website traffic is generated by keywords, keyword research is essential for a website to appear at the top of search engine result pages (SERPs).

You can do keyword research for this by using white hat SEO techniques and choosing the best keywords for your website.

If you are a new blogger then it is advised to use long-tail keywords. 

Long-tail keywords have higher chances of ranking because there is less competition for them.

Competitor Analysis

Using white hat SEO techniques, you can use competitor analysis to track down websites that rival your own, enhance your own website, and outsmart the opposition.

As a result, your website tends to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs), thereby increasing website traffic.

You can choose any one of the many tools available online to do competitor analysis. Here, I list the names of some of the tools.

  • 1 Quick Search
  • 2 Wappalyzer
  • 3 Builtwith
  • 4 WooRank
  • 5 SEMrush
  • 6 SpyFu
  • 7 Followerwonk
  • 8 Ahrefs

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Fix Website Errors

Try to maintain an error-free website. 

Websites often experience errors, sometimes even without the intention of the website owner, which can lead to a poor user experience or a bad website. 

Therefore, it is important to continuously monitor website errors.

You can take the following actions to fix website errors: 

  • – Use Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • – Implement CDN and grab plugins.
  • – Regularly update plugins and themes on the website.
  • – Do not place any code or files from unknown sources on the website.
  • – Maintained regular site performance and site health checks.
  • – Check out the website on various devices and screen resolutions.

Make an Easy and Good Navigation System

The navigational structure of the website is represented by menus. 

If the menu is precise and straightforward, your visitors will have no problem navigating the website. 

A website’s navigation is used by search engines to access its pages.

The navigation system of the website can be improved in the following ways: 

  • – Use responsive menus.
  • – Use only active links.
  • – Restore any broken links.
  • – Keep enough space between menu items and links, so that it is easy for the visitor to click.
  • – Include only relevant links on the page.

Use Title and Meta Description

There is a lot of value in the title and meta description. 

Because whenever you search for something on Google or any other search engine only the title and meta description of the information appear along with the website link.

Visitors decide to visit your website after reading it. 

And the content information is also provided to the search engine.

  • – Always use catchy language in your title and meta description to attract visitors.
  • – Both the title and meta description should contain targeted keywords.
  • – Highlight a few key topics in the title and meta description to help visitors understand what they’ll be reading in this post.
  • – Try to keep your 160-character meta description and 60-character title separate. Given that the Search Result Page of Search Engines shows only this much data. Even though it is not required, it is still considered a best practice and a valid SEO strategy.

White hat strategies include content

All websites need a strong content strategy. 

White Hat SEO Techniques are used to prepare it. 

The content strategy of a website is a plan that has been made.

All these events depend on which item comes first and in what order. 

The pillar content of the website is presented here first, followed by the supporting content.

For example, all forms of supported or related content SEO, such as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, etc., are all examples of columnar content SEO.

As a result of this content strategy, visitors to such websites are attracted to them or prefer to visit them. 

It increases website traffic along with helping it rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Create Internal and External Links

Link both internally and externally, your content becomes more valuable as a result, and the user experience is enhanced. 

Also, both the Page Authority and Domain Authority of your website increase. 

For your website, it serves as the navigation. 

There are two types of links.

Internal links are used to connect pages of a website. 

Use internal linking all the time. Its help in facilitating easy access to other pages has resulted in improved user experience.

Internal links can help you keep visitors on your site for a longer period of time. As a result, the bounce rate of the website decreases.

External links are links that take users to websites outside the domain. 

External links are also very important, when your website doesn’t contain all the information you need, you can use external links to add links to that information.

External links boost search engine trust. Also, SEO benefits from this.

External links come in two types.

  • ‘Do-follow’ link.
  • ‘No-follow’ links.

White hat SEO backlinks

When a link from a blog post on your website appears in a blog post on another website, that link is counted as a backlink to your website. 

You can build backlinks by using white hat SEO techniques.

The more backlinks you get from well-known websites, the better it is for your website. 

By doing so, the website’s chances of ranking higher on search engines increase and help drive traffic.

When you write an insightful comment on a blog post on another website and include a link to a relevant blog post on your own website, the practice is known as White Hat SEO and the results can be huge for your website. 

But if you share the same link again and again in the comment or the link is irrelevant to the post, then that counts as Black Hat SEO.

Do guest blogging

Link building can only be done through guest blogging. You do this by posting your content on websites that allow guest blogging.

Here, you can add your website links and write quality content.

However, before getting involved in guest blogging, make sure to check the DA PA and online reputation of the concerned website.

On websites with high DA PA, only ever guest post from your own website.

Before writing a guest post, find out whether the website accepts backlinks and whether do-follow links are allowed.

Spamming should be avoided while guest blogging. Do guest posting honestly?

Listing on Local Business Websites

Local search is growing in popularity along with the trend of using the Internet on mobile devices. 

Nowadays, 70-80% of Internet searches fall under the heading of local searches. 

The market for local search is growing rapidly. 

In this situation, it is important to establish a presence in local searches.

Website listing on local listing service for your category. 

To make it possible for users to access the website from local searches.

URL Optimization

Before doing this it is important to optimize the URL structure of any content you publish on your website because a search engine will be able to understand a URL that has been simplified for SEO, which will improve rankings.

You can optimize the URL by using white hat SEO techniques. 

Keep the following things in mind while doing URL optimization:

  • – Long URLs should be avoided. 
  • – The URL should be as brief as feasible.
  • – The URL should contain the focus keyword.
  • – The URL must contain only lowercase letters.
  • – Stuffing the URL with keywords is not a good idea.
  • – Words in the URL must be separated by (-).

Image Optimization

Image optimization of your website is important if your website is running slow, its traffic is decreasing, or it is not being ranked in the search engines. 

White Hat SEO techniques can help you optimize images.

You should follow these few guidelines for image optimization. 

These points are as follows:

  • – To make the image smaller, it must be compressed.
  • – Alt (optional) tags must be added to the images. So that Google Bots can recognize Images.
  • – Use the word “keyword” when naming the image.
  • – Sitemap for images.
  • – Aim to only use the JPEG, PNG, and GIF file formats for your images.

Join Online Communities and Question Answers Websites

Create a profile by registering for online communities and forums to ask questions and answers.

Engage in conversations with users on these forums, answer their inquiries and grow your audience. 

This is where you can share the website link that will drive traffic to it from your audience.

However, avoid link spamming. 

Share your link only if it is important.

Quora, Reddit, and other online communities are available for use.

Do Social Media Optimization

Create a social media network profile for your website. 

Add your content there and share it. 

Develop a social media following. 

As a result, traffic from search engines will not be the only source of traffic for your website.

Social media sites can also help you drive a lot of traffic. 

Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Telegram.

white hat seo vs black hat

There are two different methods of search engine optimization: white-hat SEO and black-hat SEO.

White hat SEO refers to the right and ethical methods for boosting a website’s ranking in search results. These strategies include producing top-notch content, improving website layout and structure, utilizing appropriate keywords and phrases, and constructing top-notch backlinks from reliable sources. White hat SEO prioritizes giving users value while adhering to the standards established by search engines.

Black hat SEO, on the other hand, refers to unethical and misleading methods for enhancing search engine ranks. These methods are against search engine policies and may lead to fines or even complete exclusion from search engine results pages. Keyword stuffing, hidden content and links, cloaking, and link purchasing are some examples of black hat SEO tactics.

White hat SEO example:

  • Quality Content
  • Keyword research and optimization
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Social media marketing

Example of black hat SEO:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Hidden text and links
  • Cloaking
  • Buying backlinks
  • Automated content generation

White hat strategies include duplicate content

Instead of employing more spammy strategies, such as duplicate content that is optimized only for search engines, white hat SEO strategies place more emphasis on providing readers with high-quality and relevant content that improves the user experience.

What are the problems with White Hat SEO?

  • – White Hat SEO has limited application.
  • – White Hat SEO is an effective but very slow process.
  • – If you want instant results then try Gray Hat SEO or Black Hat SEO instead of White Hat SEO.
  • – White Hat SEO takes time to implement the first time.
  • – White Hat SEO may seem a bit expensive initially. However, once the results start showing, you may find that it is less expensive.

white hat SEO benefits

  • Cost: White Hat SEO is less expensive than Black Hat SEO in the long term.
  • Time Saver: If White Hat SEO was used, there is little chance that any search engine guidelines have been broken. This way you will not need to waste time fixing those violations.
  • Security: If you have optimized your website using white hat SEO techniques then you do not need to worry about violation of search engine regulations or penalties.
  • Consistency: If you have used white hat SEO techniques to get higher rankings in search results, you will see the effects over a long period of time. And for a very long time, your ranking won’t change.

White hat SEO example

Providing high-quality services and content is an example of White Hat SEO. 

Quick website load and mobile friendliness. Using meta tags with lots of descriptive keywords.


In this article, we are discussing White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Your Search Traffic.

I think after reading this article carefully, you have a good understanding of what is White Hat SEO and why it is important for a website.

White Hat SEO is required because it complies with Google’s algorithm if you want to increase the position of your website in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

White Hat SEO takes a little more time to rank a website than Black Hat SEO, but as a result, the chances of ranking only rise and never fall, and the traffic to these websites is also higher.

In this article, I have also included some White Hat SEO techniques that you can use to quickly and profitably do White Hat SEO on your website.

Share this article with your friends if it was helpful to you in the slightest, and feel free to comment if you have any additional questions.

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Which is better White Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?

Websites are ranked on search engines using White Hat SEO, which follows Google’s algorithm.
Now, Black Hat SEO is on the scene. Instead of following Google’s algorithm, it tries to wrongly rank websites on search engines. Its techniques help websites to rank faster than white hat SEO, but as soon as search engines come to know about them, it can penalize websites using black hat SEO.
Gray Hat SEO is now available; It is created by combining Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO as well as 80 to 85 percent White Hat SEO and 10 to 15 percent Black Hat SEO.
Therefore, White Hat SEO is better and should be used exclusively by all websites.

Is White Hat SEO illegal?

White Hat SEO is not against the law as it complies with Google’s algorithm and does not employ any unethical methods, so we can say that it is both legal and legitimate.

Is it easy to do White Hat SEO?

If you are an SEO expert then White Hat SEO is simple for you but if you are a new blogger then it is tough for you because you have to follow all the algorithms of Google. If you make any mistake, it can harm your website’s ranking.

Should we implement White Hat SEO Methods?

Yes, The best practice is to use White Hat SEO. White hat SEO techniques are the only ones that search engines value.

Is White Hat SEO Always the Best Choice?

It depends on the content and development pattern of the website; If you want long-lasting growth, use only White Hat SEO. However, if you want immediate results, you can use Black Hat SEO.
Although it is risky. Due to the fact that using Black Hat SEO can sometimes lead to search engines knowing about you, thereby reducing your ranking.

What are techniques of white hat SEO?

Write quality content
Create Mobile Friendly Website
Page Speed Optimization
Keyword research
Competitor Analysis
Fix Website Errors
Make an Easy and Good Navigation System
Use Title and Meta Description
Content strategy
Create Internal and External Links
do guest blogging
Listing on Local Business Websites
URL Optimization
Image Optimization
Join Online Communities and Question Answers Websites
Do Social Media Optimization

Is White Hat SEO better than Black Hat SEO?

Yes, there is no denying that White Hat SEO performs better than Black Hat SEO. If you have read our article on what it is and why it is important, then you should be aware of the importance of White Hat SEO.

Which SEO will get Long-Term Result?

White Hat SEO strategy gives long-term results.

How do you double SEO traffic?

An efficient SEO technique to improve the SEO friendliness of your website and increase the number of backlinks on your web pages is to build broken links.
Use broken links to your advantage.
Search the web for broken links.
There, modify the content.
Notify publishers of your new content.

What are the 4 types of SEO?

There are four (4) different types of SEO.
On-Page SEO (On-Site SEO) As its name suggests, on-page SEO—also known as on-site SEO—is an SEO process that is performed directly on a page or website. ,
Off-page SEO, also known as off-site SEO, is the complete opposite of on-page SEO. ,
Technical SEO.
Local SEO

Write any two white hat strategies

Write quality content
Create Mobile Friendly Website

What are the white hat SEO techniques?

Familiarize Yourself With Webmaster Guidelines.
Consider User Intent.
Publish Unique, Relevant and Quality Content.
Optimize Your Links.
Provide a Positive User Expeience (UX)

What are two white hat strategies?

Improving the speed of a website.
Using descriptive meta tags.
Creating high-quality content.
Improving site navigation.
Developing an internal linking strategy.
Optimizing webpages for certain keywords.

Which SEO techniques can you use to boost your website’s traffic?

Use Short, Descriptive URLs.
Optimize Your Page Title and Meta Description.
Write Quality Original Content.
Target Relevant Primary and Secondary Keywords.

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