What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO & Why Do They Matter

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In this article, we are discussing What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO?

If you are a new blogger and are facing trouble in ranking your blog in the search engines, then it may happen that you have not yet paid attention to this point that the setting of breadcrumbs also a very important role in SEO optimization.

What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO

If you do not yet know What are breadcrumbs on a website, how is Breadcrumb beneficial for your site, if your site is in WordPress then how to add it to your site?

The answers to all these questions are trying to reach you through this post.

Its meaning is different on the website, but if you write Breadcrumbs meaning in the dictionary, then it means small pieces of bread will be found. 

For the same SEO purpose, the meaning of Breadcrumbs in the website is the navigational structure, about which the details are given below.

By the way, Bread Crumb is a variety of Japanese recipes called Panko. 

You can read about it in detail from Wikipedia.

Let us now know full detail about Breadcrumbs.

What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO

Breadcrumb is a small text path that is on top of all the pages of the website, which tells the user where he is on your site. 

Breadcrumbs are a very important part of almost all websites. 

It not only tells the user where he is on your site, but it also helps the search engine (Google) to understand how your site is structured.

What is Breadcrumb Navigation?

Breadcrumbs Navigation is also called a secondary navigation bar, which is at the top of the web page in the form of a text link in a straight line, which divides the web page into categories through angle brackets. 

Breadcrumb navigation helps search engines to find the landing page of your site on which the user wants to go directly from his search query.

Types of Breadcrumbs for Websites.

Breadcrumbs are mainly of 3 types.

Everyone has a different meaning on the website, before adding it to your site, make sure that what kind of Breadcrumbs is useful for your site.

1. Location-Based Breadcrumbs:

This is a very common way to define the location of your site, which tells you which location you are on the website and if you want to go back, after how many steps you will go to the home page.

Example: Home > Blog > Category > Post name.

2. Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs:

Breadcrumbs are also set on the basis of attributes on their website. This type of bread-crumb is used in e-commerce websites because when a user searches about a product on the site, then this type of breadcrumbs attribute is seen.

Example: Home > Shoes > Hiking > Womens

3. Based on Uses History (History-Based Breadcrumbs):

In this, it is known that if you have visited the same site before, then that history is saved in your browser and when you visit the same site again, breadcrumbs appear on the basis of history.

For example, if you search what is Guest Post and visit any other page along with it, then Breadcrumbs will show something like this.

Example: Home > Blog > Category > Previous Post-1 > Previous Post-2 > Current page

Benefits of using Breadcrumbs

Every one must add this type of feature to their site. Let us know once what are its benefits.

1. Search Engines like the site with Breadcrumbs.

If there are Breadcrumbs on the website, then it helps search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to set the content or product of the website on the basis of category, which sends the user directly to the same page about which page or product the visitor searches. 

For this reason, the search engine likes the site with Breadcrumbs.

2. It enhances the user experience.

Breadcrumbs enhance the user experience of your site, it tells them which section of the website they are in and tells users about visiting another page.

For example, if you want to know about the history of Nestle company and you go to their site and stop at the Nestle company history page.

Using the breadcrumbs, you can easily go back to Nestlé company history, about us, or directly to their home page.

3. It reduces bounce rates.

When you search for answers to your questions on a website and that answer is not found on that website, then you immediately leave that site and go to another site, which increases the bounce rate of that site.

The bounce rate reflects the UX of your site, which also affects the ranking of the site.

But, if Breadcrumb is used in your site, then it reduces the bounce rate of the site because Breadcrumb makes the user a direct way to go to the category and home page of the site.

Why are breadcrumbs important for SEO?

All bloggers know that Breadcrumb is a very important useful element for both search engines and users and it is very easy to add it to your WordPress website.

With the help of Breadcrumb, the search engine categorizes the content of your site and decides where to place your blog post ranking.

How to add Breadcrumb to your WordPress website? –

If you do blogging on WordPress, then you should adopt these SEO tips, although there are many options to add breadcrumbs to your blog site, the best one is through Yost SEO Plugin, if you use any CMS other than WordPress So you can add to it by coding yourself.

If you want to bring your site to the search result, then you have to use structure data which is liked by many search engines along with Google.

What Google says about Breadcrumb can be seen on its developer documentation page.

Here are some tips to add Breadcrumb to your site, which you can follow.

Through Yost SEO Plugin

If you have not yet installed this plugin in the admin panel of your site, then go to the plugin section and install it.

If you already use this plugin, then you can implement breadcrumb by following some easy steps given below.

Through WordPress Plugin: If you do blogging on WordPress or run a website, then by adding this WordPress plugin Breadcrumb NavXT, you can easily customize location-based Breadcrumbs by applying them to your site.

Through WooCommerce Breadcrumb Plugin

If you run an E-Commerce website on WordPress, you can implement Breadcrumb through the WooCommerce Breadcrumb plugin.

Follow the steps given below to implement them on your website.

How To Enable Breadcrumb Setting In Rankmath

Check out this video


In this article, we are discussing What Are Breadcrumbs In SEO?

Friends,  I have tried to cover almost all the points related to it in this post like what is Breadcrumb, what is its meaning, how to add Breadcrumb to your WordPress, what are its benefits, and what it is for SEO Why is it necessary?

I hope this post will prove beneficial for you. If so, please share it on your profile like Facebook, and Twitter so that it can help more of your friends.

And if any questions about Breadcrumb in your mind, then feel free to ask by commenting. I’ll be happy to help you. Thanks for reading the full post.

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Are breadcrumbs good for SEO?

Breadcrumbs are a useful way to help you navigate your website easily. They help keep users on your website, which can help lower your bounce rate.

What are breadcrumbs on a site?

Breadcrumbs are a useful secondary navigation tool that helps users better understand the relationships between different pages on a website.

Are breadcrumbs a ranking factor?

Breadcrumbs are helpful when you’re viewing a website. Google considers them to be normal links, and that is why they help improve your PageRank.

What is breadcrumbs in website?

Breadcrumbs are called the secondary navigation system of the website which tells the user the location on the web page.

Is breadcrumbs necessary in the website?

Yes, it makes it easier for the search engine to understand the structure data of the website. Based on this, the web page appears in the search result.

Are breadcrumbs important for SEO?

The search engine decides the ranking of the web page on the basis of breadcrumbs, so it is important for SEO.

How to add breadcrumbs to the website?

You can use Yost SEO Plugin to add Breadcrumbs to the website, whose setup is very easy.

What is breadcrumbs in Google?

The breadcrumb trail on a web page indicates the page’s position on the website, and it can help users understand and explore the site effectively.

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