Blog traffic increase Instantly: 5 Quick Tips You Need To Know

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In this article, we discuss How blog traffic increase instantly.

Who says? It is very difficult to bring Organic Traffic to Blog, now only Google will send a lot of Organic Traffic to your blog. 

Blog traffic increase Instantly

If you too were searching on the Internet that how to bring traffic to the blog? How to increase traffic on bloggers? So today you have come to the right place.

If you have also heard from someone or from somewhere that Organic Traffic cannot come in the new blog, then today this thing of yours will be proved wrong. 

Because today I am going to tell you my proven and successful strategies from which I also get a lot of organic traffic from Google.

See, if you work with the right strategies, then Google itself will send Organic Traffic to your blog. 

So let’s start and learn how to bring traffic to the blog. And will also learn about some new ways to bring Organic Traffic to Blog.

There are many benefits of bringing Organic Traffic to the blog such as:-

The authority of your blog increases

With Organic Traffic, you get Quality and Relevant Audience

If you do Affiliate Marketing then your sales increase.

Google AdSense also gives you good CPC and RPM

Branding of your blog is done as well as the reach of your audience increases.

So today I am going to share some of my successful strategies with you, which I myself use to bring Organic Traffic to my blog.

Let us know how to bring traffic to the blog. And how to increase traffic on bloggers?

5 Tips To Blog traffic increase Instantly

There are some easy ways by which you can also increase the ranking of your blog, get your blog ranked on the first page of google, and also bring organic traffic directly to your blog, let’s know: –

#1. Google Web Stories

Google Web Stories is no less than a boon for bloggers, if you have not yet started creating web stories from your blog, then you are preventing a lot of Organic Traffic from coming to your blog.

Through Web Stories, you can come to Google Discover Page, from which your Web Stories will be seen by those people who are your target audience.

And through Web stories, you can also do a lot of organic traffic drive in your blog because there you can put a link to your articles so that the user will visit your blog for more information.

What are web stories? How to make Web Stories? Read the articles below to know how to earn money by making more web stories: –

#2. Google Question Hub

If you want to know how to increase organic traffic to your blog? So it is very important for you to know about Google question hub.

Google Question hub is a free tool of Google itself, which Google has created for its publisher, if you are the owner of a blog or website where you publish content, then you can also join Google Question hub for free.

Here you will find those questions whose content is not yet published on the Internet and people are searching on those keywords and queries, you can publish the answers to these questions in your blog and put a link here.

From this also you will get direct organic traffic from google. This is a very good medium to get organic traffic to your blog and publish unique articles in your blog.

What is Google Question Hub? Read the article below to know how to sign in to Google question hub and how to bring organic traffic from here.

#3. Google Ranking

If your Blog or Blog Post makes its place in the Top 3 on the first page of Google, then what to say, you will get only organic traffic directly from Google.

When an Internet user will search for any of his queries from google and your blog is ranked on that keyword, then it will come directly from google to your blog. 

But it comes to the point, how to make a place in the top 3 of Google’s first page?

See there are thousands of Factors of Google Ranking but the biggest and most powerful factor is User Experience. 

If you improve your user experience with the blog content being published in your blog and blog, then you will get the ranking only.

That’s why you should always try to improve your user experience, let’s understand how you can bring your blog to the TOP 3:-

Quality Content

First of all, you have to publish quality content in your blog, such as content that is user-friendly and solves their queries and satisfies them.

Give complete information about the topic you are writing about, write more articles related to that topic, and link with each other.

So that Google feels that you have given complete information to your user and your user is also satisfied with your content.

Send user

When you publish the blog article, after that you send it to the user in that article. Understand carefully that you have published such an article and blog post which is very quality and useful for the user.

Now what you have to do is to share that article with those people who are your target audience so that those people will come to read your blog post. to stay

Pro Note: – Whenever a user reads your blog completely. Makes good comments about that. Or share with people on social media. Then Google records these activities that how many more pages people are viewing your blog, what is the bounce of your blog, as well as how much time the user spends in your blog, it decides how Google views your blog post. Sees from it, if all this is positive, then google increases your blog ranking very fast.

After writing a blog post, you have to share it only with your target audience, do not share your article anywhere, this will make a difference in the authority and ranking of your blog, share it only with your audience. for example

In Facebook Groups and Facebook pages where you have an audience.

Talk about your article through a YouTube channel.

Make web stories of your blog post as well and put a link to the article in it.

Promote articles through Instagram reels and YouTube shorts and Facebook reels

Share it on other social media where you have created your audience.

#4. Google Discovery

Google discovers is an option of google’s feed only when you open the google search application from your mobile then below that you must have also seen many articles, web stories, and short videos just by opening the google search application from a mobile It starts appearing below that, this is Google discover.

Google discovers is such a great feature that according to the interest and search behavior of the user, without searching the user, he already suggests the content of his choice, so that he can click on those articles and read them.

If your blog articles also come in google discover, then you will also get unlimited organic traffic from google so much that you cannot even think because these articles are seen only by those who are your audience.

If you want to know in detail what is google discover and how to bring blog articles to google discover, then read the articles given below.

#5. Google my business

Although Google My Business is for local businesses, here also you register your blog. 

Because from here also you get quality backlinks as well as an online presence. 

When you optimize your Google my business well, you will get sales, business, and traffic on your blog website from Google my business too.

From here also you will get to take a lot of traffic to your blog.

#6. Web Mention

Web mention is also a new way to bring organic traffic to your blog. 

This is a type of backlink that not only increases the ranking, and authority of your blog and website, but you can also increase the organic traffic of your blog.

What is Web Mention? How to increase the traffic of your blog by doing Web Mention?


Today we learned how to Blog traffic increase Instantly. How to get traffic on the blog? how to get organic traffic to your blog and how to increase traffic to your blog?

Whether the blog is on blogger or in WordPress, with these methods, both of you can bring a lot of traffic to the blog.

By the way, if you want to make a career in blogging for a long time, then you should make your own WordPress blog, here you have to take only one hosting, and that too is available on a very budget. 

With the hosting given below, you will also get a domain for free, from this I also use, and you will also learn how to make your own WordPress blog on this website.

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