11 Tips How To Optimize For Google’s Featured Snippets

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Whenever we search for something in Google first shows the popular post in a box.

Meaning if we search for any query, then Google shows us at the very beginning in the special box on the search page.

The same special box is called Google’s Featured Snippets.

Google’s Featured Snippets

Apart from Google, there are many search engines that show featured snippets on their search page.

There is only one question in the mind of every blogger that their post should come on the first page of the search engine and what to say if it comes in the special box.

That’s why I have brought this post for you today, in which we will try to know what is Featured Snippet and how we show our post in it.

So let’s get started.

What are featured snippets?

Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured snippets here are a special box on the listing page of the search engine in which the queries appear in reverse order.

This means that whenever we do any type of search in the search engine, we see many results.

 In which the title shows first, then the URL, and then the description.

But in this special box, the description shows first, then the URL, and then the title shows.

It is shown at the first number of any search engine, this means that it appears at the top of the listing page of the search engine.

In this, the position of the description URL, and title keeps changing according to the update of the search engine.

Featured snippets are different & common types of shows according to different search engines.

It completely depends on the search query, and what type of query you are searching for.

What are Google’s featured snippets?

When any question is searched in Google search, then in that Google search result, we sometimes see a special featured snippet blog which is at the top of the search result page.

Google’s Featured Snippets

The blog contains the answer key which is captured by the web page and also contains a link to the page, along with the title and URL of the page.

You can see what the featured snippet looks like in Google in the image above.

Google Featured Snippets are more helpful and effective in driving traffic to your site than ranking your website on the first page.

The featured snippet is most visible in the SERP, giving your site more exposure to the SERP.

The post of any company, whether it is of any size or budget, can come in this position in Google’s search results if it has taken care of some things properly for this.

Despite all this, there is no formula to earn a featured image.

And even if you get the zero position, it is not necessary that it will always be here.

If Google thinks that another page is better to rank at this position, then it will rank it.

The easiest way to earn Google Featured Snippet is to share quality content and do it in a format that follows Google’s guidelines.

According to Ahrefs, more than 95% of the featured snippet pages are already ranked on the top ten SERPs for any particular Google search query.

That is why there are more chances that if you have gained a high rank for a search query, then it becomes easy to gain its featured snippet.

Whereas Getstat says that more than 65% of featured snippets come from sites that are not in the top-ranking organic position.

That’s why if you are not ranking in a higher position in any search engines then don’t worry you can get a chance to rank for featured snippets.

A study by ahrefs has found that search queries that contain the following words have a higher chance of being featured for example:

  •  1.Top
  •  2.Best
  •  3.Vs
  •  4.Recipe
  •  5.Make
  •  6.New
  •  7.Definition

Why are featured snippets important?

This special box is very important for any writer, blogger, or YouTuber because whenever a person searches in any type of query search engine.

The first opens the post which is shown on the first number or else. 

At number one, the show only watches the video.

Google’s Featured Snippets

The views of the content creator or video creator increase and due to that creator benefits.

The second most important advantage of this is when your post is low in the ranking or is on the back page.

If you do the correct SEO of the post or video according to the requirement of the featured snippet, then the chances of your post coming to the top page increase, due to which your users and readers also increase.

Why are featured snippets important for SEO?

Featured snippets impact search engine optimization in a number of ways.

1. The most important opportunity you get in the featured snippet is that you can get as many clicks as possible from organic search results, whether you are in the higher ranking of Google or not.

Google’s Featured Snippets

Most of the SEO experts agree that the Featured Snippet box ranks at the first position on the first page on the SERP, with the help of which you can optimize and rank your featured snippets correctly.

If we talk about Search Engine Land, then according to this, 7% of clicks come to our page because of the featured snippets.

2. The second advantage of the featured snippet in search engine optimization is that “no-click /zero-click searches” go on increasing.

In other words, if I say, Google users most of the time instead of clicking on other search results of Google, click on the featured snippet because the answer that the user wants is easily found in the featured snippet.

According to the report of the same amount, about 10% of such queries are in which featured images.

That’s why we should also keep this thing in mind while searching the keywords whether that keyword will be able to rank in the featured snippet or not.

How To Optimize For Featured Snippets?

According to Google, your content is shown through an automatic algorithm.

No user can show it.

Google’s Featured Snippets

We all have this question in our mind that what does the algorithm analyze in that post so that it shows it to him at the top.

So we will now try to know below how we can bring our content in the special box?

1. Research best keyword

Always do keyword research before making your blog posts or YouTube videos.

But if we do not research the keywords properly then our blog post or YouTube video will never be able to rank.

Try to find keywords that have high search volume and low competition.

You can use a variety of tools to find the right kind of keywords.

I am giving you a list of some free and pet tools, you can easily find keywords with their help.

But if you are a new blogger or on YouTube, then you can find your keywords with the help of free tools.

Free tools:

  • 1.Google keyword planner
  • 2. Ubersuggest
  • 3. The hoth

Paid tools:

  • 1.Semrush
  • 2. Ahrefs
  • 3.Keywordtool.io

2. Create great content

If you want to bring your article in the special box, then for that you have to write the content in such a way that it ranks on the top.

So let’s know how to write content?

  • a.  First of all always keep your heading in the h1 heading, and it is available in all themes.
  • b.  After that there should be at least h2 and h3 in the middle of your content, and if you are making more headings in your contact then you can do that correctly like h2,h3, h5
  • c. The length of your content should be at least a thousand words, and if your content is more than this then even better.
  • d.  Your focus keyword should always be present in your title tag.
  • e.  Do not make the paragraph too long, make short paragraphs so that it can be easy for the user to read.
  • f.  Make sure to use images in the middle of the content because one image is equal to many birds.
  • g.  If you have a YouTube video, then you can also use it in the middle of your content.

More than all this, it is important how long your user is taking your post.

You can try to make the topic interesting for the user to read your post for a long time, like trying to explain the topic with a live example.

3. Create high-quality backlinks

To rank any blog and website, it is very important to create high-quality backlinks.

The older your content is and the more backlinks there are on it.

The more trust of the search engines increases on your website.

Due to which it becomes very easy to rank your blog at the top position.

4. Keyword with high search volume

Google’s Featured Snippets
Source by: Ahrefs
  • a. What are(What are featured snippets)
  • b. Best(Best mobile phone under 30,000)
  • c. What is(What is SEO)
  • d. Top(Top keyword research website )
  • e. Vs(SEO vs SEM)
  • f. List(List of keyword research tools)
  • g. How many(How many prizes of Dell laptops)
  • h. Number(Number of features in google keyword planner)
  • i. Cost(Cost of WordPress web hosting)

5. Identify your competitors

It is not easy for you to identify the featured snippet of your competitor.

You have to enter your competitor’s URL in any of the seo tools to see what kind of featured snippet he has used.

Now you have to:

  • -First export their list.
  • -Divide all featured snippets into categories.
  • -Search volumes have arrived, separate them.
  • -Separate those keywords that have low keyword difficulty.
  • -After that make your planning.

Seeing all these things, you can start your planning and you can like your content by implementing and optimizing properly.

6. Search intent

Before you optimize a featured snippet, it is very important to know what is your user’s search intent behind it.

The search intent for any given keyword could be:

  • -Your potential customers.
  • -Your customers who buy something from you because of an influencer.
  • -your opponent.

First of all, you should write your content according to search intent but it should always be informational.

Because there is only one and only one search intent for the featured snippet.

That’s why I have divided it into 4 categories to explain you in a simple way:

  • -Comparison
  • -Specific answer
  • -Video
  • -Brief Answers.

7. Competitive analysis

You can go to any tool and open the SEO Content tool in it, enter the keyword-based on your content, location and click on it.

You will find many recommendations below, with the help of this you can easily optimize your content for featured snippets.

Because of this, you also get 10 opponents of your featured snippets and you know who you have to compete with.

Updating your content outline

After doing this, you have the topic, targeted keywords, all types of featured snippets, search intent along with it, and recommendations by search engine optimization that your competitor’s snippets have.

If you write then you have to outline your content first.

This means that you will have to write the main topic of your content in advance.

But if you have already written your content, then all you have to do is put it correctly in your outlined headings.

8. Create better content than your competitors

You should have basic information about your user, with the help of which you can know his search intent and his query.

Knowing all these things, you can compete with your competitors and provide better data to your users like Pointers, Examples, Rich Media, etc.

You should write short and easy-to-read content.

Always your focus should be on researched content.

With the help of citation, you can easily get Google to understand your content.

While creating content, it should be kept in mind that you have to create long-lasting content.

So that it can be useful for many people later also.

9. Validate your content

When your content is ready, you should double-check these things:

  • -Targeted keyword.
  • -User-Intent
  • -Target audience etc.

You have to check this thing so that you can know that your choice is going right in the path of making content.

10. Create content for readers and search engine

If the content is well organized, it makes it easy for both the reader and the search engine to read and understand it.

So you should always keep this thing in mind while creating your content.

That you have to take care of your user as well as the search engine so that they can also rank easily after reading your content.

In heading tags add question Keywords

Your Featured Snippet score will not be considered incomplete.

Unless the heading tags question keywords are not added in your Featured Snippet.

Always look for question keywords that have a high volume and can easily fit into your heading tag.

You must have seen that in Google there are many such featured snippets that start with the heading tag.

11. Implement all SEO tactics

When your content is ready for the user.

Your job here is to make Google understand what your page is all about and quickly.

For this, you have to use some search engine optimization techniques that can get your featured snippet ranked:

  • -Always make your URL perfect and short.
  • -Be sure to add catchy words in your title tag.
  • -Your focus keyword in the meta description.
  • -Always use question keywords in your headline tags.
  • -Always use the image alt attribute in all your images.
  • -Do internal linking.
  • -Do external linking.
  • -Do link building.
  • -Always use schema markup tag.

One bonus tip

12. Add graphics

Graphics also play an important role in the featured snippets.

Especially when your featured snippet is in the paragraph.

To keep your pictures use only real-life pictures and custom-made graphics in the pits.

You should never overuse stock images in your featured snippets.

Types of featured snippets?

Google’s Featured Snippets
Source by: semrush

According to any search engine, there are six types of featured snippets so far.

  •  1. Paragraph featured snippets
  •  2. List featured snippets
  •  3. Table featured snippets
  • 4. Video featured snippets
  • 5. Number featured snippets
  • 6. Bullet list featured snippets

1. Paragraph featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

Whenever we talk about Paragraph Featured Snippets, then whatever user searches his query in Google.

Google gives him the answer in his result in the form of paragraphs and text, most of the time an image is also attached with the paragraph.

2. The list featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

In this type of featured snippet, the user sees the answer to his query in the format of a list.  You can see how the list featured image appears in the image below.

3. The table featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

In these featured snippets, the answer of any user is visible in the form of a table.

4. The video featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

In these featured snippets, the answer to any query from users is in the form of video content.

5. The Number list featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

In this type of featured snippet, the answer of any query shows in the form of a number list.

6. The Bullet list featured snippets:

Google’s Featured Snippets

In this type of featured snippet, the answer of any query shows in the form of a bullet list.

According to Getstat, the most popular featured image type, if any, is the paragraph feature image.

If you want to rank for Google Picture Snippet, the first thing you should keep in mind is what type of feature image your competitor is using in their content, due to which they are ranking on SERP.

Benefits of featured snippets in Google’s SERP?

There are many benefits to using featured snippets on your website or post because it is a section of apps with the help of which your website can easily rank on Google’s page.

So we try to explain below what are the advantages of Featured Snippets.

  • 1. You can easily get your posts ranked even in their very high competition.
  • 2. You can increase the clicks for your website, with the help of which the position of your website will be better on Google.
  • 3. Using Featured Snippets on your posts is very easy, you can do it with the help of some plugins, best plugin which i have used my snippets is Rankmath.
  • 4. With its help, you can easily increase your organic traffic.
  • 5. The best thing about Featured Snippet is that it ranks your post on many keywords where it is very difficult to get a normal rank.


Today, in this entire post, we have learned what Google’s Featured Snippets are.

After reading this post, you will also be eager to get your post in Featured Snippet.

You also write good content and make your post rank on the top of the post.

Showing your content in the special box of the search engine is not as difficult as people say.

But if hard work is done well then everything can be achieved.

If you like my post and it has benefited you, then you must share it with your friends.

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What are Google featured snippets?

Featured snippets are special boxes where a descriptive snippet is displayed first and the format of a typical search result is reversed. They may also appear in categories of questions that are similar to them (called “People Also Ask”). More information about Google’s Featured Snippets can be found here.

How do you get featured in Google snippets?

The term “position zero” is often used to describe featured snippets because they rank higher than normal listing results.
Look for keywords that are relevant to your audience and have low keyword difficulty. ,
Organize your content to meet the needs of the searcher.

How does Google’s featured snippets work?

Featured snippets are selected from the results of web searches. To highlight a page for a particular search query, Google’s automated systems decide whether it would be a good choice. Your feedback enables us to enhance our search algorithms as well as the accuracy of your search results.

Why are my Google featured snippets not showing?

It could be something as simple as an unwanted browser extension, or it could be something more serious. Check your installed programs and browser extensions for any suspicious content. Resetting Chrome may solve the problem with the Google browser. If the problem still exists, try running a computer virus scan.

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