15 Best SEO Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

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Today in this article we will know which are the best SEO affiliate programs.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

A company pays its affiliates for each customer brought in as a result of affiliate marketing, which is a performance-based marketing strategy. 

Affiliates use a special affiliate link to advertise the company’s goods and services, and they are paid a commission when a customer makes a purchase after clicking that link.

In this article, we’ll focus on affiliate programs that specifically focus on search engine optimization (SEO), or SEO. 

These programs give affiliates the chance to generate income by promoting SEO-related goods and services such as keyword research tools, backlink services, and SEO training programs.

There are many benefits of SEO affiliate marketing programs.

As businesses and website owners strive to increase their search engine rankings and increase organic traffic, there is a high demand for SEO-related goods and services. 

Second, affiliate programs for SEO can offer large commissions; Some of these programs offer 50 percent or more in commission. 

Finally, you can use your own SEO knowledge to create high-quality content that attracts specific audiences and has good conversion rates as an affiliate.

So let’s get started.

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What is an SEO affiliate program?

A special type of affiliate program that focuses on goods or services related to search engine optimization (SEO) is called an SEO affiliate program. 

Unlike other types of affiliate programs, SEO affiliate programs provide goods or services such as SEO training courses, backlink services, and keyword research tools.

By using specific affiliate links to advertise these goods or services to their audience, SEO affiliates can make money. 

When a customer clicks on their link and buys something, the affiliate receives a cut of the sale. 

Commission rates can range from 5% to 50% or more depending on the program and product being promoted.

The fact that there is a high demand for SEO-related goods and services is an advantage of promoting affiliate programs for SEO. 

Many companies and website owners are always looking for ways to increase their search engine rankings and increase organic traffic to their websites. 

SEO affiliates can make huge commissions by promoting goods and services that can help them achieve their objectives.

Another advantage of promoting SEO affiliate programs is that it can use its SEO knowledge to produce high-quality content that attracts targeted traffic and converts well. 

For example, a keyword research-focused affiliate might produce articles that highlight the benefits of a specific tool and provide advice on how to use it well.

Overall, SEO affiliate programs give affiliates a great opportunity to promote goods and services in a highly in-demand market and profit from significant commissions. 

To maximize your earning potential with any affiliate program, it’s important to choose the best products to promote and produce high-quality content that connects with your audience.

Criteria for selecting the best SEO affiliate programs

There are several important factors to keep in mind when assessing SEO affiliate programs in order to select the best programs to promote. Consists of these elements:

  • Commission Rates: As an affiliate, you will be paid a commission as a percentage of sales. It is important to look for programs that offer competitive commission rates because higher commission rates can result in higher earnings.
  • Cookie Duration: Cookie duration describes how long the cookie will remain on the customer’s browser after clicking on your affiliate link. If the customer makes a purchase during the cookie period, you will receive a commission. It’s important to look for programs that offer longer cookie periods because they give you more time to earn commissions from repeat purchases.
  • Product Capabilities: Your affiliate income can be affected by the capabilities of the products you promote. If the product is of high quality and provides value, customers are more likely to make a purchase, which will increase your commission.
  • Brand reputation: As an affiliate, your income can be affected by the reputation of the brand you are promoting. It’s important to look for programs that partner with reputable brands because consumers are more likely to purchase from a company they know and trust.
  • Affiliate Support: The success of your affiliate program can be greatly influenced by the quality of your affiliate support. To effectively promote your products, look for programs that provide support and resources.
  • Payment Options: It is important to think about the payment options affiliates have because some programs may only offer payment through specific platforms or have minimum payment requirements that you may find unsuitable.

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Top 15 SEO affiliate programs for earning extra income

  • 1. Semrush(Be-rush)
  • 2. The Hoth
  • 3. Seo reseller
  • 4. Longtail pro
  • 5. Authority hacker
  • 6. SEO power suite
  • 7. Mangools
  • 8. Accuranker
  • 9. Serpstat
  • 10. Ninjaoutreach
  • 11. Spyfu
  • 12. Linkable
  • 13. Affiliate SEO mastery
  • 14. SurferSEO
  • 15. Link whisper

1. semrush (berush) affiliate program

Semrush affiliate program is considered to be the number one affiliate program for any content creator.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

You can earn a decent income by doing this.

There are more than 4 million people using this tool around the world.

The biggest reason for this is that it gives the freedom to earn a 40% recurring commission in its affiliate program.

Its affiliate marketing network is named be-rush.

If you want to promote it then you must try it because it has features with the help of which you can do keyword research as well as competitive analysis.

The most important feature is:

  • -Keyword research
  • -Organic research
  • -Backlink analysis
  • -Brand monitoring
  • -Position tracking
  • -Site audit etc.

Joining the be-rush affiliate marketing program is very easy and free.

When you are on the registration page on it.

All you have to do is enter your email ID and your password, with the help of which you can access its applications.

2. The Hoth affiliate program

This Hoth is also a successful company in the world that provides us with many SEO tools.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

The most important of which are-

  • -SEO audit
  • -Rank checker
  • -Keyword research
  • -LSI Keywords
  • -PPC Calculator etc.

In fact, there are many SEO packages available, which you can definitely do.

This company has many products which you can easily affiliate which are:

  • -Hoth guest post
  • -Hoth video
  • -Hoth business listing
  • -Hoth PPC
  • -Hoth x etc.

In this, you can get a 25% commission, in which you get a cookie period of 60 days.

3. SEO reseller affiliate program

It is a digital marketing agency that does all the work of SEO, in which link building, social media, and web design are their important services.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

Some of their important services are:

  • -Resell web design
  • -Resell PPC Service
  • -Content writing
  • -SEO Software
  • -Resale SEO tools affiliate program
  • -Resale social media etc.

If you are successful in promoting and selling their services, then you get a 6% commission.

You get paid through PayPal, the minimum threshold should be $100.

You get your payment twice a month or every 14 days.

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4. Long-tail pro affiliate program

If you want to work on keywords that can rank easily.

Then you should look to Long-tail Keyword Pro for that.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

With the help of this, you can easily rank on the SERP page of any search engine.

It is being used by more than 60,000+ marketing teams and search engine optimization agencies around the world.

In this, you get a 30% recurring commission.

Apart from this, you also get a cooking duration of 1 year in it.

5. Authority hacker affiliate program

It has been more than 7 years since they came to the platform.

Which became very popular very quickly.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

In time, this platform is considered if someone wants to get their website online authority.

It has many training products, the most important of which are: The Authority Site System, Authority Hacker Pro, and The Shotgun skyscraper blueprint.

In this, you get cookies for a period of 60 days.

In this, you can earn a lifetime commission on one sale.

You get paid once a month, it is through PayPal.

If you promote and sell, then you know that you will get more than $ 900 commission.

6. SEO power suite affiliate program

SEO Power Suite is a very good platform for search engine optimization.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

Which is used by more than a million customers around the world, in which there are giants like IBM and Nestle.

Websites tracker, backlink analysis, and website auditor is powerful search engine optimization and outreach tool.

Most of the tasks on this platform are automated which becomes very easy.

SEO PowerSuite affiliate program, When you start promoting and selling its plane, then you start earning a good commission.

Its commission is 33%, which you can earn very well with the help of the recurring commission.

Apart from this, there is a cookie duration of 120 days.

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7. Kwfinder by mangools affiliate program

This is a tool with the help of which you can do almost all the work of SEO.

It includes more powerful tools like SERP Watcher, Link Miner, Site Profiler, etc.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

If you join its affiliate program then you can easily start earning.

You can also use affiliate links, which very well have been told about affiliate product commission.

If you promote well by joining this affiliate program, then you can earn more than $ 500 every month.

The more you sell their higher plans, the more you are likely to get a high commission.

There are some benefits of using a tool such as:

  • -KW Finder Research Tool
  • -SERP Analyzer
  • -Keyword rank tracking
  • -Backlink analysis
  • -SEO matrix feature

In this, you also get a free trial for the first 10 days.

In this, you can earn a 30% recurring commission which has a cookie period of 30 days.

Your affiliate commission gets confirmed within 30 days.

You can withdraw your payment only if you can get the threshold of $150.

You get all its payments via PayPal.

8. Accuranker affiliate program

Accuranker is considered to be the fastest keyword rank checker tool in the world.

It is used by more than 20,000+ SEO agencies, consultants, and big brands.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

Apart from rank tracking tools, you also get one-on-one best practice sessions as well as self-help guides.

Like other affiliate programs,  Accuranker also pays a recurring commission.

If someone takes their service from your link, then you get a 20% monthly payment.

In this, the duration of cookies is 120 days.

You can also use its free trial for 14 days.

9. Serpstat affiliate program

If you just want to promote Affordable SEO tools then this will be considered as the best for profit.

It is much cheaper than other search engine optimization tools whose starting plan starts from $69.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

It has different payment commissions as compared to other tools.

When you generate the first three, you get a 5% commission.

If you generate payments between 4 to 10, you get a 10% commission.

If you generate 11 to 20 payments, then you get a 20% commission.

And if you make 21 payments, you get a total commission of 30%.

If you have just started your affiliate journey, then you should think of a cheap affiliate tool.

Some of its important features are:

  • -Keyword research
  • -Site audit
  • -Keyboard clustering
  • Text analysis
  • -Search Analysis
  • -Audition Tracking
  • -Keyword trends etc.

You can take your payout only once a month with a 30% commission in it, in which your minimum withdrawal should be $50.

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10. Ninjaoutreach: Best affiliate programs for influencers

This is a huge platform that most influencers use.

You can easily find Influencers’ Profiles and Business profiles in any category.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

Some of its important features are:

  • -Business lead generation
  • -Find Instagram Influencers
  • -Find Top Twitter Influencer
  • -Influencer marketing agency software
  • -link-building software
  • -Contact relationship management

Apart from this, it gives you a 20% recurring commission lifetime.

In this you get a monthly commission it takes 60 days for your sale to be approved, its minimum payout is $100.

11. Spyfu affiliate program

SpyFu affiliate program is a high-paying SEO affiliate program with the help of which you can earn recurring income.

In this, you get 40% commissions.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

If you are able to sell high planes, there is an equal chance that you will get a high commission.

This research tool gives you information about PPC analysis, competitor analysis, and keyword tracking.

Some of its important features are:

  • -You can search any domain in it.
  • -In this, you can see what is the ranking of any domain on SERP.
  • -You can see all three keywords on your competitors
  • -You can also see all the organic keywords on your competitors.
  • -You can also see the advertisement variations of your competitors.
  • -In this, you can also find the long-tail Keyword.
  • -You can also easily do PPC keyword research in this.

In this, you get a recurring commission of 40%, in which the cookie period is 1 year.

You can withdraw your commission twice a month through PayPal.

The minimum commission in the account should be $100.

12. Linkable affiliate program

In the platform with the help of which you can easily create backlinks.

With its help, you can easily identify the backlink of any website.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

High-quality backlinks can be created on any website.

This is also a very good platform for freelancers who freelance their writing skills and earn easy money.

If you want to earn a recurring commission then you have to earn $500 first.

There is no limit when you make an SEO referral program in this.

With the help of this platform, you get pre-made banners that you can promote.

In this, you get a cookie period of 90 days.

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13. Affiliate SEO mastery affiliate program

This is a premium training program in which you can create a highly profitable affiliate website in any category with the help of their 3-step formula.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

You can easily earn a 50% commission on every sale.

If you join the program for this, then you get lifetime access to their courses.

You can join their program then you get promotional material with the help of which you can easily promote their product.

14. SurferSEO affiliate program

If you want to get a lot of traffic on your website by doing content marketing properly then this tool is for you.

It tells you the target keyword around which you can create your content.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

It is very simple to work with, more than 4000+ search engine optimization specialists and digital marketers are using this tool around the world.

This tool creates ease for small business owners as well as large enterprises.

Surf affiliate program, with its help, you can grab a very large targeted audience for your affiliate sales.

In this, you get a 25% recurring commission.

Its cookie duration is 60 days.

15. Link whisper affiliate program

If you already know about Search Engine Optimization, then you would know how big a role internal linking plays in the ranking of your website.

Best SEO Affiliate Programs

This tool is very useful in the link-building of your website.

It makes smart internal linking to your website with the help of artificial intelligence.

All you have to do is save the word on which you want to do internal linking and your internet linking thing is done.

In this, you get a 30% recurring commission for this percentage, and till now they have not told the cooking duration in front of everyone.

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16. SEO AI affiliate program

Joining Longshot’s successful affiliate network will provide you the opportunity to earn a lifetime commission of up to 60%.

As a result, using this fantastic SEO AI article creation tool will benefit you and earn you significant commissions.

Get 40% for the first 20, 50% for the next 21–50, and 60% for the last 50 signups.

17. ahrefs affiliate program

Around five years ago, we had one, but for a number of reasons (see below), we had to stop.
So we don’t have an affiliate program right now.
We also don’t have any future intentions to restart it.
If a blogger links to our website via an affiliate link, it was probably written in the past. In any case, the affiliate link is no longer active.

Tips for succeeding as an SEO affiliate

Successfully promoting SEO affiliate programs can take time and effort, but with the appropriate strategies and tactics, your chances of success can increase. To help you be successful as an SEO affiliate, consider the following advice.

  • Create Valuable Content: Creating valuable content that adds value to your audience will help you attract targeted visitors and convert them into paying customers. This can be done through articles on blogs, movies, podcasts, or social media posts that highlight the benefits of the products you promote.
  • Profit from Social Media: Promoting SEO affiliate programs through social media can be a very effective strategy. Consider using social media advertising to establish a strong presence and connect with your target market on websites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  • Using paid advertising wisely: can help you increase traffic to your affiliate links. To maximize your ROI, be sure to monitor your results closely and modify your campaigns as needed.
  • Establish trust with your audience to convert them into customers: Promote only those items that you strongly believe in and that you would personally use. Be honest and open about the products you’re promoting.
  • Avoid Common Mistakes: There are several common errors that can damage your reputation as an affiliate, such as spamming your audience with affiliate links, endorsing shoddy stuff, or failing to disclose your affiliate relationship. Fail. Be sure to follow the standards and best practices for ethical affiliate marketing.

Ultimately, the secret to success as an SEO affiliate is to focus on providing value to your audience. You can improve your chances of success and generate bigger commissions as an affiliate by creating high-quality content, developing trust, and promoting stuff that really benefits your audience.

Bonus SEO affiliate programs for bloggers and best affiliate programs for beginners


Today we have learned in this article the best SEO affiliate programs.

Lastly, to maximize your affiliate earnings, it is important to choose the best SEO affiliate program. 

Commission rates, cookie duration, product quality, brand reputation, affiliate support, and payment options are all important considerations when evaluating programs. 

You can choose programs that are more likely to result in increased earnings and fruitful partnerships by focusing on these elements.

If you want to be successful as an SEO affiliate, start by creating high-quality content, using social media, using paid ads judiciously, developing trust with your audience, and avoiding common mistakes.

You can improve your chances of success and generate massive affiliate commissions by providing real value to your audience and promoting goods that meet their needs.

If you are interested in becoming an SEO affiliate then start looking into the programs that best match your interests and objectives. 

Spend some time analyzing different programs to determine which has the best chance of success. 

You can start a lucrative career as an SEO affiliate and make a lot of money with the right methods and strategy.

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