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Today we will discuss this cloudways web hosting review is going to be beneficial for you.

Cloudways web hosting review
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Do you have a website? 

The traffic in the millions on that?

But the server of your website always has downtime.

Are you also facing a downtime problem?

Are you looking for web hosting that will solve your problem?

So you are reading the right article.

I would like to recommend Cloudways.

Whatever information you are going to get about Cloudways today is going to be very useful for you.

It is a popular cloud hosting provider company.

“Cloud hosting” is expensive as compared to shared hosting.

Because shared hosting is hosted on a single server.

But cloud hosting hosts website data on multiple servers.

The biggest advantage of having so many servers is that if one server goes down or fails, another server takes its place.

Because of this your website always remains online.

When you read this article very carefully, then the idea of ​​​​taking cloud hosting will definitely come to your mind.

That is why I have tried to explain many points in detail in this review.

Because of this, you will be able to know the answers to all the questions in your mind related to this web hosting.

I’ve covered this in What is a Cloudways?

Its pros and cons, and the prices of its best affordable plans are explained in simple language.

Apart from this, I have also been told about the ‘5 best hosting plans of Cloudways web hosting.

If you know its features read this article thoroughly.

Then you can take any plan from it according to your budget.

In this, you also get 3 days of the free dial, you can first try it by taking a trial and then purchase its plan.

So let’s start

Best Affordable Plans for Cloudways:

As I have already told you, Cloudways is a popular and big web hosting company.

Because of this, many plans are also present in it.

I am going to tell you about all these plans and their prices in this review.

So that you can get information about all the plans and according to your budget, you can select any plan and check it.

The price details of the plan are written in the table below.

They will range from price minimum to maximum.

The price list of Cloudways’ plan is as follows.

Web Hosting PlanPrice List
WordPress Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
WooCommerce Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
Magento Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
PHP Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
Laravel Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
Drupal Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
PrestaShop Hosting$10 – $230/ Monthly
Managed Amazon Cloud$36.51 – $3567.98/ Monthly
Managed Google Cloud$33.18 – $225.93/ Monthly
Managed DigitalOcean$10 – $1035/ Monthly
Managed Linode   $12 – $1205/ Monthly
Managed Vultr$23 – $385/ Monthly

What is Cloudways? Cloudways web hosting review.

If you want your website hosting to be more powerful and your budget is also good.

So you can take Cloudways for cloud hosting of your website.

I am telling you this because cloudways managing the webserver very well.

So that you will not need any technical knowledge to use it.

If you take direct cloud hosting from another server.

Then you may have to manage that server yourself.

If you really do not have technical knowledge of all these things then you will not be able to manage the server.

Due to this the chances of your website being hacked will increase a lot.

But if you take cloudways hosting then you will not need to manage the server.

Cloudways offers many types of cloud hosting such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Google Cloud, etc.

Provides you individual hosting, in this, you cannot work on anyone on your own like shared hosting.

From whom you take related hosting, you can work on it.

For example, if you take WordPress hosting, then you have to work on WordPress.

And if you take hosting like E-Commerce or Joomla etc.

Then you can work well on them, due to which the speed of your website becomes faster.

Cloudways hosting is great for e-commerce websites.

C Panel is not present in Cloudways, but you can easily access your files with the help of software like FileZilla.

In this, along with good security, your website stays online for 24 hours.

There is no problem with the server down in this.

If there is a problem of one server down or failing, then another server takes its place.

If there is a lot of traffic on your website, then you can consider taking such a hosting.

You may find its price higher, but according to Cloudways features and service, this price is absolutely right and affordable.

I would say it is value for money.

First, you read this review completely, after that decide to purchase this hosting.

So we go ahead and know what can be its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Cloudways Web Hosting:

You have already learned in this review what Cloudways is and what are the prices of its hosting plans.

Cloudways web hosting review
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So now you should know its advantages and disadvantages as well.

In this review, I have explained the advantages and disadvantages of Cloudways, about which it is very important for you to be aware.

I will tell you its benefits first and then after that, we will talk about the disadvantages that can be caused by it.


When you purchase any hosting plan from Cloudways, you get a lot of benefits.

Some of the advantages of which I try to explain to you in the form of points below.

-By taking this hosting, you get good customer support 24/7.

When there is any problem with your website, then you can contact the team of Cloudways

Then your problem is solved after some time.

-The security of Cloudways is very good, if there is a bug in your website, then the team of Cloudways fixes it themselves.

Cloud providers give very good security as compared to the company.

-It also lets you do free migration for your website.

In this, you get a free SSL certificate, which is considered very important for the security of your website.

Secondly, it is also considered a ranking factor in the eyes of search engines.

-If you take Cloudways hosting then your website will always be live and no downtime will be seen.

-If there is a lot of traffic on your website, then this traffic can take care of by Cloudways hosting.

-By taking cloud web hosting, the speed of your website becomes very fast, which is the biggest reason for search engine ranking, because Cloudways speed taking to next level of your website.


When I have been told about its benefits, then it becomes my duty that you should also know about its disadvantages.

Just as it is said that a coin has two sides, similarly if something has advantages, then it also has disadvantages.

I have also included its disadvantages in this cloudways review which are as follows:

-You do not get email hosting in Cloudways, if you want to get email hosting, then you have to pay separately for it.

Then you get email hosting, give one email hosting for $1.

-As I have told you earlier that you do not get c-panel in this but you can access the file with the help of Filezilla software.

-In Cloudways, you only get to see chats, not physical support.

-To use Cloudways CDN, you have to pay $1 for 25 GB usage.

Best five web hosting plans of Cloudways Web Hosting

We have already discussed in the above what cloudways hosting is?  

And what are its advantages and disadvantages!

Let me tell you about its hosting plans.

Although there are many hosting plans in this web hosting.

But here I am only telling you about its 5 best hosting plans which are as follows:

1. Managed WordPress Hosting:

Cloudways web hosting review

As you all know that the use of WordPress is increasing day by day.

Keeping this in mind, many hosting companies have started introducing Managed WordPress Hosting specifically for WordPress.

If you want to run your website on WordPress itself, then this hosting plan is the best for you.

The only purpose of preparing this plan is that you can easily host your website on WordPress.

This plan is made for WordPress only.

Therefore, when you take this plan, the speed of your WordPress website becomes very fast.

If you take the plan, then you do not have to worry about managing your website.

Because in this the hosting company itself manages your website.

Cloudways builds your WordPress website completely.

Apart from this, you are provided with a lot of features like a free SSL certificate, free migration, dedicated firewalls, unlimited application installation, and automated backup for the safety of your website.

You also get 24/7 customer support in this.

2. Magento Hosting:

Cloudways web hosting review

If you are looking to build an e-commerce website, then Cloudways Magento hosting plans can be the best for you.

This is a very popular, very famous shopping card software.

It is an open-source eCommerce platform with the help of which you can easily create your website.

You can choose any plan according to your budget in our hosting agents.

In this, you get many features such as a Free SSL certificate, Free migration.

But apart from this you also get better cache options like varnish, Redis, and Memcached to increase the speed of cloudways Magento store.

Along with this, you get auto-healing, regular security patching, a dedicated firewall, and good customer support 24/7.

Because of this if you face any technical problem or any other problem then you can easily contact the Cloudways team.

Fix your problem in very little time and make your website live again.

3. Manage Google Cloud:

Cloudways web hosting review

By knowing this, how big a company Google has become, about which almost everyone knows.

Google provides very powerful hosting, in which your website gets a lot of security.

Because Google is so famous and powerful, you can easily trust its hosting.

If you are thinking of getting Google Cloud Hosting.

Then it would be right for you to purchase the “Managed Google Cloud Hosting plan” from Cloudways.

Like I have already told you that if you take direct cloud hosting from Google Cloud or Digital Ocean etc. Then you are given a server from which you have to manage yourself.

But if you take cloudways cloud hosting then here you do not have to manage the server.

Because this work is handled by Cloudways itself and along with it gives you good service and many features.

If you take Managed Google Cloud Hosting from Cloudways without hosting from Google Cloud.

Here it gives you some extra features, which are as follows.

FeaturesGoogle Cloud  Cloudways
24/7 Customer SupportNoYes
Managed SecurityNoYes
Dedicated FirewallsNoYes
Free SSL CertificateNoYes
Managed BackupsNoYes
1 Click Server CloningNoYes
Managed Website MigrationNoYes
1 Click App InstallNoYes
Easy SSL Installation & Auto-RenewalNoYes

4. Joomla Hosting:

Cloudways web hosting review

If you have a website on the Internet, then you must have heard about what you got.

Joomla is a CMS platform just like WordPress in which you can easily manage your website.

The working method is also exactly the same as that of WordPress.

Joomla is written in PHP language and as I told you earlier it is an open-source content management system.

You can also beautify your website more by using plug-ins like WordPress on Joomla.

On this, you get many free themes along with many features.

As I told you above, many hosting companies have started providing hosting for WordPress.

Similarly, there are many hosting provider companies for Joomla that have started providing hosting.

If you want to build your website on Joomla, then you should take its cloud hosting.

For this, I will comment that you can take Joomla hosting plans from Cloudways.

By taking Joomla hosting from Cloudways, the loading speed of your Joomla website becomes very fast.

Here you also get more security, apart from this you get many features in it.

For example Free Migration.

But if you want to make your website speed faster, then you can also use techniques like Redis and Memcached.

In this, you can get the performance of your choice for a robust CDN.

And then by writing something, you can easily integrate it.

Along with this, you get very important features like Dedicated Fireball, One Click SSL Installation, Auto Healing Server, IP Whitelisting, Block Storage, Automatic Backup, etc.

5. Drupal Hosting:

Cloudways web hosting review

Drupal is also a CMS system just like WordPress.

Just as WordPress has plugins, Drupal has modules.

Which you can easily use to make your website more attractive.

If you want to create a brand new website or blog on Drupal.

Then many hosting companies provide hosting providers for special Drupal.

You can take the Drupal hosting plan from Cloudways if you go for a cloud managing service.

Cloudways provides you with many services and features along with it.

Along with this, he also manages the server himself, which is a very good thing.

These are some extra features that all the hosting servers of Cloudways ways are always ready to provide for the performance you need.

You can get the results of your choice with just a few clicks.

In this, you also get good support of security.

You can get the facility of such mobile installation, dedicated fireball, and auto-healing server with a single click.

You also get the facility of automated backup here so that the server does not crash or malware attack due to any problem.

Although the chances of such a situation are very less because its security is very good, still we should not take the risk.

You get good customer support 24/7 in this.

If there is any problem then the technical issue can be easily solved.

Cloudways Standard vs Premium 

It is very important to understand the premium and standard plans of Cloudways because only when we have a proper understanding between these two, we can think of taking our best Cloudways plan.

So let’s start.

Cloudways web hosting review

– If we talk about the pricing of these two, then the price of Cloudways Standard is $10, while talking about Cloudways Premium, then it is $12.

– If we talk about the processor of these two, then Cloudways Standard has 1 core processor and if we talk about Cloudways Premium, then it has 1 core-second generation Intel xeon scalable processor.

– If we talk about storage, then in both we get a chance to store 25GB data.

– If we talk about the slowest load time, then in Cloudways Standard, we get 6.7 sec here, the same is known in Cloudways Premium < 300ms.

– If we talk about performance from both here, then Cloudways Standard has normal performance, while talking about Cloudways Premium, then it has 2933 MHz memory frequency, due to which the server becomes very strong.

Cloudways affiliate

Cloudways affiliate program easy to join

Cloudways alternative

  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger
  • A2 Hosting
  • SiteGround
  • Kinsta
  • DreamHost

Cloudways vs Siteground

If we compare Cloudways and Siteground here, then we get to know a lot about which one we should pay more attention to.

Cloudways web hosting review
Source by: Cloudways & Siteground

– Talking about Cloudways, it has got a rating of 3.8, while talking about Siteground, it has got 4.3.

– The most basic plan in Cloudways starts at $7.50/mo, the same if we talk about Side Village, its basic plan starts at $2.99/mo.

– Free domains are not available in both of these.

– You can use only a credit card in Siteground but in addition to credit card in Cloudways, you can also use debit card, debit card and PayPal.

– The average speed of SiteGround is 217ms, while talking about Cloudways, its average speed is 229ms.

– Siteground Is monitored uptime is 99.99%, while talking about Cloudways, its monitored uptime is 99.98%.

– You get server location us, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Australia and Singapore in Siteground, if we talk about cloudways, then this 60 plus data center is in America, Europe, Australia and Asia.

– In Sound you get a 30 days money back guarantee, same you get 14 days free trial in Cloudways.


We did a Cloudways web hosting review, and by reading it, we have understood what Cloudways is and which plan is better for you.

In this, you also get many good features.

Along with this, the Cloudways website gives a 100% uptime guarantee.

In this, you can launch 10 maximum apps with one click.

You can clone the server here and copy different websites in one click.

You get a free migration so that you can migrate your website anywhere.

You can install unlimited applications after taking any of its plans.

You also get a dashboard to manage the account.

Apart from this, you also get a free trial without any credit card.

With this, you also get great customer support 24/7.

In this Cloudways review, I have told you about its 5 best hosting plans.

You can choose any plan according to your budget and can take advantage of all its features without any hassle.

I hope you liked this review.

If you have got this review, then you can share it with your friends and needy people.

You can read my other articles.

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How secure is cloudways?

Cloudways is the most secure web hosting company in today’s time.
Due to this the data of your website is provided fully protected and encrypted through HTTPS protocol.

here is Cloudways based?

Cloudways was formed in 2009 by 3 people.
Pere hospital, Aaqib gadit and Uzair gadit.
The headquarters of Cloudways is located on the island of Malta in Europe.
Apart from this, they also have other offices which are present in Spain and Dubai, in which a staff of more than 25 people is present to help.

Is cloudways fast?

When we talk about cloudways web hosting, now its uptime is around 99.99% and loading speed time comes to 400-600 milliseconds.
This in itself proves that the speed of this hosting company is very fast.
The biggest reason why the speed is so fast is that companies like Digital Ocean, Google Cloud, and AWS are their partners.

Should I use Cloudways?

This is a very good and reliable platform.
If you are looking at this platform from terms, you can be considered a good option for cloudways to host your website.
Very good service is available from Cloudways beginner to advanced level users.

Is Cloudways Any Good?

Cloudways is a very good company that provides us with offers and offers between affordability and functionality, due to which we can use the best cloud based managed WordPress hosting.  Its WordPress cloud server comes with very good features in which we can make our website grow easily.

Is Cloudways Good for WordPress?

If you want the best hosting then Cloudways is one of the best companies which is very secure.  Its loading speed time is 500ms, their support system also solves any problem easily in minutes.

Which Server Is Best On Cloudways?

Here we will talk about the top 5 servers of Cloudways.
– Digital ocean
– Google Cloud
– Linode
– Vultr

Is Cloudways Faster Than Siteground?

If we talk from a performance point of view, then both are fast and highly reliable providers.  In both, we get very good results from the hosting side.  In SiteGround, we love the uptime of our website, while in Cloudways, we get a lot of benefit in the loading speed.

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