SEO Silo Structure Example and How to Implement?

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In this article, we can discuss SEO silo structure example.

Do you want to rank for High Competition Keywords or do you want to beat websites with High DA, and PA and want your website to rank better than them?

SEO Silo Structure Example

These issues will be covered in this article:

What is SILO Structure?

How to make a silo website structure?

How is the SILO Structure website used?

how to create silo structure in WordPress?

You will find answers to many such questions in this article.

Well, this is not a harsh thing, this SILO just sounds weird with the name. 

You will understand its meaning very well in a short while.

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The literal meaning of SILO

The word SILO is derived from the word Silage and Silage refers to the fodder that is saved in winter for animal consumption. 

On the European side, when it is cold continuously for 8 months, then the animals there cannot graze outside. 

That’s why people used to collect the grass in the summer months and bury it in deep pits below the ground.

In such a situation, it was icy outside, but due to the heat in the ground below, that fodder remained safe and this fodder was fed to the animals in the long winter.

Now the fodder left over from the summer was called Silage and the pits in which this Silage was kept were called SILO.

When someone new to SEO comes and hears SILO, he feels that he does not know what rocket science it is, but in reality, SILO is a deep pit made in the ground where animal feed is kept.

what is silo structure in SEO?

To understand SILO Structure, you can adopt a small trick. 

Suppose there is a plant and a plant grows in two ways – horizontally (like a vine) and vertically (like a tree). 

That’s why anything either grows horizontally or grows vertically.

Now the websites that grow horizontally, that is, the content of the websites whose structure is horizontal is called Flat Structure. 

Flat Structure has your home page on one side and the rest of your pages on the other side. 

All Pages or Topics are connected to your Home Page and no Seriousness is visible here.

In contrast to this, the websites that grow vertically, ie the websites whose content is set vertically, are called SILO Structure. 

In this, you know a lot about the same Keyword or Topic.

They have a deep connection with each other. In this, you write content on a topic in a rhythmic manner and they have a deep structure.

There are pages one after the other in the same category, which provides complete information about that topic to the user.

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Benefits of SILO Structure & SEO Silo Structure Example

The following are the advantages of SILO Structure –

1. By adopting the SILO Structure, when you take any kind of Subject or Keyword and you write a lot of content on it, then you include all the keywords related to the same Subject or Keyword in your content.

For example, your keyword is making tea. Now you will not only write about making tea on your pages, but you will cover all the topics like how to make tea, how many types of tea are made, and what new flavors of tea have come into the market. You have to diversify. In this process, you will cover all the small and big keywords related to making tea.

2. A lot of content on the same topic or keyword gives you a chance to prove your expertise in front of the search engine. Suppose you have only one website and on that, the user is getting a lot of information on the same topic, then why would search engines recommend any other website in the search result?

3. A normal visitor who comes to any page of your website silo structure and he is getting options on your website itself to get more information, then he will stay on your website for a long time. You can convert one visit into several visits and the more the user spends time on your website, the more beneficial it is for you.

4. SILO helps you to properly distribute the Pagerank your Domain and Internal Pages are getting. Now how this happens, we will see further.

5. With SILO Structure, the structure of the website becomes Disciplined. If you are making a business website then it is necessary to have a Well Structure and if you are blogging professionally then also it is necessary to have a Structure. With SILO, your website gets a proper structure and the website remains disciplined.

Now I have told you the advantages of SILO Structure and now we know how to make SILO Structure?

How to Create a SILO Structure?

Now the word SILO means a pit but the website is not a physical object that you will dig. 

That’s why let’s know how the SILO Structure is made?

We use that tea example here again. 

Suppose our Seed Keyword is TEA. 

We will keep this Keyword in the topmost box because this is our home page.

Now we have to make SILOs for this. 

Serial Wise can have branches like this

How to make tea?

Flavors of Tea

Tea in different countries

Now under each of these branches, you can create many Sub Branches like –

These Branches and Sub Branches mean that whatever topic you are writing about on your page, your users should get all the information related to that topic or their Linux on your same page. 

It is even better if you add videos inside them. 

Overall, you have to make such a page that the user’s Query gets solved while reading.

Now once you have created all your pages, now you have to do the most important thing because till now you have only written the content which everyone does.

Now you have to do Internal Linking. 

Your Home page will link to these three main pages of yours and this main page of yours will link to the rest of your pages.

But no page of this SILO will link to any other SILO’s page.

But it will not give a link to any page of other SILO because it is not relevant to it. Only your home page can interact with any of these pages.

Now your SILO Structure has been created here but there remains one more topic – Link Quality

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Link Quality

When the page of a website is loaded, then its upper part appears first, which is also called Above the Fold Content. 

The links which are in this upper part of a page are considered Best Quality Links.

The Linux Medium Quality Links coming in the middle part of the page are considered and the Linux Lowest Quality Links given at the bottom and in the Sidebar are considered.

In this SILO, when the top page will link to the pages below it, it will give the Best Quality Link, and when the pages below will link the pages with the position above it.

Then they will give the Low-Quality Link and the pages of a SILO will be linked to each other. If they give links, they will give Medium Quality Links.


In this article, we can discuss what is silo structure & SEO silo structure example.

Hope you got to know about SILO Structure in depth from this article. Must implement SILO Structure in your website as it gives a different experience to your users. 

It is just a request to you to do all the implementation in a natural way, this will increase your authority.

If there is any such information that is left, then definitely tell us by commenting and if you have any other questions or suggestions, then you must tell us. 

Your feedback helps us to improve the quality of our content.

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What is silo structure in SEO?

A silo structure is a type of website architecture used for SEO in which content related to a single topic is grouped, independently, and interlinked. This results in neat, separate pieces of relevant content on your website.

What is an example of a silo website structure?

‘Silos’ is another name for these groups of objects. Pages that deal with a category or subcategory can be found in each silo. For example, a tennis-related website might include three categories: Tennis champions, tournaments, and rackets are listed in that order.

What is a silo type structure?

In large companies, large quantities of goods like cement, carbon black, woodchips, etc. are kept in pit structures called silos. The silos can be of various types, such as bunker silos, tower silos, etc., depending on the bulk content it transports.

How do you make a silo structure?

Do some research on the subject To choose themes that are relevant to your area, you should first do some research.
Sort out your subjects You can begin categorizing your niche’s topic ideas into silos once you’ve compiled a list of potential topics.
For your subcategories, develop pillar content.

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