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In this article we are discussing, what is link juice in SEO.

What Is Link Juice In SEO

When it comes to backlinks in SEO, Link Juice is undeniably discussed. 

However, do you understand what is link juice, how important it is for website ranking, and how to get link juice?

If you are unsure of the answers to the questions above and want to learn everything, then continue reading this article till the end. 

Let’s go straight to this article and without wasting much time, know more about Link Juice.

So let’s get started 

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What Is Link Juice In Seo

Every time another website links to your website with a Do Follow link, your website will value that link. 

In the language of SEO, Link Juice is a form that a website gets from Do Follow Backlink.

A backlink’s ability to pass link juice is prevented by adding a no-follow tag. 

Only following backlinks can get link junk.

Types of link juice

There are mainly two types of link juices:

Internal Link Juice

The link juice that is passed when you hyperlink within your website is known as internal link juice. You can increase the value of link juice for your website by using internal linking.

External Link Juice

External link juice is the link juice that passes through to another website or webpage when you provide it with a do-follow link in your website or webpage.

The terms “external link” and “backlink,” which are interchangeable, are often misunderstood. 

Use an example to help you understand. Consider the case where website A links to website B. 

Now, the link will be an external link to website A and a backlink to website B.

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How To Create Link Juice

By now we’ve pretty much figured out what Link Juice is; Next, we’ll learn how to make it. 

There are three main ways to make link juice.

Direct link building

Direct link building is the process by which we generally do follow backlinks independently. 

For guest posts, article submissions, profile submissions,s, etc, this is known as link building.

There are many websites that provide easy-to-follow backlinks, and some websites do this through comments as well. 

By searching those websites you can get Link Juice and create Backlinks.

Indirect links building

A process is known as “indirect link building” involves other websites enjoying our content links and building backlinks for us instead of doing any link-building for us. 

It has a different name called Link Earning.

You can get a lot of links if you write complete content that is worth linking to. 

Such backlinks quickly improve rankings because they tell Google that the webpage has valuable content.

How Exactly Does Seo Link Juice Work?

If you pay close attention while reading this article, it is very easy to understand the importance of link juice in SEO.

Consider two websites A and B which have articles about the same keywords. 

Both of those websites have valuable content and excellent on-page SEO.

The matrix is simply the link juice that the search engines recognize as such. 

A website’s ranking will be good if it has accumulated more link juice. 

Link juice, or more specifically follow-up backlinks from high authority websites, is another important element in getting a website to rank for high competition keywords.

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Will Build More Links Increase Link Juice?

We’ll visit similar websites A.com and B.com to answer the question that’s probably on your mind now: Will building more links increase the amount of link juice I get?

Suppose website A has two backlinks from websites with an authority of 70 each, while website B has five backlinks from websites with an authority of 20, as shown in the example.

Now compare them: A.com has 140 link juice while B.com has only 100 link juice. 

As a result, the website A.com has more link juice.

Therefore the website with the most high-quality backlinks will have the most link juice.

You should always focus on the quality of backlinks rather than the quantity.

When Will The Value Of The Link Be High

Link Juice has come in front of us so far. 

Know now when the link value is high and when it is low.

1. A link is most valuable if it appears on the homepage of another website; If it appears on the category page it is less so; And if it appears in one article it is the least.

2. The value of the link is highest at the beginning of the article, and it is lowest at the end. This order of importance continues.

3. A link decreases in value if it is received from the same website twice or more, while it increases in value if it comes from a website that did not previously have the link.

4 – The value of a link from a website that has already received a link from an authoritative website to your website.

5 – The value of a link will increase if it comes from a frequently updated website. If a link is discovered from such a page which is rarely or never updated, then the value of that link also decreases.

7 – External links are more valuable than internal links.

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In this article we are discussing, what is link juice in SEO.

An abundance of link juice is usually present on older websites. 

Without any external link-building, a strong internal linking or redirection strategy can yield remarkable results.

After you’ve eliminated the quick wins, a solid backlink strategy will ensure that your site’s authority continues to grow.

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What is link juice?

Link juice is a term used to describe and quantify the power that a backlink provides to another website.

What is link juice with example?

Nothing more than a component of ranking optimization, Link Juice directs each link to a landing page. If your post includes links to other pages.

Is it link juice or link equity?

Link equity, also known as “link juice”, refers to the authority or value that a linking page gives to the page or pages it links to. This value is dependent on many variables, including the topical relevance and authority of the linking page, the overall authority of the site, and more.

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