Really Google Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons Impact Review Sites

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In this article, we can discuss product review structured data pros cons.

Structured data updates allow product review sites to receive new pro and con improvements to Google Search. 

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Google updated its Structured Data documentation to make it easier to include rich data in editorial product review webpages. 

There are new pros and cons to structured data that allow sites to be searchable. This helps me grow my business. 

If Google changes its structured data for product reviews, it could have a significant impact on product review websites. 

Only editorial product review sites that use the new structured data properties can have their content appear in search results when people enter specific keywords.

Able to increase profit and loss by doing merchant searches or posting customer product review pages Not there. 

This structured data update affects product reviewing websites, including affiliate sites focused on product reviews.

What Are product review structured data pros cons? 

It has Advantages and disadvantages of structured data.

Google uses structured data to identify specific information in product reviews and display it in search results. 

This is done so that users can find the information they are looking for more easily. 

Google’s Structured Data for Positive Notes and Negative Notes Advantages and Disadvantages is based on Structured Data Properties. 

These Structured Data Properties are still not fully integrated into

According to the official page for this type of structured data:

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Pros and Cons of Eligible Languages for Product Reviews

Websites in the following 10 languages ​​deserve to be featured with the new growth in search.

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japani
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • the Spanish
  • Turkish language

How to do

Google has published new guidelines. It states that the search requires at least two pros and cons in addition to limiting eligibility for one pros/cons increase. 

Pros and Cons You should create a Q statement. 

This means it can have at least two pluses, two minutes, or one of each (a plus and a minus).

According to the new documentation:

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Cons & Pros Prioritizing Structured Data

Google said that webpages that do not use the new structured data markup may still be eligible for an increase in search results if Google uses text on the webpage. It can detect. 

Google prefers pages with structured data that have been reviewed by an editorial team.

The announcement stated:

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Is Adding New Structured Data Difficult?

If you are using a plugin, the maintainer of the plugin should add the new structured data. 

This shouldn’t be difficult if the plugin differentiates between reviews for editorial review sites and reviews from a merchant’s context. 

Product reviews include a variety of functions, including adding pros and cons, as well as positive and negative notes. 

Structured data includes a variety of functions. Although its scope is limited, it is still an important function. 

If you want to add new pros and cons to structured data, it will only add positive and/or negative annotations to any existing product review structured data. 

Adding the appropriate data attributes is a fairly straightforward process.

Screenshot of positive note Structured Data

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Screenshot of negativeNote Structured Data

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Items from the Structured Data List

It is important to include ListItem in your structured data. 

Some people say that ListItem Pro is a good option, while others say that it is not as good as the other options. 

Structured data will typically include two different ListItem types: one for data organized in a list format and another for data that is not in list format.

This means that structured data can consist of:

a plus and a minus

Alternatively, it can have two benefits but none of the drawbacks.

Or it can have two drawbacks but no advantages.

Do Not Use With Customer Product Reviews, Important

This formatted data is specifically for editorial product review websites. 

These websites are used to review products and to make reviews more informative and helpful, this data has been designed to assist reviewers. 

Google clearly states that customer product reviews do not qualify. 

Google doesn’t explicitly say that it shouldn’t be used with user-generated content product reviews, but that’s probably what Google is suggesting.

Refreshed Product Review Impact of Structured Data on Publishers

Google could improve its search results as a result of the new structured data. 

This will result in SERP snippets resulting in higher clickthrough rates.

screenshot of a new snippet

Product Review Structured Data Pros Cons

Product review sites (Google refers to them as editorial product review sites) have updated their websites to match the increased search volume. 

You should consider adding structured data to your web pages and consider the pros and cons. 

It’s always helpful to make the most of search snippets, no matter what.


In this article, we can discuss Google product review structured data pros cons Impact Review Sites.

Now we are sure that the impact of this site, not every site.

So careful statement for those who run this type of review site.

But not really, you can manage things with Google updation.

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