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In this article, we are discussing protect your website content from chatgpt.

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Ever since chatGPT has come, bloggers and content creators are constantly living in the fear that some chatbot will steal their content and consume both their traffic and videos and it didn’t take much time to prove this fear right.

Chatgpt can also browse websites from now on.

A user can extract his information from the content of your website only through chatgpt without visiting your website.

But there is a very simple and well-known way to stop this theft.

To prevent the theft of Chatgpt, in today’s article, we will see both the problem and the solution.

So let’s get started

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Open Ai Launed Plugin

Openai on 23 March 2023, announced that soon there will be an option to install hi plugins in chatgpt.

Openai has given a list of 11 third-party companies whose plugins will appear in chatgpt soon.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

And also shared the demo of some of his extra plugins.

Chatgpt which till now has limited its training data.

These plugins are doing the work of making his hands or ears.

How do these chatgpt plugins work?

Example 1:

Many times it happens that we keep scrolling on Zomato or Swiggy for a long time, thinking we have eaten this, eaten that too, ordered from here, ordered from there too, but what to order now? Let’s do it.

Look at some pics we say, wow it looks perfect but it will take hours to ship to my address so how will it work?

Now Zomato and Swiggy can be set up for Chatgpt, you will normally type Chatgpt Windows.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

Your order history connects you with restaurants near you that can deliver orders in 30 minutes.

All this data is already with Zomato, the task of analyzing it is done by chatgpt, great scene.

Everyone needs this type of facility.

Example 2:

But now let’s look at another example, this is the browsing mode of chatgpt which can do the browsing on the internet, by visiting the website.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

Chatgpt is given the prompt “how do this year’s oscar winners compare to recently released movies for box office sales?”

This thing is from 10-15 days ago, chatgpt will not have this data.

Chatgpt starts browsing here you will also see the status in such a way that browsing to the web.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

If you tick this arrow, then you will see the small arrow, then you will see the steps, here he searched, clicked on this link, opened the article, read the content, then do another search and opened the article, he also paid and then now both After analyzing the content, you will give a reply.

This is also a good scene, isn’t it a good idea, this type of facility is all ok.

It is good for the one who needs this information, without clicking on any place, without searching on the internet, without applying your mind, you have got cooked food.

But, What Is The Benefit Of This Website

But these were the two websites that published this article.

What did he get from the article in whose face chatgpt gave this knowledge?

chatgpt is not showing the ad, neither is it clicking nor will it get any revenue.

Let me tell you one thing this is not a concept, this facility has already been made by OpenAI, this is their demo, and we are just showing it to you, in a few days this feature will come to everyone.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

So if you want chatgpt not to read your content and give direct information to the user, that means don’t steal your content.

So you have a very simple way to stop this piracy, chatgpt does not use bing to browse the internet.

Rather it has its own user agent named Chatgpt-User and this user agent that obeys robots.txt.

You can keep this browser of chatgpt away from your website by using robots.txt.

All you have to do is paste these two lines into your robots.txt file.

User-agent: ChatGPT-User

Disallow: /

You had to copy and paste these two lines as it is.

Now whatever content text is in your robots.txt file, do not delete it, let it remain as it is.

Protect Your Website Content from ChatGPT

Just paste these two lines in the last, and your work is done.

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One Suggestion For OpenAI

By the way, I have a suggestion for openai, it is already generating revenue through chatgpt plus.

This is not a free service like google search, they are getting money.

So why now openai has developed such a system that every time the chatgpt browser visits a website, the same fixed amount is given to the owner of that website?

Google AdSense pays money to show ads by visiting websites like this.

Similarly, as many times the chatgpt user agent visits a website, that times the website owner will earn a fixed amount.

Due to this website, owners get income from Adsense as well as chatgpt.

So they will not need to block chatgpt.

Chatgpt will get fresh content, same website owners will get income, this is only an idea, maybe it will happen in the future or not.

But until this is not happening, if you do not want anyone to use the content of your website, then paste this code in your robots.txt file, or steal the content from your website.


In this article, we are discussing protect your website content from chatgpt.

There are several steps you can take to prevent ChatGPT from using your website content. 

While neither method is easy, using a combination of technologies such as robots. txt can help provide a comprehensive solution. 

Please apply in the right way.

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