Good vs Great SEO: Tips To Improve Your Ranking 2022

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Today we are going to go into this article: what is Good vs Great SEO?

When I started my search engine optimization journey, I focused only on learning simple SEO.

Good vs Great SEO

But as much as I am going deeper into SEO, I am understanding that there are two forms of SEO.

One that we all know, and the other that very few of us probably know.

When I also came to know about this, I thought that I should share it with you guys.

Because if we do not do SEO properly, then how can our website be ranked on Google.

So, discussion about good and the great seo.

And what is the opinion of many experts about it?

Let’s start.

Firstly, Seo’s full form

Seo full form is search engine optimization.

And this process is applicable when you like to grow your website or blog with organic traffic.

What is SEO in digital marketing?

Search Engine Optimization is a process in which you build the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.

This traffic comes through any search engine on your website.

On which search engine you focus more on, the probability of your organic traffic coming through the same search engine increases a lot.

This is a process in which free traffic comes to your website.

How SEO works

SEO engine is a process in which we bring traffic through search engine through free traffic, organic and natural search.

The reason for doing this is that we can bring our website to a good position on the SERP.

The more your website SERP performs, the more people will see your website.

SEO blog

Blog SEO which we use as much as technical and on-page SEO so that our block can easily get a good ranking in organic search.

When you do amazing blog SEO, then your primary goal is, that the search engine can easily find our block post and show it on its relevant search.

What’s the difference between a good SEO strategy and a great SEO? or Good vs Great SEO

We already know what is good SEO vs great SEO.

But we don’t understand it clearly if I try to explain you in such simple language.

Good vs Great SEO

Good SEO means optimizing our website only for various search engines“.

We want search engines to easily understand and rank the content of our website.

“But when it comes to Great SEO, we want our website optimized for various search engines as well as our visitors or users“.

This means to say that our website should be well optimized for search engines as well as user-friendly.

Unless our website is user-friendly, the chances of getting traffic to our website will be very less.

No matter how well our website ranks in any search engine.

If seen, there is a big difference, between a good SEO strategy, and a great SEO strategy.

A good SEO strategy helps you in search engine ranking, but great SEO strategy helps a lot in search engine ranking as well as many other things.

In a Good SEO strategy, you can easily optimize your website for the engine, in addition to optimizing the Great SEO strategy website, you can build relationships, and give or take links with those websites with high-quality websites.

For this reason, if you want guaranteed results, then you should always focus more on a Great SEO strategy, rather than just focusing on the Good SEO.

New SEO Tricks

Here I am going to tell you the best SEO tips of the day which will definitely work for you.

  • – User-engaging content should be created.
  • – Delete bad pages from your website.
  • – Always you must do study related to the industry.
  • – Whatever content you create in a tax form, definitely convert it to audio and video for
  • – Increase the speed of your website.
  • – You should always create content according to your niche.
  • – You should also pay attention to featured snippets.
  • – You should also keep improving your organic CTR.
  • – Attention should be paid to guest posting.
  • – You should create backlinks from the right place.
  • – Must use Google Search Console.
  • – You should update your old content you should always add related keywords to your content.
  • – Suggested keywords should also be found.
  • – Always use the keyboard in the right place.

SEO for beginners

Any newbie who is just starting SEO on his website should definitely pay attention to all these things.

  • – You should make sure that your website is crawling properly or not.
  • – You should always answer the question of the user through your content.
  • – You must optimize your keyboard properly to attract search engines and users.
  • – If you want a good user experience on your website, then the loading speed of your website should be fast.
  • – You should always share good content, due to which links, and citations can be earned.
  • – If you want a good CTR which can improve your ranking, then you should make your title, URLs, and description eye catchy.
  • – You should pay attention to the snippets and schema markup.

Search engine marketing articles

Search engine marketing is the best way to grow your business in the competitive marketplace, in this you can easily use the tree and director topic, due to which you have a lot of chances of getting creamy customers.

SEO tactics

Experts believe that the only difference between good and great search engine optimization is how we focus on our work.

 Simplifying Search Engine Optimization has been said when you check all your corners in the right way.

Good SEO tactics

All SEO professionals know the value of proven tactics and study.

When we correct the On-Page SEO on our website, apart from this, we also perfect the content strategy and link building.

Experts say

-Due to this the visibility of our website increases.

The chances of traffic and conversion also increase a lot.

-Good SEO Tactics are used which are currently running.

It is considered best practice to keep improving your results and ranking.

-Talking about the search engine optimization standard, in this, we improve the recommendations like technical audit, keyword research, content optimization, and page speed improvement so that we can increase the business of our clients.

-A good SEO program is one that has been created for success, you definitely get the most in it if you do all its expectations in the right way.

-But you should never blindly follow Google’s search guidelines, you just have to take the information and keep testing it.

Great SEO tactics

Great Seo tactics

On the contrary, Great SEO is such a technique, for this, we have to take care of both the search engine and the user.

Experts say

-Greater SEO has the advantage that we should take action in that direction and understand how the search engine works.

-That’s not why it’s all best practices, because of this you get a chance to find effective solutions.

-You should create content that is properly linked, now you should create a backlink on your website and create a backlink from the website which is a high authority website.

-There are four corners that make your search engine optimization great.  

Keyword research, page experience, authority, and content.

-You should also take care of those small things due to which your ranking can be affected, and optimize it to make your website rank cable.

-Great SEO helps a lot in turning quality traffic into potential customers and potential customers into buyers.

Google’s updates

Due to so many algorithm updates and changes from time to time, good and great SEO has been affected a lot.

Experts say

-A good SEO algorithm finds the right keywords and links, due to which organic traffic can increase.

-In Good SEO, there is another update and focus on algorithms.

But in Great SEO, every detail is looked at carefully, due to which Google can rank your website.

-You will always have to pay attention to all the new methods that are coming into search.

Apart from this, you will also have to pay a lot of attention to the user experience and algorithm updates. 

Accordingly, you will have to adjust your strategies and tactics accordingly.

-Good SEO solves the mechanical problem, but Great SEO helps in creating a great experience.

Which increases the client’s trust in us and our long-term relationship.

Due to this, the chances of our revenue increase are very high.  become.

Develop your skills as a genuine problem solver

There are many such processes in SEO where we stip our thinking.

These processes can be easily solved if we can become problem solvers.

Good SEO existing site and content points errors.

But, Great such ho in terms of problem-solving

-It covers all the aspects, including content backlinks, technical SEO, search intent, and performance.

-Apart from this, performance and analyzing your results are also included in its strategy.

-Without looking at the technology in rate SEO, all the marketing strategies are seen from top to bottom of the whole business.

-In which it is seen how SEO helps you in building the big picture of your brand.

-In Great SEO, all the opportunities are understood and identified, due to which our website can be improved.

Apart from this, the things that are about to be done are done at the right time and in the right way.

-Great SEO benefits you in the future, and till the time to come.

Reporting and the use of tools

All SEO experts also know how important it is to analyze tools and data.

Experts say that

Good SEO

-Good SEO separate use SEO tools to grab opportunities.

-How do you use reports and tools in Good SEO?

Great SEO

In Great SEO, we know that we have to read this report, and which specific tool we have to use.

In Great SEO, we can understand what can be the output of whatever we are changing in the internal system.

-Great SEO, you can know which thing is best and which thing is rest.

-The biggest difference between good SEO and great SEO is how you measure your success.

Always prioritizing the needs of the users

One of the biggest points to discuss good SEO and great SEO.

I have already told you this but in good SEO only the search engine is taken care of but in great SEO the search engine as well as the user is taken care of.

Expert says

-Good SEO  is for Google but Great SEO is for both Google and the User.

It is known that our user is requesting this type of content from us and what kind of content should we put in front of him.

-You collect data and information, but you also need to think about real people.

If you write your content by thinking about it, then no one can stop your SEO quality from going to the next level.

-In Great SEO, your user experience pays a lot of attention to us, apart from this you also know your audience and try to understand their needs.

-In Great SEO, you give life to real people instead of search engine robots.

-In Great SEO, you take great care of the news of the audience.

Due to this not only your website and Connect real users but also a lot of revenue should be generated.

Learning and training

Good SEO professionals identify their strengths and work with others.

Whatever work we do in Good SEO we do it by thinking long-term mission in our mind.

-But on the contrary, in Great SEO, we work together for anyone common call or problem.

In Great SEO, when we do SEO for a business, we are not afraid of thinking about just one channel.

But keeping in mind how the whole company will be benefited.

-Great SEO is always done through experts, because we know one thing in this all the expectations are very important in it.

Good SEO and Great SEO are said at last that

-Training is very important for this because due to training you can improve your education more.

-Always be 100% transparent with your client and team.

Seo ranking

Seo Ranking that you improve your website ranking on any SERP (search engine ranking page).

There are many ranking factors that affect your ranking on the search engine result page.

The most important thing in this is content delivery, backlinks quality, etc.

SEO marketing

SEO is such a process in which you can easily get the traffic ranked on the basis of pure quality and quantity.

SEO is always done on free and organic traffic only, direct and paid traffic is not made for this.

Seo vs sem

SEO is a process with the help of which you bring your website to your website for free through any search engine.

But SEM (search engine marketing) is a process in which you rank your website in search engines through advertising.

Such as pay paper clicks, local listings, etc.

Types of SEO

There are four types of search engine optimization.

1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO

In this, whatever optimization we do inside our website comes under this.

2. Off-page SEO

In this, whatever optimization we do outside our website comes inside it.

3. Technical optimization

In Technical SEO, we make our website technically strong.

4. Local optimization

In Local SEO, we optimize our website for the local area.

Bad SEO examples

Bad SEO Practices

  • -Creating low-quality content
  • -Keyword stopping
  • -Creating duplicate content
  • -link stuffing
  • -Invisible keyword etc.


Today we have learned that what is the difference between Good vs Great SEO.

To date, we have focused only on good SEO, and even better results come.

But when we make a good combination of good and great SEO on our website.

Then no one can stop our website from hanging.

Have you made any mistakes to date?

Is your website not ranked even after being optimized properly?

So you should use all the tactics of Great SEO on your website.

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What is a good SEO?

Good SEO means optimizing our website only for various search engines“.
We want search engines to easily understand and rank the content of our website.

What is needed for good SEO?

All SEO professionals know the value of proven tactics and study.
When we correct the On-Page SEO on our website, apart from this, we also perfect the content strategy and link building.

What is SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimization is a process in which you build the quality and quantity of traffic on your website.
This traffic comes through any search engine on your website.
On which search engine you focus more on, the probability of your organic traffic coming through the same search engine increases a lot.
This is a process in which free traffic comes to your website.

What is good and bad about SEO?

Every coin has two sides, similarly, SEO also has both good and bad effects.
When we do it in the right way, it gives us a good rank on the traffic as well as on the search engine result page.
The same we use it in the wrong way means that if we do blackhat SEO, then we have a negative loss.

What is a good SEO rating?

When you can examine your SEO, then your 70- 80 score indicates your SEO health is good. This indicates your dedication and performance in SERP. 

How do you know if you have good SEO?

The simplest way to check whether you are putting your SEO efforts in the right place is to check your keyboard to see if they are getting SERP rank or not, if you do not have a website then you should not hesitate to do SEO. Is. It’s a great thing if your website’s keyboards tend to lag back and forth in the first few months.

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