How Much Does an SEO Audit Cost in 2024?

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In this comprehensive article, we will discuss how much does an SEO audit costs.

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

In brief,

“The SEO audit cost typically ranges from $700 to $15,000, depending on the website’s size and purpose, and is typically used by most companies for comprehensive reports.”

Have you ever wondered how much it costs for an expert in SEO to audit your website? 

From free to an extraordinary $30,000, it can feel like you’re going through a jungle!  

Rest assured that we are here to make things clear.

Consider an SEO audit as a website maintenance process. 

However, rather than checking your health, they are looking at how successfully your website attracts visitors. 

Similar to physical examinations, there are several degrees of specificity:

Free checkups: These are not particularly detailed, but they give you a general understanding of how things are. It is similar to having a temperature taken at the chemist.

Paid audits: These cost between $500 and $5,000 and go deeper, examining factors such as the content, external link structure, and loading speed of your website. Imagine getting an X-ray and a complete blood test.

Premium audits ($3,000–$30,000+): These are the in-depth analyses when experts look into the design and code of your website. It’s similar to receiving advanced scans and a consultation with a professional.

Just as various medical tests have varying costs, so too does the price depend on the size and complexity of your website. 

But don’t worry, we’re not medical professionals trying to sell you needless operations!

Tell us a bit more about your website and we’ll put you in touch with SEO experts who can provide you with an exact figure if you’re asking how much your website will cost. 

Remember that investing in an SEO audit can be very beneficial to the well-being and success of your website!

DM me for a quick chat on Linkedin.

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What is SEO?

Consider your website to be something precious in a massive, dark library. 

In a sea of businesses, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the road map and torch that directs prospective clients to you. 

It’s the art and science of improving your website’s search engine ranking so that users looking for relevant information, goods, or services will find it easier to find.

What is an SEO audit?

Consider your website to be an actual store. 

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

An SEO audit is similar to having an expert examine your website to make sure everything works as it should to attract clients. 

They look at several things, including backlinks (links from other websites), technical SEO, and content.

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What determines the cost of SEO audits?

Just like a car repair, the cost of an SEO audit can vary depending on several factors:

  • Website size and complexity: A larger, more intricate website requires more in-depth analysis, potentially increasing the audit cost.
  • Scope of the audit: Basic audits focus on essential technical aspects, while comprehensive audits delve deeper into content, backlinks, and user experience, impacting the price.
  • Auditor experience and expertise: Highly experienced and specialized SEO professionals may command higher fees.
  • Location and industry: Costs can differ based on the auditor’s location and your industry’s competitive landscape.

Why pay for an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is like an investment in your website’s future. 

It empowers you to:

  • Find and fix technical issues affecting search engine visibility.
  • Uncover opportunities to improve your content for better ranking and user engagement.
  • Gain insights into your backlink profile and understand your website’s authority.
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your SEO strategy effectively.

The benefits of an SEO audit for your website

A comprehensive SEO audit can unlock valuable benefits:

  • Increased organic traffic: More qualified leads and potential customers find your website.
  • Improved website performance: Faster loading times and better user experience.
  • Enhanced brand awareness: Greater visibility in search results builds trust and credibility.
  • Stronger competitive edge: Stand out from the crowd with a well-optimized website.

The Importance of Transparency in Pricing and Deliverables

Before committing, ensure the SEO auditor offers:

  • Transparent pricing: Clear quotes with no hidden fees or surprises.
  • Detailed deliverables: A well-defined list of what you’ll receive in the audit report.
  • Communication channels: Open communication throughout the process.

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How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost?

The cost is determined by several variables, including the size of your website, the scope of the audit, and the reputation of the agency. 

Here’s a simplified breakdown:

Audit TypeCost Range
Basic, free auditLimited scope, basic insights
In-depth, paid audit$500 – $30,000, depending on type and complexity

How often should you get an SEO audit?

Think of SEO audits like regular checkups for your website. 

Here’s a general guideline:

  • New websites: Get an initial audit to establish a baseline and identify any immediate issues.
  • Established websites: Schedule audits every 6-12 months to monitor progress, adapt to algorithm changes, and address new challenges.
  • Sudden drops in traffic or rankings: An audit can pinpoint the culprit and get you back on track.

Do SEO services include SEO audits?

SEO services often encompass audits as part of their larger strategy. 

However, it’s crucial to clarify this upfront. Look for agencies that:

  • Include audits as part of their service packages.
  • Offer standalone audits if needed.
  • Provide a detailed breakdown of the audit’s scope and deliverables.

Free vs. Paid Audits

Although free audits are available, they usually offer only a brief overview and may not be very beneficial. 

A paid audit offers expert advice, practical recommendations, and a more in-depth study.

Different Types of Audits and Their Costs

There are three primary categories of SEO audits, each with a unique focus and price range:

Type of AuditWhat it ChecksEstimated Cost Range
Technical SEO AuditWebsite code, structure, tags, internal linking, crawling and indexing, speed, user experience$5,000 – $75,000
Content (On-Page) SEO AuditDuplicate content, keyword optimization, content gaps, title tags, meta descriptions, alt text$3,000 – $30,000
Backlink (Off-Page) SEO AuditCredibility of websites linking to you, removing bad backlinks, discovering backlink opportunities$500 – $5,000

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What does an SEO audit include?

A Paid SEO auditA basic, free SEO audit
Going over 40–70 pages: going through every room in your home. makes sure that your website is optimized in all respects.An overall ranking for the SEO performance of your website
Website performance and speed: How quick and easy to use is your website?Basic analysis of keywords
Researching keywords: Selecting the right keywords for your website is similar to having a map to direct users there.quantity of links linking to your domain
Competitor analysis: Analyzing your competitors’ actions can help you keep one step ahead of them.Multi-device analysis, including mobile friendliness
Backlink analysis: This check determines the quantity and quality of backlinks that point to your website from other websites.
Enhancing images, descriptions, and titles: These attract attention and describe what you have to offer, just like your shop window displays.
Resolving mistakes and broken links: Imagine an entrance that is blocked; this guarantees that every aspect of your website operates as planned.
Security check: Verifying the security of your website is important, just like securing the entrance at night.
Review your sitemap: This helps search engines find every page of your website by serving as a guide.
Detection of duplicate content: Search engines may become confused if the same content shows up somewhere. This makes everything unique and relevant.

Which type of SEO audit should you buy?

Feeling confused by the number of options available for SEO audits? 

Calm down! Consider it similar to selecting a gym subscription. 

You wouldn’t be content with checking your weight, would you? 

For best outcomes, you desire an extensive exercise program. 

A thorough SEO audit can help with that.

This cruel boy has all the fundamentals covered:

Technical audit: Optimises your website to function fast and naturally, much like a well-oiled machine. Imagine repairing all of your store’s cracking doors and flickering lights.

Competitive audit: Look for areas where your competitors are succeeding so you can defeat them in search engine rankings. Consider it similar to researching your competitor’s approach before a major game.

Content audit: A content audit makes sure that the content on your website is excellent and attracts and keeps users engaged. Imagine not just handing out brochures, but also having the most interesting discussion in the room.

Link audit: Examines the “popularity” of your website to calculate the number of friends who advise a restaurant. More referrals equals more sales!

Social audit: Examines how well your website shares content on social media, creating a viral effect. Imagine being able to make known your amazing products to the world using a megaphone.

A thorough audit, by examining all aspects of your website, can:

Make your website lightning-fast: Happy visitors increase conversion, stay longer, and suggest the site to others.

Boost your position in search engine results: Instead of showing on page 10 of Google, which almost no one views, imagine yourself on the first page.

Send in a ton of targeted traffic: A larger user base converts into more leads, sales, and potential clients.

Increase your revenue: To expand your business and achieve your goals, greater sales convert into more money.

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What Factors Affect SEO Audit Pricing?

Ever take one look at the cost of an SEO audit and say, “Wow, that’s all over the place!” You are not alone, so relax. 

In place of purchasing bananas, SEO audits can leave you confused. 

Why? It comes down to a few important factors:

1. The size of your website: Imagine it as a house. I mean, a one-bedroom house requires fewer inspections than a large bungalow? Likewise, with audits. Complicated and more pages require more work and time, which increases the cost.

2. SEO Agency Credibility: Skilled SEO agencies with a track record of success usually charge more for their knowledge, much as an experienced doctor charges less than a new student. But keep in mind that the best fit can sometimes be determined by reputation.

3. Audit Depth: Do you require a fast check-up or an in-depth medical examination? A basic audit could be free or cheap, but a detailed examination with specific suggestions might be more expensive. Select what fits your spending limit and needs.

4. Solo vs. Package: It is frequently more affordable to purchase an audit as a part of a larger SEO service package than to do it separately. Consider it similar to purchasing groceries in bulk!

5. Website Count: Do you have a lot of websites? Just as examining multiple patients increases difficulty and cost, so does auditing each one takes more time.

How long does an SEO audit take?

Ever wonder how long it takes to get an SEO report card for your website? 

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

Calm down—this isn’t like waiting for a spacecraft to arrive from Mars! 

The situation is as follows:

The Regular Wait:

30-45 days: The majority of expert audits use this window of time—between 30 and 45 days—to provide your website with a complete audit without making you wait a long time. Consider it as a complete medical exam.

Want It More Very Quickly? Extra Charges May Apply: Certain agencies provide fast audits within a week; however, expect to pay a slightly higher fee for this fast service. It is similar to getting your results via fast delivery.

Immediate Appreciation: You can quickly acquire results from free SEO checkers, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for. These are not so much in-depth analyses as they are quick hints.

Website Size Matters:

Small & Sweet (10–15 pages): Your audit could be completed in as little as one week, similar to a fast check-up for a common illness.

Large & Complex (100+ pages): If the audit is comprehensive and requires a full set of tests for a complicated issue, it may take more than 45 days.

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What’s the Difference in Cost Between an SEO Audit and Auditing Tools?

Do you believe that you can go it alone with some tools and avoid paying for the SEO audit? 

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

Remain still! Although it may seem appealing, using the right tools demands experience, and the savings may not match what you are looking for.

Compare the “free” option with expert help:

Audit TypeTool Costs (1 Month, 1 Website)Expert Audit Cost
Technical SEO$1,154+$5,000+
On-Page SEO$2,209+$3,000+
Backlink SEO$525+$500+

There are free tools available (Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.), but they require advanced SEO expertise to use properly. 

Consider it as being like having a set of tools as compared to becoming a technician.

Even if you choose less expensive audits and tools, take into account these:

Expertise gap: Knowledge and expertise are required for proper tool use and data analysis. Experts have both.

Time commitment: It takes time to learn, use tools, and analyze data. Experts manage it properly.

Hidden expenses: What happens if you purchase tools and later decide you need more? or waste time fighting them?

While hiring an experienced auditor might seem expensive, think about the possible return on investment:

Find hidden issues: Experts detect details that you could have overlooked, saving you time and money for fixing them later.

Comfort: It is important to know that your website is optimized under expert guidance.

Remember that SEO is a continuous effort. DIY may be effective for a quick fix, but professional advice is often required for long-term success. Remember the benefits of a professional SEO audit and don’t let tool fees stop you!

How often should you get an SEO audit?

Similar to a car, your website requires regular servicing to be in good working order and attract users

Thus, how frequently should you get the ultimate website health report—an SEO audit?

As a general thumb rule, once or twice a year is ideal. 

This guarantees that your SEO plan stays on course and adjusts to search engine algorithms that are constantly changing. 

However, there are a few extreme cases:

Large Websites (such as e-commerce sites): Get quarterly audits to maintain a regular review of your SEO condition. They require more care because they have more parts that move.

Are you utilizing an SEO Agency? Annual audits are valuable even with expert guidance. 

They support you and your agency in finding fresh ways to increase your online presence.

It Matters What You Start With:

Introducing an original strategy to SEO? The first SEO ranking is important. 

It provides a great start to your campaign and lays the proper framework for it. 

Consider it a check conducted before launch!

The most effective reaction ultimately depends on your website and goals. 

The best checkup strategy to ensure your online success can be determined by talking with your SEO agency or an expert! 

Recall that, much like taking care of your car maintaining it functioning well, and attracting positive feedback, doing routine SEO audits is an investment in the health and expansion of your website.

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Is an SEO Audit Worth the Cost?

Do you think an SEO audit will only cost more money? 

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

Rethink that! It’s similar to giving your website an update to realize its full potential for attracting more clients and growing the business you run.

Spending more than $3,000 may seem too much, but keep in mind that you are investing. 

An SEO audit provides your website with the tools it needs to compete online, much as improving your equipment helps a professional athlete perform better. 

Furthermore, SEO is a long-term strategy rather than a quick solution.

To be honest, could you use the same expensive SEO software that the pros are using if you bought it? 

Professionals spend years perfecting what they do, saving you the trouble of having to learn how to do something. 

Time is money. They also make sure your website remains ahead of the curve by staying up to date with ever-evolving SEO techniques.

Consider this: rather than wasting endless hours attempting to enhance your website, wouldn’t it be better to have an expert analyze it and provide you with a clear road map? 

Furthermore, a thorough audit may reveal problems that you would have missed, thus saving you even more money.

The possible return on investment from investing in an SEO audit is more important than the original investment of money. 

Increased revenue, enhanced website traffic, and a more powerful online presence can all be very profitable.

Red flags to watch out for when looking for an SEO auditor

When choosing an SEO auditor, be cautious of:

  • Unrealistic guarantees: SEO is a long-term process, not a quick fix.
  • Black hat strategies: Unethical actions may ultimately harm your website.
  • Lack of transparency: Unclear pricing or deliverables raise red flags.
  • Overly technical jargon: The auditor should explain things clearly and simply.

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SEO audit prices from SEOwithsunny

SEOwithsunny’s SEO audit costs in a simple-to-read table:

Several variables, such as the following, can significantly affect the specifics of an SEO audit package:

Your website’s size and complexity: Generally speaking, more pages and complexity mean more work and time, which drives up the price.

The depth of the audit: While comprehensive audits involve technical, on-page, off-page, and competitive analysis, basic audits can focus on technical issues.

The SEO agency’s experience and location: Those with more experience or those in expensive places may ask for a higher fee.

Extra services offered: The cost of certain packages may increase if continuing SEO strategy suggestions or the execution is included.

Therefore, it would be inaccurate and useless to provide a general table.

And DM me for a quick chat on Linkedin.

I can, however, offer you some general guidance, highlight a few key points that might be covered in an SEO audit package, and provide you with an idea of the costs and time frames involved:

How Much Does An SEO Audit Cost

Keep in mind that these are only estimates, and the exact cost and duration will change based on your specific needs.


In this article, we will discuss, how much does an SEO audit costs.

What will the actual cost of an SEO audit be? 

The solution is a calculated choice rather than an easy calculation. 

An SEO audit can cost anything from several hundred to several thousand dollars, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that this is an investment in the long-term health of your website rather than a cost.

Consider it similar to home renovation. Its whole power can only be realized by a complete update, but you can only fix its weaknesses. 

For your website, an SEO audit works the same thing by uncovering hidden problems, exposing areas for improvement, and offering a road map for increasing traffic, leads, and eventually sales.

The actual cost of ignoring an SEO audit could exceed the estimate by a significant amount. 

Outdated content, technical problems, and missed keyword opportunities can all slow down your website’s performance and cost you valuable users and potential sales.

In the end, the SEO audit that produces the desired results will have the lowest cost. 

Ask inquiries, compare possibilities, and shop around without fear. 

Recall that an experienced SEO partner will take the time to learn your particular requirements and goals before suggesting the perfect audit package to advance your website.

The main goal of investing in a professional SEO audit is to unlock the hidden potential of your website and fuel your long-term online success.

The cost is secondary. So go on and start your website now, and see it grow!

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