11 Emerging Technologies In SEO To Look For In 2022

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Today in this article we will discuss & understand the emerging technologies in SEO.

Seo in such industries of the world, nothing remains constant in this.

 Emerging Technologies In SEO

The things which are working today do not necessarily work in the future.

That’s why if you belong to this industry.

Then you should know what are its emerging SEO friendly technologies?

Apart from this, you should pay attention to one thing: which technology is evergreen in SEO.

And which technology can change anytime.

If you can easily figure out what is going to change, then you can keep your business at the top of the competition game.

That is why in this post we will see 11 emerging technologies that will be useful to you, and which can impact your work.

If you want to increase your SEO strategies and process to the next level in 2022 or after that.

So you should know very well about emerging technology that is right for your business.

So let’s get started.

SEO Brief

Speaking of SEO Brief, it seems that we are talking about our content brief, a document that helps everyone understand through writing content what exactly is in that content and for which audience. 

Most of the brand voice and tone, targeted audience is all that comes in this type of brief.

Free SEO Checklist

It is very easy to see the SEO checklist, you have to pay attention to them.

  • – Always use the focus keyword in your URL.
  • – URLs should always be shot.
  • – Keep your focus keywords in your H1 title as well.
  • – Your focus keyword must be within your first 150 words.
  • – Use your focus keyword in all subheadings H2, and H3 as well.
  • – Optimize the image you are using properly.
  • – Always use synonyms and LSI keywords.

SEO techniques

Here I am telling you about SEO techniques to which you need to pay attention from the beginning.

  • – Always make content for humans, later for search engines.
  •  – Always use targeted keywords in the right place.
  • – Always focus on user experience.
  • – While creating links, always pay attention to relevant links.
  • – Use feature snippets in your SEO.

SEO for IT companies

 If you want to do search engine optimization for an IT company, then there are some points that you should look for:

  •  – Know your audience
  •  – Always publish fresh content
  •  – Improve your website’s page load time
  •  Make sure to create geo-targeted pages on your website.
  •  – Always be active on social media.
  •  Pay attention to all the elements of On-page SEO.

11 best emerging technologies in SEO

 Emerging Technologies In SEO
  • 1. Voice search
  • 2. Automated On-Page content optimization
  • 3. Natural language processing (NLP)
  • 4. TF*IDF (term frequency times inverse document frequency)
  • 5. SEO A/B testing
  • 6. Mobile-first indexing
  • 7. Nontext content factors
  • 8. Virtual reality
  • 9. SSL certificate to gain customer trust
  • 10. Natural language generation (NLG)
  • 11. GPT-3 for automated content creation

1. Voice search

In today’s time, human beings are using different types of technology for comfort and ease of work.

This saying does not only fit for offline business but it is also considered for the online world as well.

The way a lot of technology is changing in the online world.

In the same way, the methods of typing are also changing day by day.

Where earlier we used to type by hand, nowadays the practice of typing through voice has come.

Nowadays many search engines and applications have come.

With the help of which you can easily do your typing by speaking.

Nowadays there are many content creators who have started using voice search optimization.

Presently more and more people have started using Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant which is a great voice search application now.

People use these devices by speaking their search.

Voice search is such a speech understanding technology that is very simple and effective.

With the help of this, we can type anything by speaking.

Google and other search engines are also paying a lot of attention to this technology, and are updating their algorithms from time to time.

2. Automated On-Page content optimization

If you are a content creator, and you like to create your content in long form.

So while clearing your content, keep these points in mind.

On the topic on which you are writing the content.

Read the results related to that on the SERP well in advance.

  • – You should check out the top-ranking pages thoroughly.
  • -You should create a better and unique outline for your content.
  • -You should identify the heading and subheading from the top-ranking writing content and use them in your content.
  • -You should find the points which are not written by the pages on those top rankings, you should work on that.

But it takes you a lot of time to do all this.

You have to spend many hours and many days to find the content and have a lot of effort in it.

Due to this, you can connect those points in your content.

But you can easily do this work with the help of this technology.

For this, you can use many tools such as Content Harmony and Fraze AI.

3. NLP (Natural language processing)

Google has put its BERT algorithm in front of the world in 2019.

This algorithm referred to NLP, which is being seen in the SEO industry to date.

The full form of NLP is “Natural Language Processing“, which means that Google can find your words in full sentences which are explaining their meaning.

This simply means that Google will no longer show any single word on the phrase.

Rather, it will try to bring the result according to the search intent of the user.

4. TF*IDF ( term frequency times inverse document frequency )

The full form of this is “term frequency times inverse document frequency“.

It finds out in the content of your page what kind of word you are using.

And you have used that specific keyword and on how many in which you have used.

When we first see this technology, we think that it is again made to measure keyword density.

But along with measuring the keyword density, it tells us how important the keyword phrase is in our content.

Talking about the technology, it is not clear whether Google added this technology to our algorithm or not.

But it is a very good practice if you add your On-Page SEO practice.

If you want to apply this technology, then you have to target a little bit of content for a particular keyword.

Once you do this, all you have to do is see your content by putting it in this tool.

You can use different tools for this, including surfer SEO, SEO power suite, text tools, etc.

5. Seo A/B testing

A lot of content creators only focus on user A/B testing.

But they have very little attention on SEO A/B Testing.

In UserTesting, you get to know which user is visiting which page on your website.

When you get to know them, then you make your strategy accordingly and make your performance.

But when we talk about SEO A/B Testing, Googlebot becomes your user.

This means that the answers apply to SEO A/B Testing.

So you are showing the same page to your user as well as Google.

And not showing the users something different and something different to Google.

6. Mobile-first indexing

You know that on any website in the world, more than 50% of the traffic comes through mobile.

Ever since the internet has become cheaper, all the smartphones have come, since then everyone does browsing through their mobile phone.

More and more users are shifting to mobiles leaving laptops and tablets.

Because of this mobile search has increased a lot.

That’s why Google has started focusing on SEO focused content “mobile-first indexing.

Because of this, the website should be mobile responsive.

Only then Google will rank your website on the SERP (search engine result page).

Use the “AMP” Plugin on your website.

With their help, your website will also be mobile friendly and it will easily open on any mobile device.

Google does this so many times that it indexes only those websites on which the mobile version is available.

If your website is only built for the desktop version so far.

Then you should immediately upgrade to the mobile version.

If the issue of indexing is coming on your website, then this can be one of the biggest reasons.

Because of this, you can see growth in your website’s search engine ranking and the ROI of SEO ( return of investment).

Therefore, in today’s time, your website should be built in such a way that it is called mobile fast indexing.

You should optimize the content and images of your website for mobile-only.

Because of this, there are a lot of chances to increase the page ranking and organic traffic of your website.

7. Nontext content factors

The non-text content factor is very crucial for seo.

Because due to this the quality of your content increases and the user experience of your website is great.

If you read such content which has all the things only and only in written form and has not used anything else in that content.

Then that content is called boring content.

Ever since the launch of core web vitals in Google.

The most important non-text content factor has become more important in SEO.

You can add some nontext content factors to the content, which contains only the most.

  • Graphic
  • Video
  • Images
  • Infographic
  • Table of contents
  • Table
  • Charts
  • Animation
  • Audio clip
  • Downloadable files etc.

8. Virtual reality

Virtual reality is also a very popular SEO technology in today’s time.

This technology does not affect every business, applications work in limited areas only.

Creating content is the same for virtual reality but creating and creating images is a different thing.

Because to create middle-class content.

We need fresh content and a creative mind.

Whoever is the content creator, can create visual storytelling content to make her website.

Due to this users can connect with their brands.

If any industry has got the most success in this, then it is the video game industry.

Creating visual content is possible in virtual reality because the user gets a real-time experience.

If you are able to connect your advertising and content in this way.

Then due to this, you can get a huge advantage in the competition.

9. SSL certificate to gain customer trust

If we talk about SEO trends & ranking factors.

Then SSL Certificate (HTTPS) is considered to be the most important factor in this.

Because of this, any search engine and user trust your website.

HTTPS is a very important ranking factor in the eyes of Google.

With the help of which your ranking can increase or decrease.

If your website has an SSL certificate installed then your website seems like this https://www.xyz.com.

SSL certificate is installed on your website, then it indicates a high level of security.

Because of this, the user data on your website is absolutely secure.

Due to this, there are many chances of increasing your search engine ranking.

If this certificate is not installed on any website.

Then that site is not considered secure in the eyes of Google and users.

Because of this, the search engine ranking of that website can be impacted.

And the traffic of that website can also go down.

10. NLG (Natural language generation)

The full form is “Natural Language Generation“.

In this, SEO means full freedom to make sentences in any natural language, but technology will have to be used in it.

Sitting in your writer’s block for a long time and thinking about what I should write.

With the help of NLG, you can easily solve this problem through automation.

If you are a content creator, then whatever content you have written.

With the help of this technology, you can make that content more polished and easier to read and understand.

There are many uses of this technology, which you can do very easily and you can use in different places.

In this, you can write very good short-form content like headlines, subheadings, descriptions, etc.

11. GPT-3 for automated content creation

The full form is “generative pre-trained transformer number 3“.

This has been a very hot topic in the search engine optimization industry.

The way this technology works is very interesting because many mimic versions of what humans write in it have been made in it.

With the help of this technology, if you write something, then you can already do what will come after anything.

Due to the availability of all this information on the Internet, the technology works in a better way.


Today in this article we saw 11 Emerging Technologies in SEO.

If we want to move forward then we should already know about the ongoing and upcoming technology.

So that we can make our business more profitable by working on it.

Knowing so much technology, we have come to know that the SEO method is going to change in the coming time.

But the basics of doing it will always remain the same.

Every day some new trends come, but it does not mean that there will be any negative effects due to this.

But if we understand this thing and use it properly for ourselves, then we can definitely get an advantage.

It doesn’t matter how fast technology is changing.

We just have to keep this thing in mind while creating our content that makes it high quality, relevant and informative.

Because of this, we will always be on the positive side and it is considered the best practice for survival.

If you like my article then comment below and share it with your friends.

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