What Is Domain Authority SEO? And How To Increase Them

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In this article, we can discuss what is domain authority SEO.

If you have your own website that you are a blogger, then you must have heard the name Domain Authority at some time or the other.

What Is Domain Authority SEO

But do you know what is Domain Authority after all and how can it be increased? Is Domain Authority necessary for the website or not and how can you check the Domain Authority of your website, you must have these questions in your mind too.

In today’s Blog Post, we will tell you what is Domain Authority and how to increase the Domain Authority of your website.

If you have never heard about Domain Authority before, then let us tell you that Domain Authority is a kind of score of your website.

From this, it is known how much the chance of ranking a website in the Search Engine.

The higher the domain authority of the website, the more likely it is to be ranked in the search engine, and the lower the domain authority of the website, the less likely it is to be ranked in the search engine.

Let me tell you that this is not even necessary because Google does not tell about Domain Authority and Page Authority in its Ranking Factor.

But yes, all SEO experts believe that Domain Authority plays a big role in the ranking of your website. That’s why it is very important for you to know about Domain Authority.

What is Domain Authority SEO?

In simple words, Domain Authority means Reputation in the Search Engine of the Website.

In the eyes of any Search Engine like Google, the Reputation of the Website is from its Domain Authority. 

Domain Authority is measured by the Logarithmic Scale.

Who created Domain Authority after all…?

In the post above, you must have understood what is Domain Authority, and why it is necessary for the website. 

Now, this thing must be coming to your mind who would have created the Domain Authority?

You must have read above that Domain Authority has nothing to do with Google. 

Google has not told about Domain Authority anywhere in its Ranking Factor.

So now we will know who has created Domain Authority. 

Let us tell you that Domain Authority has been created by Moz, a very big website.

Which is a very big site in SEO. 

Not only this, along with Domain Authority, Moz has also created Spam Score and Page Authority Matrix, Moz has recently created Domain Authority 2.0, a new update of Domain Authority in 2019.

Google is not aware of Domain Authority, but there is a factor in Domain Authority to get a website ranked.

Do you know that Moz Algorithm has 40 such factors on the basis of which it calculates the Domain Authority of a website? 

This Domain Authority Calculation Factor Link Profile is related.

After all, how can we increase the Domain Authority of a Blog by going to our website? For this, there are some SEO Techniques which are as follows, by which you can easily increase the Domain Authority of your site.

But yes it may take some time. 

Can’t increase Domain Authority quickly, for this you have to wait.

So let us now know in detail about SEO Techniques to increase the Domain Authority of a Website or Blog.

1. Create a Backlink: – 

The link Profile is the most important factor to increase the Domain Authority of your site. 

For this, you have to create High-Quality Backlinks for your site.

The more high-quality website you get backlinks from, the sooner your site’s DA Authority will also increase.

2. Do Internal Linking: – 

Linking from one post on your site to another is called Internal Linking. Internal linking is very important in SEO.

This is because it passes Link Juice. 

Another advantage of this is that by doing internal linking, the user can stay on your site for a long time.

And you must know that when users stay on a site for a long time, then the Bounce Rate of that site also decreases, and at the same time, the Domain Authority of the site also increases. 

That’s why do internal linking on your site.

3. Site Speed: – 

The loading Speed ​​of a website is an important factor for its ranking. 

This is because the user never stays on that site for a long time, whose loading speed is less and the user comes back from that site.

Due to which bad effect is read on your site. 

You yourself would have done the same thing if the website did not open in a few seconds, then you too would have come back from that site and gone to another site.

That’s why you should pay attention to the loading speed of your website so that your site can be loaded as soon as possible. 

This boosts both the DA and Ranking of the website.

4. Write High-Quality Content: – 

When you write Unique Content and High-Quality Content on your site, it increases the possibility of your site to rank the top on SERP.

You must have heard somewhere that Google itself also says that “Content Is The King”. Not only this, the same rule applies to Youtube as well. ,

That’s why always write High-Quality Content for your site which will rank so that more users will come to your site and your Domain Authority will also increase.

5. Regular Update Your Site: – 

You should keep updating your site regularly.

Regularly new Blog posts should be inserted, and also keep updating Old Post as well. 

Doing this also has a great impact on the Domain Authority of the site.

6. Be Patient:- 

If you are thinking that you have just created a site and within a short time the domain authority of your site will increase and it will do top rank, then it is not so at all.

For this, you need to have a lot of patience. 

As your Site and Domain gets older, your Site Domain Authority will also increase.

How long it will take depends on your hard work and dedication. 

Because Google does not trust any new website so soon.

This is the reason that the chances of getting a new website rank are very less. 

You have to have patience for a good ranking.

For this, you need to pay attention to your site’s Loading Speed, High-Quality Content, Internal Linking, and Backlink.

What should be the domain authority of the website for ranking 

This question comes to everyone’s mind what should be the domain authority of the website for ranking? 

Domain Authority depends on who is your Niche and Competitor.

Suppose the Domain Authority on the Niche you are working on, your Domain Authority will already be more than theirs, only then you will be able to rank them.

If you want to rank quickly, then choose a niche in which the competition is less and the domain authority of the competitor is not high.

Then you can easily get ranked by increasing your Domain Authority.

How To Check Website Domain Authority:-

You can install Mozbar Extension in your Chrome Browser to check Domain Authority. 

With this, you will be able to easily check Domain Authority.

You can also check Domain Authority Direct. 

For this, your search by typing DA PA Checker in Search and clicking on the first site 


After opening, below you will get a box, put the URL of your site there and click on the Check button. After which the Domain Authority Show of your site will be done.

Hopefully, you must have known what is Domain Authority and how to increase the Domain Authority of your site. 


In this article, we can discuss what is domain authority SEO.

Also told you about some important questions related to Domain Authority.

You should keep updating your website regularly, which will improve your ranking, and all the metrics like Domain Authority, Alexa Rank, Page Authority, etc. will also keep improving.

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What Domain Authority means?

Any website has its own domain authority, which is the search engine ranking score. It tells how trustable and successful your website is. Domain authority has been created by Moz, but its increase or decrease has no effect on Google’s search engine, how much is the domain authority of your blog?

Today the most important content is, whose content is as valuable and genuine as its site is quickly indexed and ranked.

Is a Domain Authority of 30 good?

Excellent range: 30 to 50

What is a bad domain authority?

Between 0 to 20.

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