What is Dwell Time & Why Does it Matter for SEO

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In today’s article, we will discuss what is dwell time & why does it matter in SEO?

Search engine optimization point of view, dwell time is considered to be the most important factor.

This is a factor that you will not find in dwell time Google Analytics.

What Is Dwell Time

But it is still an important factor in search engine optimization.

This is one such metric of search engine optimization that tells a lot about social media and blog articles.

But do not try to misunderstand it, that’s why I have brought this whole article for you.

In which we will understand what dwell time is?

What is the importance of dwell time?

Do Search Engines Use dwell time?

Is this an important ranking factor?

And how can you approve it?

We will try to understand the answers to all such questions in this article.

So let’s get started.

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History of dwell time

If you look at the history of dwell time from the point of view of search engine optimization, then it has been quite important.

This is such a metric with the help of which you get to know how much the visitor coming to your web page is being affected by your content through the search engine result page.

And how much time is he spending on your web page?

Due to seeing all this, dwell time had become an important matrix at that time from such an SEO point of view.

There is also another metric of search engine optimization, with the help of which the ranking factor gets affected.

Similarly, the dwell time factor due to which many website rankings were affected.

It was first introduced by Duane Forrester on Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

Is dwell time affecting SEO?

This has been such a metric of search engine optimization.

With the help of which you can find out here that your user has come to your web page through the engine result ranking page.

And for how long it is engaging and staying.

Here is one of the most important metrics of search engine optimization that you would love to keep an eye on.

If we try to understand it from the perspective of the ranking factor.

Then Google also increases you whenever visitors spend more and more time on your page or any post and enjoy your content.

In this way, there is exponential growth in your ranking.

With the help of which you become famous on the search engine result page.

what is dwell time in SEO?

This simply means that when a person searches for something in Google’s search bar.

Google finds and shows the best results according to its database.

If a person goes inside any website and after clicking anything on it comes back to the search engine result page (SERP), then it is called the dwell time.

Perhaps this question must be coming to your mind: is it the bounce rate

How is it Dwell time?

Actually, when you share your content anywhere, like on social media, question answers

(QnA) websites, forums, etc.

Then people coming from there come to your website and go back there at the same time, then it is considered as a bounce rate.

The same bounce rate does not even go to the search engine ranking page and it is shown in Google Analytics as the bounce rate.

But there are many such search engine optimization experts, it is called the dwell time.

When people spend more time on your website, then the search engine gets to know that people are liking the content on your website.

As I told you, with the help of this your ranking improves exponentially.

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What is a good dwell time & How to dwell time better?

Here if we want to improve the dwell time well.

Then we have to understand and take care of the same things that we do to reduce our bounce rate.

The most important things in this are the speed of your website, your user interface, your user experience, and the quality of your content.

On understanding all these factors carefully, we come to know that we need to improve our dwell time.

We try to understand all the points one by one carefully.

1. Website speed

If we talk about website speed then it should be very good.

Your website should open in a few seconds or microseconds.

This method is very important to improve dwell time and in this.

You will come to know that here it proves to be very helpful in reducing bounce rate, increasing conversion, and also increasing profit.

And we have seen and heard here many times that Google has changed its algorithm and has told this very clearly for it to increase the ranking of any website.

It is very important for the speed of that website to be very fast.

That’s why we can say that the speed of the website is very fast.

Google has a lot of eyes on it and gives it the top rank in the ranking on search engines result page(SERP).

2. Website interface

Now let’s talk about how our website should look.

The simple and very clear answer is that your website should look exactly the way that your user is most engaged and liked by the interface of your website.

This means that you should design your website in such a way and apply a theme that will attract the user to your website.

It does not matter how good the content you are writing.

Because the user sees your website first, then sees your content later.

So try to keep the interface of your website very user-friendly as far as possible.

A very nice interface helps in increasing your dwell time as well as maintains the trust of your users on your website.

Due to this, you will come to your website more often, and help you to improve your metrics.

Some important metrics are loyalty dwell rate, returning visitors, etc.

3. User experience

This is the third point as well as a very important point to increase the dwell time SEO on your website.

Whenever your users are coming to your website, their user experience should be very good.

For a good user experience, you can do various experiments on your website like commenting, forums, good content, etc.

But you also have to take special care of this thing that you should remove pop-ups ads, banners, or other things on your website that can annoy your users.

You should immediately remove them from your website.

Because if you disturb your users in the beginning and lose their trust.

Then your user will not come to your website again.

Due to this your earning ratio will also drop drastically, and may even become zero.

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4. Content quality

Now moving on to the fourth point, we understand how important the quality of the content is.

In today’s time, such experts speak and tell you that if you want to be successful in Internet marketing.

Then you have to pay attention to the content quality.

That’s why it is said that content is king.

That is why the most important thing after having a good website is the content quality of your website.

If your content is not able to keep people engaged with your website.

Then people will leave your website without seeing it.

Due to this, your ranking can fall very low and it is very important for you to focus and work on it.

Your good content will always touch the sentiments of your users and will always engage with you.

Due to this, your dwell time will increase as well as you will be able to run your website without any problem and without Google penalty.

How is dwell time measured & dwell time formula

You will not see the dwell time directly in Google Analytics.

For this, you have to go to the average session duration of Google Analytics.

Inside it is the average time spent option visible.

In which you can easily see how much your dwell time is.

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Step by step:

First of all, you have to log in to your Google Analytics account.

What is dwell time

After that, you have to click on Behavior.

What is dwell time

After that click on Site SEO Contents.

What is dwell time

After that click on Landing Pages.

What is dwell time

After that, you have to create a new segment in which you want to see organic traffic.

What is dwell time

And in that, you will get an option of average session duration in which you can see your dwell time.

What is dwell time

Why is dwell time important?

If we talk about the importance of dwell time.

Then it is a difficult technique of search engine optimization marketing.

If used properly, it can bring a lot of traffic to your website.

That too without the promotion of any paid ad nor in any other paid way.

In search engine optimization metrics, it is more important to understand which metric you should improve in.

And in today’s time in that particular matrix, in what way are your competitors improving?

Accordingly, by modifying your website, you can make yourself successful.

One of the most important metrics in search engine optimization has come to us which cannot be ignored.

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Dwell time vs bounce rate

What is dwell time

Bounce rate

If you are trying to increase the search performance of your website and it is not happening, then check your bounce rate.

To check this, you have to go to Google Analytics and by going there you can check the bounce rate of your website.

But if we try to understand what the bounce rate actually is.

When a user comes to your website and visits a page and then goes back, this is called the bounce rate.

But bounce rate means the percentage of those visitors who come to your page and leave without clicking on any other page.

This means that visitors come and leave immediately without having to open another page or read your article.

But if this is happening, then it is proving that your website does not have interesting content or you have not put much value into it.

Apart from this, it may also happen that the design of your website is not very good or user-friendly.

Apart from this, whatever headlines you have used in your article are not attractive.

If the bounce rate of your website is high then you should understand that the visitors to your website are decreasing day by day.

If visitors will be less on your website then it is inevitable that your rank will also go down and finally your income will also come down.

If the bounce rate of any website is 45%, then it means that 45% of the visitors of the festival website go back.

Dwell time

We have learned everything above about dwell time, but I will tell you once again that, whenever a person searches something in the search bar of Google.

Google, according to him, is best related to his query in front of that person.

If a person clicks on any content and goes back to the search engine result page, then we call it Dwell time.

When people start spending more time on your website.

then the search engine gets to know that the content of your website is being understood by the people and it is proving useful for them.

Because of this, he keeps increasing your ranking day by day.

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We have tried to understand what is dwell time in a very good way and how it works in this entire article.

Now we have to understand it properly and apply it in our search engine optimization.

And by taking advantage, you have to move your website upwards in ranking.

There is not much difference between bounce rate and it but still, we have to keep the focus on it like bounce rate.

Which ranks on our website or in any search engine.

If you liked this article, then you must comment below, and do not forget to share it with your friends too.

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