Keyword Prominence Refers To Google’s Ranking Factor 2022

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Today in this article we will learn about what keyword prominence refers to?

How does it work in the SEO process?

Some keyword prominence example

Keyword Prominence Refers To

Does it matter for SEO?

Is this a ranking factor on Google today?

In this post, we will attempt to answer many of these issues 

Before understanding on-page SEO, we have to understand it first otherwise we may make a lot of mistakes.

Which are harmful to the growth of my ranking on SERP and business.

So let’s get started.

Does keyword prominence refers to?

When we place the keyword correctly in an article.

that is what we call Keyword prominence.

When we keep adding keywords to our article, it is simply called Prominence.

From an SEO perspective, it is very important for ranking.

Whenever you write a post, you should take great care of where to place your keywords correctly.

Because of this, your ranking in Google increases, and Google gets to know that your article is optimized properly.

Although there are many writing factors in the eyes of Google, it also influences your ranking on SERP.

If you do not pay attention to this while writing your post.

Then because of this, the ranking of your post may decrease instead of increase.

That is why always keep in mind that adding keywords in your post only in a good place so that the ranking of your post can increase in the engine.

So that it is called keyword prominence in SEO.

You should focus on placing keywords at these important places in your posts:

  • -In the title of your post.
  • -Within the very first 100 words from your first sentence
  • -In all the sub-headings of the post(H1, H2, H3….)
  • -Alt tag your images
  • -ln the permalink of your post
  • -In the meta description of your post
  • -And lastly in conclusion.

It is very important to use your focus keywords in these places because your ranking goes up exponentially.

Keyword Prominence As A Google Ranking Factor

Keyword prominence is one of the most important practices of search engine optimization.

Any search engine gets to know why your page is getting ranking or for what reason.

But can it really be Google’s ranking factor?

It is true that it is because of this that any search engine knows which page it can target on which keywords.

Because of this, get a strong signal, why should Google rank your page for what reason.


Wherever you have used your focus keyword on your page.

Due to this, it plays an important role in search engine ranking.

Many such experts say that you should have placed the target keyword on your page correctly.

Because of this your chances of ranking increase.

Keyword prominence is positively associated with a higher ranking.

If your keyword is at the beginning of your title tag.

It is a very good signal that your text is prominent.

If you do not use it in the right way in your article, then it can lower your ranking.

Whenever we search for a keyword on Google.

It has become very common that whenever we look at the beginning results.

The focus keyword is in the beginning.

This means that those who are experts in this field also understand this thing and use their keywords in the heading in the right way at the very beginning.

That’s why the question must be coming to our mind that there are really ranking factors for Google?

Has Google confirmed this?

We were saying further and trying to understand it.

Early Clue:

If we try to find old facts, then Matt Cutt of Google while talking in one of his live videos in 2011.

Had called it the ranking factor of Google.

He also told in this video how Google catches any keyword when it crawls a page.

Because of this, Google gets to know that any particular page of a website is written on top of which keyword and what signal it is giving.

In the same video, Cutt also told that no one should ever use his focus keyword too much.

Wherever it is needed, only that should be used.

Because there are many such content creators who use their focus keyword in many places in their articles due to their high ranking on Google.

This makes them feel that Google will rank their articles quickly.

Refusing this, he said that Google only sees the focus keyword in a selected place.

If you use your focus keyword in more places than that, then it will be counted in keyword stuffing.

Keyword Prominence Refers To
Source by: search engine journal

Recent Clue:

In today’s time, if we look at search engine optimization, then a lot of changes have come in it compared to 2011.

But even today Google has the same criteria and guidelines for keyword prominence.

Just recently, John Mueller explained it this way in one of his 2021 Questions and Answers weekly sessions live videos:

Keyword Prominence Refers To
Source by: search engine journal

From the point of view of user experience, Muller has given many important points regarding keyword prominence that you should consider.

While focusing on this thing, he has said that you should keep the word of your focus as early as possible so that your user gets to know about your article at the very beginning.

Apart from this, Google also gets an idea about what your article is written about and presents this article to the right user.

Other Discussion:

We have taken so far how keyword prominence impacts search engine optimization.

And how does it impact the user experience as well?

Apart from this, we have known in what way it directly impacts our CTR.

Putting a lot of light on Mueller says, it has been said that your focus keyword should be in your title, heading, subheading, and in addition to your content, conclusion.

We use our focus keyword in the title.

Now it is not the only factor to be like this, apart from this, it also directly impacts the Click-through rate(CTR)through organic search results.

Because of this, the location of the keyword should be exactly the right place.

Your ranking is meaningless without traffic.

Whenever we optimize our page title, we don’t always want our focus keywords to be seen first by our audience.

Apart from this, there is also another reason that whenever we use our focus keyword in the beginning.

Then we search by typing this keyword in our search bar.

That is why our goal in search engine optimization is not only to show our website on the SERP (search engine result page).

Apart from this, our CTR also has to be increased by clicking on our website.

For this, we have to use our focus keyword technically in the right place.

It is very important for you to think from the point of view of your user.

Because you have to keep this thing in mind when any user comes to your website.

What does he think about coming to your website?

Most of your users try to read your content like skimming instead of reading it word to word.

Understanding this, we should always keep our keyword at the beginning of our article.

You should always think that whenever your user comes to read your content.

First of all look at your focus keyword, what is your content about?

You should use this keyword in your first sentence as well as in your first paragraph.

You have to convince your user as soon as possible that the query which he has typed in the search engine has the answer in this article.

This means that you have to keep the word focus at the beginning.

So that your user should not leave your website too soon.

If you do not do this, the user will immediately leave your website and go to your competitor’s website.

When you start writing your content, then you have to use it in different places like subheadings.

Apart from this, you have to understand where your user can see which part of your content.

This keyword, you have to use in the same place.

Our Decision:

Keyword Prominence Refers To

After doing so many discussions, it has become clear from one thing that keyword prominence is the biggest ranking factor, it has been confirmed.

Google has also confirmed this thing and it also wants that your focus keyword should always be used at the beginning of your content.

If we look from the point of view of search engine optimization.

Then your focus should be not only on the keyword but also on the end.

This means to say that you must put your focus keyword in your conclusion.

If you want your website to rank to a particular keyword.

Then it is very important for you to use your focus keyword in the right place in your content.

You have to always keep in mind that you never have to do keyword stuffing.

If you are thinking that you will use your focus keyword in many places throughout your article where it is not used.

The worst effect will be in your search engine optimization ranking.

Apart from this, the search engine will understand that you have done keyword shopping in your article.

Due to this, it will start viewing your website in a negative way.

Which is not at all right for the growth of your website.

That’s why you have to use your keywords in the beginning but never use them again and again.

There are many such content creators who think that if we use our focus keyword in many places throughout our article.

Then our ranking will increase very fast for that keyword.

And we will be able to rank easily on the first page of any search engine.

But this is absolutely false if you use focus keywords in many places in your content.

Then it will be considered keyword stuffing from any search engine perspective.


Today in this article we tried to know what keyword prominence refers to and if is it really a ranking factor of Google?

We understood many points for this and discussed them.

We also looked at the old facts, along with today’s facts which clearly say that keyword prominence is the ranking factor of Google.

That is why you should understand its importance while writing your article and use it in the right place.

Because of this, your ranking in the search engine is decided.

And because of this, any search engine and the user gets to know what your content is about.

If you liked this article then comment below.

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