How Vimeo Enhanced Video SEO For Its Users | Google New Case Study

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What Vimeo is

With over 260 million users and 350k new videos added every day, Vimeo is the one-stop shop for videos with the goal of making professional quality videos accessible to everyone.

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How Vimeo Enhanced Video SEO For Its Users


Vimeo’s customers must independently implement and manage video SEO best practices, including adding structured data to their own websites, submitting sitemaps, calling the Indexing API, and more. 

It requires technical knowledge and is massively challenging.

In addition, Google Search did not support Vimeo’s Chapters feature, which marks individual video segments with time markers.

By adopting Google’s best practices in 2022, Vimeo overcame these difficulties and made it possible for its users to take advantage of features like Key Moments without any additional effort. 

This includes VideoObject’s structured data implementation and best practices for its video players.

Enabling large-scale video indexing

Vimeo adopted Google’s new recommendations for video players using iframe embeds to improve indexing and give the video embed the best chance of showing up for relevant searches. 

Markup can now be attributed via embeds when used in conjunction with the new Indexify embedded rules and noindex. 

Customers do not need to add markup themselves as this and VideoObject markup is implemented, making Vimeo videos on customers’ pages eligible for indexing. 

The 750M videos in Vimeo’s current library of embeds are affected by this change, as are all new additions and embeds to come.

If you’re a developer of an embedded video player like Vimeo, you can help your customers benefit from video discovery and improved Google search performance. All this is necessary for you.

How Vimeo Enhanced Video SEO For Its Users
Source by: Google

Key Moments enabled by structured data

When key moments appear in Google Search, an expandable and scrollable time bar with labeled segments in the video-rich result is added, further enhancing the experience.

How Vimeo Enhanced Video SEO For Its Users
Source by: Google

By adding clip markup to all of its video host pages, Vimeo enabled all of its chapters to appear as Key Moments on Google Search. 

Due to the Seek markup added by Vimeo, even without Vimeo chapters, Google can still recognize important parts of the video.

The video begins at the chosen time marker when the viewer clicks on a segment to be taken to the creator’s website, which contains Vimeo’s embedded player. 

If you’re the developer of an embedded video player like Vimeo, you can enable Key Moments as well.

If you are implementing key moments for the iframe embed then develop a method for the iframe embed to communicate the start time parameter to the source video player. 

For example, you can make this communication possible by using the PostMessage JavaScript wrapper. 

Given that player controls can be managed on a single URL page, this type of wrapper is not needed when embedding JavaScript.

Source by: Google

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