Crisis Information Systems (CIS) | 2nd Google Ranking Signal

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In this article, we are discussing Crisis Information Systems.

Crisis Information Systems

This is the 2nd part of Google Ranking Signal, in which we are going to know about CIS i.e. in detail. 

Friends, as you know that we are explaining one by one the 19 Ranking Signals shared by Google, which is very important for you to know.

If you have got to see this article directly in Google search results or you have reached directly to this Ranking Signal – CIS by any method, then we suggest that you must read about all 19 Google Ranking Signals of this series. 

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There are a total of 19 articles in this series, in which we have explained only one Ranking Signal in each article so that it is easy for you to understand and apply it. 

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In this article, we will discuss CIS in 5 parts which are as follows –

  • What is CIS?
  • What are the two parts of CIS?
  • How do the two parts of CIS work?
  • How does CIS affect SEO?
  • What changes do you need to make to your website for CIS Ranking Signals?

So Let’s Start

What Is CIS (Crisis Information Systems)?

CIS i.e. Crisis Information Systems is a group of many systems of google, which shows specific information to the searcher at the time of trouble, now this information may be given from any page.

Suppose there is a website that publishes the news of a small town and not many people read it, not many people can access this news, and as a result of this, the website does not appear at the top of the search result because the website is getting less traffic.

Now it always happens in reality that the website on which the traffic is less, its rank position is also less. 

But one day an earthquake occurs in this small town, so now after this earthquake, when people search on Google about this small town or search about that earthquake, then this small town will appear in Google’s systems search results. 

This will increase the ranking of the website.

So at the time of this crisis, that small website will give maximum information and most accurate information about that city because this information will be with that small website and not with any big website!

Here one more thing is worth noting CIS is a Trigger Base ranking signal i.e. this ranking signal is not Permanent. 

When something happens that causes this Ranking Signal Trigger, then only some websites will be affected by it and as soon as this Trigger is removed, these Ranking Signals will return to normal, and search results will also become normal as before. 

Now what are these Triggers, you will automatically understand them further.

What Are The 2 Parts Of CIS?

Now this CIS has two parts-

  • – Personal Crisis
  • – SOS Crisis

How Does CIS Both Part Work?

Let us now know how these two parts work and when and to whom they appear in the search results –

Personal Crisis

Personal Crisis Systems is Triggered when someone searches Suicide, Se*ual Assault, Domestic Violence, and Drugs as keywords. In this type of Searches, Google shows different results to the user apart from the normal search result.

Google starts showing Helpful Phone Numbers or Contact Details in the search result, from which the contact searchers can take advice for free. 

For this helpful information, Google partners with different Government Organizations or NGOs in different countries or areas so that users can get help.

At present, Google shows helpful details for Suicide in 35 countries and shows phone numbers or helpful information to Google users in 9 countries for Domestic base violence or Gender-based violence, and India is included in both these lists.

SOS Crisis

SOS Alerts also come in the case of natural calamities such as earthquakes and wildfires and these SOS Crisis Systems can also be triggered due by other man-made disasters.

How is the internet connectivity in an area, what information is being given by Government Resources, and what information is being given by Non-Government but Authoritative Resources?

How is the situation on the ground, SOS Alert Systems are triggered on the basis of all these hints, and Google Useful information starts showing in the search result.

This information will be shown in both the local language and the English language. Google SOS Alerts will be shown mostly to Ubhi users who are searching for a particular disaster or treasure.

Friends, by now you must have understood what is CIS or Crisis Information Ranking Factors, what are its two parts and when, and to whom it is visible. 

When someone searches on Google about Personal Crisis or Natural / Unnatural Disaster, then only Google shows this information on the search result.

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How Does CIS Affect SEO?

Now let us talk about the impact of CIS on SEO-

Personal Crisis – In the case of a Personal Crisis, this Ranking Signal will not have any effect on most of the websites. 

If your website publishes content on topics related to Mental Health, Mental Awareness, and Physical Abuse, then your website may not rank position 0 for some searches because Google will show helpful information related to Personal Crises there.

SOS Alerts – For natural and unnatural disasters, small or new websites may temporarily see a loss of traffic because at that time Google will give importance to Government sources or Well Known sources, or Well Establish News Websites and show them in search results.

But if your website is related to that particular area and is giving the same information, so Google can give traffic to your website as well.

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What Changes Need To Be Done In The Website To Achieve CIS?

Now the last question comes how you can optimize your website for this Google Ranking signal – CIS –

Personal Crisis Systems – In the case of Domestic Crisis and Personal Crises, Google has partnered with the organizations that Google shows, and if you want Google to show your website or your helpline in the search results, then you should talk to Google about this. The partnership has to be done. 

More than one organization can partner with Google in a country.

SOS Alerts Systems – In the case of natural and unnatural disasters, Google will give less space to new websites and Google will give more importance to official and authority sites in SERP but within a few days, as soon as this disaster ends or its effect is less, then this situation will automatically become normal. 

If your website or news site is new and there is such a disaster in your area then do not worry, in a few days the search results will automatically come back to normal and you will start getting your traffic again.


In this article, we are discussing Crisis Information Systems.

This was the second-ranking signal of Google’s 19 Ranking Signals, which is known as (CIS) if you are serious about the ranking of your website, then read all these Ranking Signals carefully and follow them, You will definitely get help.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this Ranking Signal, then do share them with us. Your Feedback is useful to us.

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