How to Use Chat GPT-4 for Free?

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In this article, we are discussing, how to use Chat GPT-4 for free.

How To Use Chat Gpt-4 For Free

A lot of creators of content want to test out the new AI capabilities following OpenAI’s recent announcement about the creation of its most recent language model, GPT-4. 

GPT-4, however, is not yet open to the general public and is only available to paying ChatGPT Plus customers. 

Thankfully, there are still several websites that allow free access to and use of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4).

So let’s get started

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What is ChatGPT-4?

The AI-driven language model ChatGPT-4 was created by OpenAI. 

It is built on the GPT-3 architecture and intended to produce responses to natural language cues that are human-like. 

It can produce text in a range of styles and formats because it was trained on an extensive text dataset. 

One of the most innovative language models now readily available ChatGPT-4 has a wide range of possible uses in industries like education, healthcare, and customer service.

How To Use Chat Gpt-4 For Free

It is simple to use ChatGPT-4, and there are numerous free access options available. 

Few of the most widely used techniques:

Use on Bing

Yes, the following instructions will show you how to use ChatGPT-4 on Bing for free:

  • Go to the Bing search engine by opening your web browser.
  • Enter the natural language prompt or question you wish ChatGPT-4 to react to in the search bar.
  • Enter a keyword or use the search box.
  • Using ChatGPT-4, Bing will produce an answer to your query.
  • Review the response and determine whether it is accurate and relevant.
  • To obtain a better response, you may want to tweak your question or try an alternative one.
  • Use ChatGPT-4 on Bing to generate accurate and relevant responses by repeating steps 2 through 6 as necessary.

Use OpenAI Playground

You can communicate with ChatGPT-4 in real time through the OpenAI Playground, a web-based interface. You don’t need to install any software or create an account to submit prompts and receive results right away. The Playground, which is available on the OpenAI website for free, is a fantastic way to get started with ChatGPT-4.

Use Ora

On the website Ora, GPT-4 is accessible without charge. 

Follow these steps to use Ora:

  • Register for an account on the Ora website.
  • You will have access to a dashboard where you can begin using GPT-4 after you have registered.
  • The GPT-4 API can then be used to create text that you can use for your applications.

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Use Hugging Face

Another website that offers free access to GPT-4 is Hugging Face. 

Follow these instructions for using Hugging Face:

  • Get an account by visiting the Hugging Face website.
  • You will have use to the GPT-4 API after signing up.
  • The API can then be used to generate text that you can utilize for your projects.

Use EleutherAI

A community-run company called EleutherAI offers free access to GPT-4. 

Take the following actions to use EleutherAI:

  • Enter EleutherAI by creating an account on their website.
  • You will have access to the GPT-4 model once you have registered.
  • The model can then be used to create text that you can utilize for your projects.

Use GPT-3

Despite being GPT-4’s predecessor, GPT-3 is nonetheless an extremely powerful language processing system. 

Use GPT-3 by doing the following:

  • Get an API key by visiting the OpenAI website and registering.
  • You can use GPT-3 to create text and use it for your projects once you get the API key.

Use Colab

Access to a number of AI and machine learning models, including GPT-4, is available through the free cloud-based platform Colab. 

To use Colab, take the following actions:

  • Create a Colab account by visiting the website.
  • After registering, you can start using GPT-4 and making a new notebook.

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Tips and Tricks for Using ChatGPT-4

Despite the fact that ChatGPT-4 is a strong tool, there are some recommended practices to follow when utilizing it. 

To help you get the most out of this powerful language model, consider the following ideas and tips:

Be Specific: It’s crucial to be as specific as you can when entering prompts for ChatGPT-4. A relevant and correct response from ChatGPT-4 is more likely to be generated if your request is more detailed. Consider asking “What are the best online resources for learning Python for beginners?”

Use Context: 

ChatGPT-4 is built to produce answers based on the prompt’s context. Additional context or information will help ChatGPT-4 produce a more relevant and precise response. Try asking “What is the population of Paris, the capital of France,” as an example, rather than “What is the capital of France?”

Experiment with Prompt Length: ChatGPT-4’s answer quality might vary greatly depending on the length of the prompt you enter. Shorter prompts may occasionally be more efficient, whilst longer ones may be required to provide the model with enough data to produce a suitable answer. Test with various prompt lengths to find which suits your particular use case the best.

Fine-Tune the Model: The model can still be fine-tuned for particular tasks or domains even though ChatGPT-4 has been trained on a sizable text dataset. You can raise the standard of ChatGPT-4’s replies by adding more training data or adjusting the model’s settings. Although fine-tuning calls for some technical know-how, there are plenty of internet tools to get you started.

Evaluate the Responses: Review the Comments: ChatGPT-4 is a strong tool, however, it is not perfect. In order to make sure that the model’s outputs are correct and relevant, it is crucial to analyze them. The effectiveness of the responses produced by ChatGPT-4 can be evaluated using human evaluation, automated evaluation measures, or a mix of both.

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In this article, we are discussing, how to use Chat Gpt-4 for free.

While it may appear difficult, it is not impossible to get GPT-4 for free. 

You can access GPT-4 and utilize it for your projects by visiting the websites listed above. 

We hope that this tutorial has been useful in supplying you with the knowledge you need to gain free access to GPT-4.

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Can you use GPT-4 for free?

Yes, for this you can use these platforms:
Use on Bing
Use OpenAI Playground
Use Ora
Use Hugging Face
Use EleutherAI
Use GPT-3
Use Colab

Is ChatGPT API free?

Users may easily create excellent content and learn new ideas because to Chat GPT’s user-friendly interface and extensive knowledge base.

Can we use ChatGPT for free?

ChatGPT is it free? Yes, ChatGPT is currently free to use.

How to use ChatGPT for free without login?

Several browser add-ons allow you to use ChatGPT without having an OpenAI account. With the help of these add-ons, users can communicate with the service without ever leaving the browser thanks to the integration of ChatGPT technology.

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