Link Whisper WordPress Plugin Review: Pros & Cons 2022

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Today we will discuss and understand the “link whisper WordPress plugin review”.

If you are a content creator or have a WordPress website of your own then you must have heard about this plugin.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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But if you have not heard their name yet.

Then believe that you may not even know yet how you can further improve the internal structure of your WordPress website.

Let us tell you about the Link Whisper plugin in this article.

How we can easily set it in your WordPress website.

Will give full information about that too.

Any content creator knows very well that interlinking is a great technique to improve WordPress SEO.

In this article, you will find how you can make the interlinking of your website more effective through this plugin.

We will discuss this in-depth.

so let’s start

Why is internal linking important for SEO?

Now let us talk about why internal linking is important for SEO.

Google has told many times that it is very important to have internal linking inside it.

Because it is counted as an SEO ranking factor.

By doing internal linking, you can easily send your visitors from one page to another.

Due to this, the bounce rate of your website is also low.

If you want to do your internal linking properly, then you should link with your end cut text which is on the relevant keyword.

There are some benefits of internal linking which are as follows:

-Because of this, you can easily flow the juice of one of your pages to your other pages.

-Because of this, the indexing and crawling of your website start doing well.

-Due to this the overall dwell time of your website also increases.

-If you use it, then the chances of increasing the traffic and pageviews on your website are very high.

-The organic visibility of your content is increased by anchor text.

What is the link whisper WordPress plugin review?

Link whisper is a very popular WordPress plugin that helps you improve your WordPress SEO.

Link whisper using internal link SEO techniques on a WordPress website.

SEO makes it easy to move links from one page to another.

Apart from this, it also helps the search engine crawler to get your website crawled well on the search engines.

This plugin makes it very easy to measure the entire WordPress website.

It also generates possibilities for creating links to take you to the website.

Many times the problem that comes due to wrong anchor text linking in our website can also be overcome by this plugin.

This plugin was created by Spencer hawk and is the same person who created the long-tail pro.

New features are being added to this plugin very rapidly.

According to Spencer hawk he wants to make the link whisper WordPress plugin the best.

How does link whisper work?

We see how Link Whisper works:

-Once you install this plugin in your WordPress.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review

So this plugin starts giving you the suggestion of internal linking below in your post editor.

Because of this, you can easily add the link to your editor.

All you have to do is select this link and click and update the post.

-By going to its link reporting dashboard, you can see how many inbound links and outbound links you can create.

It is very easy to create internal links in this when you are publishing a post.

All you have to do is add the Inbound Internal Link column and click on it.

-Once you have linked yourself properly, then after that you have to ignore all the suggestions you are getting from this plugin.

Because by doing this you will be able to use only relevant and optimal link suggestions.

Which is a better option for your SEO strategy.

Apart from this, you can also easily set the focus keyword and URL, if you want to link to any particular targeted website, then you can also do that easily.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily search for keywords and links by going to any URL.

What are the benefits of using link whisper?

You can also embed internal links on your website posts yourself and also use WordPress plugins such as Rank Match Search Engine Optimization.

 Then why do you need a plugin like Link Whisper for internal linking?

 What can be the benefits of the linked whisper, let us talk about that.

It gives you in-depth link reporting:

In the link whisper, you can also easily see the internal links report in which you will get to see these things.

  • -Dashboard
  • -Link report
  • -Domain report
  • -Error Report

So let’s understand in detail.


In its dashboard, you will find all the links to your website.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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As you can see in the image that you have got your links in a list, you have got the status of all the links which you can include:

  • -Post crawl
  • -Internal links
  • -Broken Links
  • -404 error
  • -Link Found

You can see by clicking on one by one in it, such as which link is broken on your website.

Apart from this, you will also get information about external links, you can easily find out which other website your website is linked with.

You can also see the pie chart of your internal and external links.

Link report:

In this tab, you will get a list of all your inbound and outbound links.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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Through this link, you can add or edit many more links by looking at more link suggestions.

Domain report:

The Domain report lets you know which other domains you’ve linked to.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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You see that you can see your own link which is linked to another domain.

Error report:

In the error report, you will get to know about the broken links on the side.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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Apart from this, you also get information about 404 errors, 500 internal server errors, SSL connectors,s, etc. on your website.

Get automatic link suggestions as you write

The plugin is built with the help of artificial intelligence, which helps for internal link suggestions.

With the help of this suggestion, you can find a creamy audience according to the relevant content on your website.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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Apart from this, this, there is also a huge improvement in the link structure of your website.

Due to this your website starts crawling and indexing quickly. 

The best part of using it is that it gives you such internal suggestions which you can easily edit on your WordPress.

This means that you do not have to go and make one link an internal link, all these things are taken automatically.

Apart from this, you can also use its auto-linking feature.

For which you can add any particular keyword and add a link there.

Apart from this, if you want to link a specific page with every post, then its system is also presents in it automatically.

You can see many such settings in Auto but in the feature such as:

-You can link that post if any keyword related to that post is in your article.

Apart from this, you can also link only once on your post.

-You can predict your link.

-You can also schedule the link.

-Also, stop the link of specific categories through auto-link.

You always have to remember that you only have to add the option “Post on Link Only” in the beginning, due to which you will have only one link added on one post.

Targeted keywords:

The biggest advantage of this is that you can make your SEO even better by using this plugin.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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For this, you can tell Link Whisper in advance for which keyword you want to create the link.

In this, you can also see the exact match of your targeted keyword.

Bulk URL changer:

If you have changed the URL of any posted page on your website before, then you will know what is the problem with redirection.

Link whisper wordpress plugin review
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But if you do not know about this then I would like to tell you here that you can change your old URL to New URL in just one click.

If you want to change many URLs of your website at once.

Then that option is available in this plugin.

Actually, when we change the URL of each of our pages or posts, it takes a lot of time.

With the help of this, we can easily change many URLs at once.

Will the link whisper plugin cause your site to slow down?

No one would like to slow down the speed of their website, even if it is a ranking factor of Google and many search engines.

No one would like to disturb the ranking of their website.

There are content creators who believe that the speed of their website slows down due to installing plugins.

Does Link Whisper also slow down your website speed?

So let me tell you that it is not as heavy as other plugins.

This is a very simple and lightweight plugin, due to which the speed of your website is not affected at all.

Link whisper pricing and discount

Link Whisper discount has three types of pricing packages.

  • -Single Site License
  • -3 site license
  • -10 site license
Link whisper wordpress plugin review

We try to understand them in detail one by one.

Single site license-

Whatever is on this plan is the best for new content creators.

If you’re running your own 1 website, it costs just $77/year.

3-site license-

In this, you can run multiple websites.

In which you are going to spend the family $117/year.

In this, you can register any of your three sites and can easily do their internal linking.

-10 site license-

If you have become a content creator thinking that you have to create many websites in the coming time.

So this plan will be perfect for you, which is not very expensive but only $167/year.

Link whisper customer support

Its Customer Support System:

Its premium customer support system is available.

But unfortunately, right now there is no option for a live chat in it.

But once you finalize it, a new support ticket is automatically created.

Due to this, you can easily track your ticket.

Pros and cons of link whisper

We now have a better understanding of its benefits and drawbacks.

Let’s go and talk about its advantages.


-It automatically gives you relevant automatic internal link suggestions immediately, because of this, your SEO gets better

-Even if you uninstall this plugin later, your internal links will not make any difference.

-It is also available in a free version.

-In this, you get a lot of content in which you get to know who has used this plugin and how.

-Their customer support is also very strong which always supports you.

-You get all the internal links reports of your website in this, which you can easily find in every post.


-Talking about its disadvantages here, it has only disadvantages regarding its pricing plan.

The year starts at $77.

But if you want to bring your website by improving your SEO then this is not a bad option.

Link Whisper alternative

Many are link whispers alternatives in the below list:

  • Google Search Console
  • RankMath
  • Internal link Juicer
  • Internal Link Manager By DAEXT
  • Autolink Manager Pro
  • Inline Related Post
  • Semrush
  • Ahrefs
  • SEranking

Link Whisper Plugin Nulled

Link Whisper Pro v1.9.5

Link Whisper lifetime

link Whisper Lifetime

Link Whisper Group buy

Group buys Link Whisper annually


Link whisper WordPress plugin review for those who are serious about website SEO and ranking.

How does it work and how can it be useful to us?

Friends, if you were a content creator, you will tell this thing in advance that internal linking is considered a ranking factor.

Keeping this thing in mind, we must make internal linking on our website.

But when we create internal links manually then it is very headachey work.

For this, you can use an advanced plugin like Link Whisper.

If you do not have money to buy it, then you can also use its free version.

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What does link whisper do?

Link Whisper gives suggestions of links from within the content of your website.
Because of this, internal linking on your website becomes very powerful.
In this, you have complete control to accept and reject your link.

How much is Link Whisper?

Pricing for the Link Whisper starts at $77 a year.
But it also has a free version.
Yes, but there is no such thing as a free trial.

How do you add a link to whisper?

The step-by-step process to create an internal link is:
-First, you have to install the link whisper
-After this, you have to see the internal link report of your website.
-Then you do all your settings correctly.
-After that, you can create an internal link.

How do you use an internal link juicer?

It can be installed in a few steps:
-First of all, you have to download the internal link zip file.
-After this, you have to upload the internal link folder in your directory.
-After this, you have to go to the WordPress admin panel.
-You have to activate the internal link juicer in the menu by clicking on the plugin section.
-After this, you have to set keywords in your post editor.
-Later you can easily create an internal link.

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