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Today we will be discussing a full GrooveFunnels review or Groove.cm reviews in this article.

GrooveFunnels is a platform where you get many features.

Full GrooveFunnels Review
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You must have heard about Affiliate Marketing.

More than 90% of the businesses in the online world use affiliate marketing to get their product and service sold.

Affiliate marketing is such a way to earn money in which any content creator gets some commission when he sells a company’s product or service”.

In today’s time, this field is growing very fast.

GrooveFunnels plays a big role in doing affiliate marketing properly because doing affiliate marketing requires a lot of things.

GrooveFunnels we can say that it is an all-in-one tool.

So let us try to understand this tool in depth.

Let’s start.

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Here We Start Full GrooveFunnels Review Firstly, What Is GrooveFunnels?

If you are also interested in affiliate marketing, then you must have heard about GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels is a funnel-building platform, apart from many other features that can help you do marketing on your own.

With the help of this platform, you can easily run a successful and useful online business.

It provides you with many such tools, due to which it is easy to do your work.

In this, you get many features such as Groove Sales, Groove Pages, Groove Emails, etc.

Although it has many features, according to your plan.

Who Owns GrooveFunnels?

GrooveDigital is its parent company whose CEO is Mike Filsaime.

He is also called the leader of the online market.

It belongs to the Author, Speaker, Software Developer, and Consultant.

Apart from these, other leaders in this company are John Cornetta, Matt Serralta, and Mattijs Naus.

Who Should Invest In GrooveFunnels?

By the way, GrooveFunnels is a tool that everyone can use.

Whoever wants to make his online business successful and is looking for such a tool, then he can definitely use it.

But today we will tell specifically why this tool can be useful:

  • – E-commerce Stores
  • – Digital Marketing Agencies
  • – Content Creator
  • Startups
  • – Coaches
  • – Authors
  • – Consultant
  • – Online Courses
  • – Affiliate Marketers
  • – Membership Websites

Who Should Not Invest In GrooveFunnels?

There are many people and businesses who should not invest in it such as:

  • – Already using other tools
  • – Who has a limited budget
  • – Who needs immediate results

GrooveFunnels Marketing Tools And Its Features

As we told you that GrooveFunnels has many tools which can prove to be very useful for any digital marketer.

You can use these tools according to your pricing plan.

Here we try to understand briefly its tools and Features.

GrooveSell: With the help of this tool, you get access to its payment gateway.

You can get many things done in it such as digital products, physical products, subscriptions, membership, etc.

GrooveMail: This is its email marketing solution, you get all the features found in other email services like Tag subscribers, voice broadcasting, Automate Sequence, do text, etc.

GrooveVideo: In this, if you create your own landing page, then it allows you to upload and host any video in it.

GrooveQuiz: Quiz is a great way to grow and build your email marketing list.

GrooveQuiz allows you to easily create quizzes and integrate them with your sales funnels.

You can also create surveys with the help of this tool, in which you get the information of your target audience.

– GroovePages: With the help of this tool, you can easily create a website, landing pages, sales funnel, etc.

GrooveAffiliate: It also has an appellate program in which it pays a 20% recurring commission when any person signs up by you.

GrooveMember: You can create and manage a membership website in this.

 Apart from this, it also gives you a content management system, only a few members can access it.

EmailLeads: With this tool, you can easily collect and organize your email leads.

This is a feature that is not available in its free plan.

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GrooveFunnels Affiliate Program

If you are one of those who want to earn money through Affiliate Marketing.

So GrooveFunnels helps you to earn extra income.

If you are a new member and want to join its affiliate program then you get a 20% commission.

But if someone also signs up for free through your link then you get a 5% commission.

If you are an old permanent member then it gives you a chance to earn 40% commission.

Apart from this, if someone does free signup through your link, then you get a 10% commission.

GrooveFunnels Examples

There are so many businesses that use the group’s tap service.

But we have found just for your websites that use tap-on groups.

And in today’s time, generating a lot of revenue in the online world.

Apart from this, his popular tools are increasing exponentially.

So let us know about those websites:

  • – DaveStevenSpeaks
  • – Mike Filsaime
  • – AJ Paris

Is GrooveFunnels Worth It?

This platform is very good, it has many such features which make your work easy.

Here it tries to provide maximum value to you, due to which you can easily create your online brand.

Its free plan is very useful for those people who cannot spend money right away.

But if you stay connected with it for a long time, then you definitely get the benefit of it somewhere in the future.

You can save a lot of money because of this and you can easily build your business online.

GrooveFunnels Pricing

If you want the most basic feature of GrooveFunnels, then its free plan is best for you.

But if you need its premium plan then you have to invest in its Starter or Pro plan.

Right now, if you want to use all its features, you will have to purchase its lifetime membership which comes to $1,397.

But the biggest drawback of this offer is that it is a limited-time offer.

When this offer ends, you will have to pay either $79 or $239 every month.

– You get to use many things in the pre-plan such as GrooveAffiliate, GroovePages Lite, GrooveSell, etc.

– You get more advanced features in its starter plan such as GrooveMails, GrooveMember, GroovePagesPro, GrooveVideo, GrooveEmailLeads, EmailAffiliate, etc.

But when you invest in its pro plan, you get all the features.

Some of them are important features such as GrooveDesk, GrooveCalender, GrooveBlog, GrooveSurvey, GrooveQuiz, etc.

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GrooveFunnels review Pros & Cons

Although we have to talk a lot about it, now if I do not talk about its advantage  & Disadvantages, then this GrooveFunnels review will be incomplete.

First of all, we will talk about its advantages, and after that, we will come to its disadvantages.


  • – This is an online all-in-one marketing tool.
  • – You do not need to pay separately in this to connect with this pick third-party tool.
  • – This is a very good landing page builder, which is very easy to use.
  • With the help of this, you can sell your product or service very easily.
  • – It is very easy to make different types of funnels in it.


  • – You have to learn it before running this platform, even today errors come in its beta version.
  • – Although there are many tools available in it, not all are in usable form.
  • – It is not easy for any newbie to drive.

GrooveFunnels Login?

Login to GrooveFunnels is very easy, let’s understand its step-by-step process

  • – First of all, you have to open its website on Google.
  • – You can create your account by clicking on the login button in it with your name and email id.
  • – After doing this, you will have to enter a unique username.
  • – After this, you will have to set your one-unit password.
  • – After that, you will get a button that will read “Get Free Access” and click on it.

What Is GrooveFunnels SDK?

The full form of SDK is the “Software Development Kit”.

This is a model, and a lot of tools are needed to develop it.

You can say that you need a complete kit for this.

For which we need some device to keep it safe.

When you have done this, you can use it according to your need.

You can decide to use it in a particular form or you can even sell it.

GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels

Both are very good funnel platforms, so let us now try to find the difference between them.

First of all, we will talk about GrooveFunnels here, after that, we will talk about ClickFunnels.


  • – You get lifetime free access to the funnel builder in it.
  • – You can host many videos in it at once.
  • – You get the automatic digital calendar in it
  • – You get a ticketing system to increase the queries in it.
  • – If you want your page to load fast, then you can use its progress in the JavaScript platform.
  • – If you need a blogging platform, then you can use its GrooveBlog.


  • – If you need a huge library of digital marketing content, then you can use it.
  • – Customer service is good on this, so you can call anytime.
  •  – You also get a stellar template for each of your operations.
  •  – You can integrate your sales pipeline into it.

GrooveFunnels Best Alternative

You have read the complete review of GrooveFunnels, but even after that, if you feel that this tool is not of many benefits to you.

So we have brought for you its alternative on which you can focus.

  • – ClickFunnels
  • – Leadpages
  • – Instapage
  • – Pagewiz
  • – OptimizePress
  • – Landingi
  • – Unbounce

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Today we did a full GrooveFunnels review of this article and see how it can be of use to us.

This is a very good online all-in-one platform that we can use to grow our online business.

We also understood that it is not suitable for everyone to use.

But many people can use it easily because its free version is very beneficial.

Have you ever used any such platform?

Or are you currently using a platform that closely matches it?

You can tell me by commenting below and sharing it with your friends.

You can also read my other article.

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Is GrooveFunnels better than ClickFunnels?

Definitely Yes, because you get to use better tools than ClickFunnels in GrooveFunnels.
So we can very easily say that it is a better tool than ClickFunnels.

Is GrooveFunnels really free?

Yes, as of now GrooveFunnels has a free plan.
In this plan, you get some free features to use, but this facility is available only for a limited time.

Is GrooveSell legit?

Yes, this is an absolutely legit tool, because all the offers are very good.
Along with this, you also get free access to it, with the help of this, you can generate a good commission in affiliate marketing.

What are the benefits of GrooveFunnels?

Selling and marketing products or services.
Converting traffic into paying customers.
Digital marketing goals.
Attracting organic traffic.
What are the benefits of GrooveFunnels?
Creating sales funnels.

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