What is Google Freshness System Algorithm?

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In this article, we are discussing what is Google freshness system algorithm and how it works.

What Is Google Freshness System Algorithm

Friends, this is the 5th article of the Google Ranking Signal Series, in which we will learn about Google’s fifth ranking signal – Freshness Systems. 

For the first time, Google has published its list of Ranking Signals on the basis of which it ranks Websites and we have discussed all these Ranking Signals closely in different articles.

So if you see your career in the field of SEO or If you want to get your upcoming blog/website ranked at the top, then you must know about all these Ranking Factors.

Even if you read only one article in this series, you are not going to get any benefit if you do not read these Ranking Signals in sequence.

Then also you are not going to get any benefit, so if you really want to take advantage of this series if you want then read it from the beginning.

In this article, we are going to discuss the following questions related to Freshness Systems –

  • What is Freshness System?
  • How does Freshness System Algorithm work?
  • What is the impact of Freshness Systems on SEO?
  • How to optimize your website or pages for Freshness System?

Let us now know in detail all these Google Ranking Signals –

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what is Google freshness system algorithm

Since 2007, Google has had an algorithm called Freshness System, which looks at every Google search and decides whether to show normal content to this Google search or to give the latest fresh news, or to give the latest search query fresh content needed.

Here this Freshness does not mean that your content should be completely fresh or updated, only then it will rank in Google.

Always remember that Google does not always give top rank to new and updated pages only.

How Does Freshness System Algorithm Work?

Are fresh means fresh, so does this Ranking Signal mean that your website should be fresh or new or the content of your website should be new?

In how many days this content becomes old, and how many days you will update your content Should be updated, is the website not ranking because your content is out of date?

You will get to know the answer to all these questions from Amit Singhal, who is a Senior Software Engineer at Google. 

He created an algorithm in 2007 and this algorithm seems to calculate which Google user wants to see fresh content or which user should see fresh content in the search result.

If you search for Volcano in Google while sitting in Delhi, then this algorithm created by Google will understand that this user is in Delhi and there is no Volcano around it.

Then I will give this user normal articles related to Volcano in the search result and Videos should be shown, but if you search for this volcano sitting in America’s Hawaii State.

Then Google’s systems will understand that this user is currently near Mauna Loa, which is an active volcano in this world, from where lava keeps coming out, so Google’s systems show you such things in search results, which can save you from this Volcano.

Let us know what this algorithm of Amit Singhal detected here, due to which the user is getting to see different search results. Here, on the basis of the user’s location.

This Algorithm detected whether the user should be shown normal information/content related to volcanoes or should be shown articles related to the ways to avoid Active volcanoes and news about them.

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How Does Freshness System Affect SEO?

If this Query Deserve Freshness System feels that fresh content should be shown to the user for a search query, then fresh content is shown in the Google search result, otherwise, only normal search results are shown to the user.

The second meaning of this is that there is no need to keep updating every type of website by changing the appearance of its content because it does not make any difference in the ranking of your pages.

For example, suppose your website is related to Cooking Recipe and you have published the recipe for Paneer Butter Masala on your website, then there is no need to update this page because Paneer Butter Masala was made in May as it was made in July. 

Therefore, there will be no change on the basis of time or location on the page of this recipe. There is no need to update such pages just for Formality or for Ranking Factor.

How To Optimize a Website For Freshness System?

Now we come to the last question of this Google Ranking Signal, how to optimize your pages or website for this Freshness System Algorithm?

The answer to this question is quite simple if your website is about a topic or service, or product that deserves fresh content or that deserves fresh content, then in such a situation, you should keep updating your pages.

Now the question comes here how to find out that your website or topic or product is eligible for fresh content? You will know the answer to this question from the structure of this algorithm.

This Freshness System algorithm decides on the basis of three parameters whether fresh content is needed for a topic or query and these three parameters are as follows –

  • – Is that topic/query being covered in blogs and magazines?
  • – Is that topic/query being covered in the news site?
  • – How many people are actively searching or suddenly searching about that TopicQuery?

If a topic is being covered in blogs or magazines and news websites are also writing about that topic and suddenly people have started searching a lot about it, then Google considers that topic as a hot topic. 

That this is a topic about which people want to know more, people are interested in it and Google feels that there is a need to show more fresh content for this topic.

Therefore, if your website covers a topic that is usually in the news, is covered in blogs, or you cover a topic like breaking news, which people keep searching for, then in such a situation, you should have your pages.

There is a need to keep it fresh, keep it updated with the latest news, and add facts and reports to it. You will definitely get benefit from this.

But if your website is not in this category, then do not update your pages unnecessarily or for the show because you only waste your time by making minor changes to that page and changing its update date. 

Because this will not increase the rank of your website because Google does not rank the updated latest pages for every type of search.

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In this article, we are discussing what is Google freshness system algorithm and how it works.

So, friends, this was the 5th Google Ranking Signal – freshness system, which tells that we do not have to update the pages of our website without any reason, but we have to update only the content which is needed.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Ranking Signal, then definitely tell us. Your Feedback is useful to us.

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