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Today I have brought another review article for you in which we are going to do a complete Thrive Themes review.

Complete Thrive Themes Review
Source By: Thrive Themes

In the present time, there have been so many review articles on the internet that any person can easily get confused.

It seems to me that most of the reviews have become outdated on the internet.

But I have come here with a completely updated review for you.

You just have to read it deeply, then when will you know about Thrive Themes.

I am in this review and will try to answer many of your questions.

In which we will see What Is Thrive Themes?  Pricing, Pros, and Cons Are Thrive Themes Worth Buying?  etc.

I assure you that by the end of this review, you will get every small and big piece of information about Thrive Themes.

After which you will be able to make a proper decision whether the Thrives Themes are right for you or not.

So let’s get started.

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Here we started to Complete Thrive Themes Review But Firstly, What Is Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes is a plugin or WordPress theme company.

Which helps more than 20,000+ Thrive Themes affiliate marketers, bloggers, and developers around the world.

So that he/she can make the best and most highly profitable website from scratch.

Thrive Themes says that-

We are a company that works on plugins and themes, with the help of which everyone can easily create a conversion-focused website.

We help to make that website highly profitable so that every visitor to that website becomes your creamy client.”

The company was founded in 2013 by two people, Shane Melaugh & Paul McCarthy.

This company became a trusted vendor in the digital marketing and affiliate marketing industries in a small amount of time.

The most incredible and reliable point of this company is that the company is for anyone.

If one wants to start from scratch then they can start their basic plan from $99/mo.

Thrive Themes gets many such things due to which any kind of website work becomes very easy such as:

  • – Unlimited access to all their tools.
  • – Unlimited Themes & plugin updates.
  • – Thrive University access.
  • – Thrive Themes have a very good marketing team, online marketing training is not required for this.
  • – You can further sharpen your strategies and technology in this and his world-class support.


Who Are Thrive Themes?

As we have discussed earlier that the most advanced, simple-to-use WordPress suite of website tools.

This company focuses on creating highly conversion-optimized plugins and themes.

Because of this, any business can easily grow online exponentially.

Apart from this, the company makes landing pages, lead-generation quizzes, online courses, and evergreen scarcity campaigns.

Its Thrive Theme Builder helps you visually create and customize header, footer, Blogspot templates, sidebars, page layout, category pages & search pages, etc.

Are Thrive Themes Worth It?

If you want to create a conversion-friendly marketing sales funnel for your WordPress website, then Thrive Theme can be the best choice for you.

If you compare it with other tools, then you will find that world-class service costs very little money.

All their products are so flexible that you can easily design and customize anything you want.

According to me, investing money in this is investing in the right direction.

Because of this your earnings and return on investment are comparatively very good.

After that, we can say overall that this is a worth-it tool for you.

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Thrive Themes Product Reviews

In Thrive Themes, you will find many such products which are conversion friendly.

The most important products in this are Thrive Themes Builder, Thrive, Architect, Thrive Leads, Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Quiz Builder, Thrive, Apprentice, etc.

When you switch to its yearly package, Thrive Suite which is $299/year gives you access to all its plugins.

Thrive Themes Builder

Thrive Themes has just introduced the Theme Builder, which lets you easily modify your website’s headers, footers, blog posts, page layouts, category pages, search pages, and more.

Thrive, Architect

This is the next version of Thrive content builder, it is specially made for WordPress.

If you compare it with other page builder plugins then you get quite marketing-friendly features like testimonials, countdown timer, etc.

Apart from this, you also get the lightbox feature in it.

With the help of which you can pop up very easily with the help of its drag-and-drop builder.

Thrive Leads

If you want to make your email list superfast then this plugin will be considered the most important and best for you.

There are many features in this that other famous plugins companies give us such as optinmonster, ninja popup, etc.

If you can’t afford to opt-in-monster type tools, then Thrive Leads is a better choice & solution for you.

Thrive Ultimatum

This is the best scarcity marketing plugin for WordPress.

When you enable it, you can easily use the countdown option for any specific duration.

There are many such scarcity marketing plugins in the market but all these are not efficient scarcity plugins.

Thrive Quiz Builder

With the help of this, you can easily apply your gamification strategies to generate maximum leads.

You get two types of specials in this.

– Email list building

– Social Share

If you are thinking that you want to do your email list building and social sharing with quizzes.

Then Thrive Quiz Builder will be considered a perfect solution for you.

Thrive Apprentice

This is a great LMS plugin if you want to sell your online course with Thrive Themes.

In this, you don’t need any payment procedure or access delivery mechanism.

There is no restriction for you to create content in it.

That is why you can use its Memberpress plugin, which is a very good WordPress plugin.

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Understanding Thrive Themes Suite

By the time you normally build your website, you have to use a lot of optimizations as well as the page builder.

This work is not that easy for everyone in today’s time.

If you start doing Thrives Suite, then the work becomes very easy for you to make your website.

In today’s time, every business has to go online and it is very important to have its own website to go online.

Thrive Suite provides you with all the necessary tools so you can set up your online business very easily through its drag-and-drop easy-to-use option.

Although you get to use many tools in this, the most important tools, which you can easily access as:

  • – Building a website
  • – Sales funnel
  • – E-mail list
  • – Scarcity campaign
  • – Online courses and many more.

You need an ecosystem for this to grow properly.

With its help, you get an opportunity to create such an ecosystem that you can easily master your business online by using its tools in the right way.

Thrive Themes vs Competitor

Here I will tell you two of such most famous and important competitors, which you should know.

1. Elementor

2. Divi

thrive themes vs Elementor

If you are looking for a Thrive Theme alternative for WordPress.

Elementor is the most popular page builder for WordPress.

Which is available in both free and premium plans.

Elementor has some really cool features such as:

Editor: Elementor is a very fast drag and drops page builder.

In this, you get 75+ elements, with the help of which you can make your website according to you.

In this, you get features like a navigator and global visit.

Design: In Elementor you can design your website very easily, hence it is called a design-centric page builder.

In this, you get many types of templates, due to which you can make your website very attractive.

Marketing: Elementor gives you marketing features such as Popup Builder, Form Builder, Testimonials, Integrations, 

Evergreen Countdown, etc.

Theme Builder: With the help of its theme builder, you can easily create your header, footer, and blog pages.

Popup Builder: Elementor gives you a popup builder in which you can use many of its templates.

In this, you get many options like page load, on-page scroll, exit intent, on-click after inactivity, etc.

Integration: Elementor has integrated with much more powerful software such as MailChimp, Drip, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, Getresponse, Hubspot, Zapier, etc.

Thrives Themes Vs Divi Builder

Divi Builder is the oldest page-building solution for WordPress.

It is used the most by web designers and developers to create their websites.

It comes with Thrive membership site, you get elegant themes membership, plus access to different types of plugins, the most important of which are: Bloom(for lead generation), Monarch(for social sharing), Extra(their theme), etc.

Apart from this, you get many features in Divi Builder, in which the most important feature such as:

  • – Drag and Drop building
  • – Custom CSS Control
  • – True Visual Editing
  • – Responsive Editing
  • – Inline Text Editing
  • – Save & Manage Your Design
  • – Global Elements & Style
  • – Undo, Redo, & Revisions. etc.

In this, all the packs you get through Elementor and Thrive Theme are available.

In this, you get some marketing-friendly modules such as:

  • – Testimonials
  • – Countdown Timer
  • – Forms
  • – CTA (Call To Action)
  • – Pricing Table

Apart from this, you also get a native A/B split testing function which is not available in Elementor.

In this, you get more than 800+ premade designs and 100+ full website packs.

Thrive Themes Speed

You can easily optimize your website speed performance with the help of Thrive Theme Builder.

Creating any website in WordPress is not that easy, even if you create a website, it is also very important to optimize it properly.

Complete Thrive Themes Review
Source By: Thrive Themes

If you have created a website and its speed is slow, then all your hard work goes in vain.

There are many such plugins and images, due to which the speed of your website is affected.

To be honest, whether you are a blogger, online course creator, coach, and affiliate marketer.

You should know whether the loading speed of your website is fast, and properly optimized your website speed.

Then you can easily grow your online business in 2022 or beyond.

That’s why we use its Thrive theme builder because it has a site speed optimization panel inside.

In which we can check the performance of the speed of our website.

You can easily bring your website speed to 80/20 by using this just with just a few clicks.

When you click on the speed ​​tab on its side, you see a panel of 3 optimization options.

Thrive Plugin

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress.

By using this, you can become a conversion expert along with doing your own list building, because of its powerful software so which helps a lot.

When you want to use it, you come to know that your conversions increase by 230%.

Prove to be the most powerful list-building plugin for you and your team if you use it properly.

This is a lead-building solution, due to which you can easily optimize your conversions.

This plugin is not for your old list building but if you want to do your list building from scratch then this plugin is perfect for you.

By using it, you will see that your business has so many benefits with exponential growth, which can be considered the best investment.

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Benefits of Thrive leads plugin:

Design & create, in this single plugin you get all types of opt-in forms.

 It’s a very simple interface and all drag and drop editor with the help of which you can do perfect designing anytime.

Advanced Targeting, you can do very advanced targeting in this, in which you can create highly targeted and relevant offers for your visitors on the basis of posts, categories, and tags to boost your conversions.

Apart from this, you can easily create a hyper-targeted and profitable list in this.

– A/B Testing, you get a very advanced but very easy-to-use A/B testing feature.

Because of this, you can increase your conversions in any way.

Due to this, you increase the conversion automatically.

Actionable Reporting & Insights, in this you get a simple overview of your most important metrics.

In which you get to know how your opt-in form is performing from time to time.

Apart from this, you also get to know where your most valuable traffic is coming from.

Thrive Themes Pricing

You get two types of plans in Thrive Themes.

  • First Thrive Suite $299/year
  • Second Quarterly Paid Plan $99/mo

At this price, you also get unlimited features, Thrive Themes lifetime updates, and 12 months of support.

According to your budget, if you want, you can purchase its tool individually.

Or you can take complete access to it, you will have to pay $299/year.

The best thing about Thrive Themes is that it also gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

In this, different tools have different pricing, its final pricing is according to the tool you are interested in.

Apart from this, how many websites are you going to use? It is worth investing in Thrive Theme.

Which you will get complete access to all its tools and plugins at the lowest price.

Complete Thrive Themes Review
Source By: Thrive Themes

When you get it for $299/year, you get a lot of tools, the most important of which is:

  • – Thrive Architect
  • – Thrive Quiz Builder
  • – Thrive Theme Builder
  • – Thrive Leads
  • – Thrive Apprentice
  • – Thrive Optimize
  • – Thrive Ovation
  • – Thrive Comments

Whatever the final price you have to pay for Thrive Theme, it depends on how many tools you are going to buy.

And how many websites are you going to use?

You can buy all its products on its single-site license for $700.

But you have to keep in mind that this is for only one website.

That’s why my point is that if you want to invest in any of its plans, then you should invest in the Thrive Suite which is $299/year.

There are many benefits of this plan, and the biggest advantage is that you can use its themes and plugins on your 5 different websites.

Pros and Cons

If you are interested in reading this review and want to work with him in the future.

Then you should know its pros and cons along with having detailed knowledge.

Just as a coin has two sides, Thrives Themes have both advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, I will tell you about its pros, and after that, we will talk about its cons.


  • – Its drag-and-drop editor makes everything easy for you.
  • – Its price in comparison to other tools is very affordable, anyone can buy its plan.
  • – In its visual editor, you can make your content more extractive and visually appealing.
  • – In this, you can easily create conversion-focused landing pages.
  • – In this, you can add hundreds of varieties of elements.


  • – This is only available for WordPress CMS sites, it is not available for other CMS platforms.
  • – It is not that easy to run in the initial days, you need a few days of practice for this.
  • – In this way, it is very difficult to modify your old pages in a new way.

Thrive Themes Examples

I am going to tell you about four WordPress websites that use Thrive Themes to make their website.

  • –
  • –
  • – Dogs naturally
  • – & many more

Thrive Themes Forum & Support

The Thrive Themes support team is very responsive.

You can generate a support ticket in your dashboard itself for whatever your query is.

Complete Thrive Themes Review
Source By: Thrive Themes

Their support team responds to you in a day or two.

Their support members are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Apart from this, if you talk to its support system, then they have an option available.

You can also connect with them via email, if you want a faster response then you can tell your query through email to them.

Apart from this, if you have any common problem, then these people have made many video tutorials, and you can also take their help.

You will find many new training videos that are released every month.

Which contain information related to increasing conversions and designing landing pages.

Once you become a member of their community, you get access to all its training modules, including those from Thrive University.

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Today in this review article, I have put the complete Thrive Themes review in front of you very honestly.

I have prepared this review for you because I understand that if anyone is interested in taking Thrive Theme.

So it is very important for him to have complete in-depth information about it.

For this, I have sincerely tried to keep all its small and important points in front of you in this review.

I understand that not everyone has spare money to spend, so I believe that wherever our money goes, it should be beneficial for us.

Have you invested in any other theme builder besides this?

And do you want a better solution than whatever team builder you are using?

So according to me, you have to read this entire review carefully and patiently two or three times.

I have tried to give you complete information about this.

If you liked this review of mine, then you can share it with your friends.

You can also tell me by commenting below.

You may also like my other article.

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