7 Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes 2022

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In this article, we will learn & understand which are the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes.

WordPress is considered the best platform for any new content creator.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

But themes are considered very important for any website.

Because of this thousands of free blogs are available in WordPress.

But in so many blog themes, newbies often get confused as to which theme would be best for their website.

Because a good WordPress theme helps you a lot in the visual appearance of your website or blog.

If you want the best and free theme for your website, then do not miss a single point of this article.

This article is going to be very helpful & useful for you.

Because in this article I am going to tell you in detail about both the WordPress theme and 7 important best free WordPress Themes 2022.

So let’s start

What is WordPress Theme?

A free WordPress themes for digital marketing agency is a great change to your website layout and design.

This means the WordPress theme customizes the visual appearance of your blog or website.

And at the same time themes provide a user-friendly framework for your website.

You can use typography, color, and other design elements according to your choice through WordPress themes.

All CMS(Content management system) of such WordPress is used up to 61.9%.

Meaning WordPress has the highest market share of CMS platforms.

That is why because of being the most CMS share, WordPress theme is also used a lot.

A WordPress theme is considered to be a group of many important files in a way.

Like template design, fonts, style sheet, theme design, etc.

The special thing about WordPress themes is that with just one click.

You change all the coding systems.

WordPress theme tells how your website looks on any laptop or mobile.

7 Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Here, I am ready to provide information about the best Free SEO friendly WordPress Theme Free.

  • 1. Neve theme
  • 2. Astra theme SEO
  • 3. Ocean Wp theme
  • 4. Zakra theme
  • 5. Calitheme
  • 6. Interior lite theme
  • 7. Business theme

1. Neve Theme

If you want to build a functional website then this theme is perfect for you.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

WordPress theme SEO friendly fast loading free, this theme is very light weighted due to which it performs super fast.

In this, you get many advanced features, due to which your website looks very beautiful.

The Gutenberg editor is already associated with this theme.

Apart from this, page builders like “Elementor and Visual Composer “are also associated with it.

Its editing tools are very easy to use.

With the help of these, you can change your header, footer, layout, color, fonts, and typography according to your own way.

These themes load in seconds and adapt easily to any screen size.

This theme is also considered better for SEO, due to which the ranking of your website in search engines improves.

So far, its active installation is more than 200000+, which has got a five-star rating so far.

2. Astra theme SEO

If you have an e-commerce website, business blog, personal blog, or portfolio.

Then Astra will be considered the best theme for you because it is the best mobile-friendly WordPress themes.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Astra theme is a completely free and customizable WordPress theme.

This theme works very responsibly and is perfect for your website.

Designs your website with beautiful style and simplicity.

On Astra, you can sell products online and earn more money from blogging.

Astra makes your website AMP compatible.

Meaning it also makes your website mobile-friendly.

Astra theme you also get woo commerce ready for online store.

All Google points are available in this theme.

Astra WordPress theme has a huge amount of library as compared to other themes.

Although it is a free theme, its premium version is also available.

Mobile-friendly WordPress eCommerce themes are free, this theme has done a lot of installations so far.

This proves that Astra WordPress is one of the popular themes.

3. Ocean Wp Theme

Best WordPress theme for SEO and speed, The Ocean WP theme is one of the popular themes of WordPress.

This theme is absolutely free for any content creator.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

You can use this theme for any type of website, whether it is an e-commerce website or a membership website.

It was so popular that its downloads have reached million.

The Ocean WP theme has quickly gained popularity among all other WordPress themes.

This has happened because this theme makes the loading speed of the page very fast.

The faster your website or blog will open in front of your user.

The more your user will like it, the user experience of your website will be better.

Desktop, mobile, and tablet are well visible in all three.

4. Zakra Theme

The best and ideal theme for any blogger is considered to be Zakra.

Which is another theme of WordPress itself.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Lightweight features are seen in zakra.

In this theme, you get many beautiful designs that you can use well.

In this theme, you get 10 starter websites that are absolutely free.

You can select any of these starters for your blog.

If you start according to your niche then there will be better for your online growth.

With this, both your niche and theme will be seen supporting each other.

Due to this your website will also look very attractive.

Like right now the niche of your website is related to yoga or food, then you can suck this type of design in zakratheme.

In this theme, you also get the features of running an online store.

One interesting thing about this team is that it works smoothly on many page builders.

This theme is also SEO-friendly, so bloggers like and install this theme a lot.

It also gets updated from time to time.

5. Cali Theme

If any of your blogs are related to fashion or glamour.

So you should know about this theme because this theme performs best in this type of niche.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

It beautifies your blog and along with this theme is absolutely free for all bloggers.

If your website is a magazine website then it gives a stunning look to your website.

You will know at first glance what kind of responsiveness it provides for viewing your website on any small device.

Due to this, the user gets a good experience from your website and when the user reaches your website by searching for himself, then your blog benefits from it.

The search engine ranking of your website gets more and more improved.

Apart from this, you also get to set up large photography locations in this team.

Even after setting the photo in this theme, space is available.

In this way, your website does not look congested in front of your users.

You also get many widgets to Cali.

You can easily place these widgets in the sidebar, header, or footer.

6. Interior lite Theme

If your interest is in architecture or you work with interior design or furniture-based business.

If you want to create a website in any of these niches.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Then the interior lite theme in WordPress will be the best for you.

This theme can be easily set up and it is not too difficult to use.

Because of this theme, the user experience of your website is smooth.

It means to say that the user experience of your website is very good.

Because it loads all your website pages in speed along with being lightweight.

In this theme, you can set the blog layout on the home page according to you.

In this theme, you get four types of blog layouts which are as follows-

  • -Full width
  • -Right sidebar
  • -Left sidebar
  • -No sidebar

Apart from this, you get two contact page layouts all in it.

You also get a project, counter service, and progress sections in the interior lite theme.

In this, you can select the font color yourself.

This visit-friendly sidebar and custom background images are available.

Also, you can easily change the header and footer of your website.

7. Business Theme

If you have started your business some time back and your business is not very big.

Alternatively, you may have been in business for a long time.

Best Free SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

If the condition of your business is fine and you want to bring your business to your visitors for both of them, then a website will be the right way for this.

You can present your small business in front of your creamy users through this theme.

WordPress marketing theme free, this is a very good option.

With this theme, your website can be easily monetized.

You can place your affiliate marketing links in the business team.

You will also receive promotional banners in addition to this.

Which will provide better conversions for your website.

A business theme is a free theme.

But you will also get pro functions in it.

Because of the function, you can give a standard look to your website.

Along with this, it simplifies your work.


Today we learned in this article which is the best free SEO friendly WordPress themes.

Your content is related to any topic, this theme will fully support your website.

You should always keep in mind that your content is like a king for your blog.

And themes act as prime ministers for your blog.

When you give full time to rank your blog in Google’s search engine, then you also get good results.

The theme helps a lot in establishing your blog.

Improves your blog even more so that your user gets a good experience from your blog.

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What is the most SEO friendly WordPress theme?

Best Free SEO-friendly WordPress Themes

1. Neve theme
2. Astra theme SEO
3. Ocean Wp theme
4. Zakra theme
5. Calitheme
6. Interior lite theme
7. Business theme

Are WordPress sites SEO friendly?

It is absolutely true that when you change your WordPress theme, it affects your SEO.
Because of these, your website design, site speed, content formatting and structured data are affected.
Themes are an important factor in SEO that determines the ranking of your website.

Is Neve SEO friendly?

This theme has been made keeping in mind the mobile website.
Because of this, it is one of the most SEO-friendly themes in today’s time.
This theme is made by following Google’s mobile page standard rules.
This theme is considered very good for business websites.
Due to this more traffic can come to your website.

What is SEO friendly theme?

You can customize the SEO-friendly WordPress theme in any way you like.
The biggest feature of a responsive theme is that it fits easily in any screen size.
Due to this, it becomes very easy to rank in any search engine.

Is Astra SEO friendly?

Yes, Astra is SEO-friendly with free & paid versions.

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