What Is FAQ Schema In SEO And What Are The Benefits?

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In this article, we are discussing  What Is FAQ Schema In SEO.

What Is FAQ Schema In SEO

You must have seen many times in Google search results that star rating would be visible. 

This type of additional information is called Rich Snippet and the code that generates the code tells the Google search engine that information is called schema markup. 

By adding schema, the priority of getting rich results for your site increases.

Schema came in WordPress in 2011, in which structured data is presented on the internet by making the data in the schema. 

It is like tags or microdata which helps in understanding the data of the search engine by adding to the web page. 

Nowadays many schemas have come, using which publishers are making their data more attractive. 

Right now event schema is becoming very famous from article schema. 

Let us know in detail what is schema, how many types are there, and how it can be used.

What is WordPress Schema?

Schema marking generates code in the server behind WordPress. 

This code is not visible to common people, but Google search engines can understand your data better by reading this code. 

The search engine can also show this data of yours in rich snippets. 

Adding Schema increases the chances of your site appearing in Rich Snippet, because Google understands and reads your data in a better way, which it also presents in the same way. 

If someone searches for a recipe, the star, review, calories, cooking time, etc. found in the rich snippet are visible in the search itself, there is no need to click on that site.

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What are the types of schema markup?

According to the type of data you are using, you can add schema to WordPress. 

The schema markup which is mostly used is as follows –

  • – Product
  • – Review
  • – Recipe
  • – Software application
  • – Event
  • – Video
  • – Article
  • – Local business
  • – Books

What is FAQ schema in SEO?

In FAQ schema, you generate a code in your site and tell that this content is written in self-answer format. 

You will not have to generate this code yourself. 

After adding FAQ schema, if you keep adding FAQ to that schema, then an HTTP code will be generated in the server, after reading this code, the search engine will understand that it is FAQ schema.

If the content is marked correctly, it means that the page is eligible to show Rich Snippet in the search result, Google may show your content in a Google Assistant search

Adding data to the schema does not mean that Google will show your site above the search result in every time, it depends on the performance of your site and the Google algorithm.

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FAQ Schema Benefits

FAQ schema is not just for answering questions of big companies, you can use it to create data in any type of project. 

Some of the big advantages of using FAQ Schema in WordPress –

  • – FAQ schema makes your site well visible in organic search results.
  • – Your site is given more space in Google search results by FAQ schema. This means your site will get more notice, due to which clicks will also increase.
  • – If the Google search engine has read the marking of your data properly, and you have added the FAQ schema correctly, then Google can make a big space in the search result. Google will show all the FAQs entered into your site in a rich snippet, which will show the data better. 
  • – Most of the time people do not click on any site in the data appearing in Google search, Google answers its query in the result to provide the best and fast service to its users. Google plays a very smart game, but you can also increase clicks on your site by being smart. The answer to the query is found in the search result from the FAQ schema, but there are some other topics too, which you can show by adding them to the right structure. By taking advantage of the FAQ schema, you can increase clicks on your site, for this you have to write the smart answer in FAQ and tell people that your site has more good and important information so that people click on your site.

FAQ Schema Guidelines

According to Google, there are some valid and invalid uses of FAQ schema –

Valid use case –

  • – The FAQ page is written by the site itself, with no way for the user to add other questions.
  • – A list of FAQs has been created by a product support page, so the user cannot add another question there.

Invalid use case –

  • – A forum page where the user himself can answer any 1 question.
  • – A product support page where the user can answer any 1 question himself.
  • – Product page where the user himself can answer any 1 or more questions.

Like the rest of the schema, the FAQ schema gives a lot of benefits to the webmaster.

Most of all it’s beneficial that your site gets good marking in the search result.


In this article, we are discussing  What Is FAQ Schema In SEO.

I hope you will be satisfied with this article.

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How to create FAQ schema?

First of all, make sure that the content on your on-page is inserted keeping in mind the guidelines of Google. Now you can add FAQ schema by installing it in WordPress from the free tools available.

What is the schema used for?

Schema is generally used to describe the database and XML file. Nowadays it is being used a lot to structure the content in WordPress and to assist Google.

What is FAQ schema markup?

 FAQ schema is used when you have content in FAQ format in your article, or you have a product page that has a FAQ about that content.

What is the difference between FAQ schema and Q&A schema?

Q&A schema is different from FAQ schema. The Q&A schema is used where people give multiple answers to the same question, then vote to find out which answer is the best. While there is only one answer in the FAQ schema, in which you cannot vote.

What are the four types of schema?

There are many types of schema, in which main object, person, social, event, role, etc.

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