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In this article, we are going to know about Google’s 3rd Ranking Signal – What is Deduplication Systems?

What Is Deduplication System

Hello friends, this is the 3rd article of Google Ranking Signal and similarly, we have discussed 19 Ranking Signals shared by Google separately in each article.

To boost the performance of your website, it is mandatory for you to follow all these Ranking Signals. 

In this article, we are going to know about Google’s 3rd Ranking Signal – Deduplication Systems.

Understanding these ranking signals and optimizing your website for all these ranking signals is a bit of hard work, but it will prove to be extremely beneficial for you.

What Is Deduplication Systems Mean?

If a URL is coming twice in Google search results, then it is the job of Deduplication Systems to tell that URL from there. 

If the same page is appearing twice in the search results, then it is called Duplication and Deduplication Systems only do the work of removing this duplicate page from the search result page.

Google has many systems that work to remove Duplicate Pages from the search results page, so this Ranking Signal goes to Systems.

Types Of Duplication Systems

There are two types of duplication on the search results page –

  • External Duplication
  • Internal Duplication

External Duplication

Suppose, a search user searches a single keyword, and Google’s system sees that I have 100 pages for this keyword, but out of these 100 pages, 20 pages are such that they have the same type of content. 

In such a situation, Google’s Deduplication Systems will be activated and these 20 duplicate pages will be removed from the search result page. This process is called External Duplication System.

Whenever this happens, you get to see something like this below on the search result page –

Now you may ask that if they are removing duplicate pages from Google’s Deduplication Systems search result page, then how has this become a Ranking Signal? The answer to this question will also be given to you further!

Internal Duplication

Internal Duplication is that process in which you have to bear the loss of being too good. Whenever Google feels that it can give the answer to a query directly on the search result page.

Then at that time, Google gives you the answer to that Quarry directly in the form of Feature snippets on the search result page itself, it is called Internal Duplication System.

Now the content shown in the Feature Snippets in the search result is coming from one or the other web page, that is, the information or content of that web page is so good that Google can confidently show it to the search user. 

But due to this respect of Google, that website gets damaged because by picking the content of the website, Google search gives the answer to the user, but in such a situation that website traffic is not available.

Earlier, when Google used to show a website in Features Snippets, it used to rank that website as well at the first position, but now Google has stopped this thing only by saying that when the same URL appears twice in the search result page So this spoils the quality of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

Now, if we look at it, Google’s saying is also right, but in this, the Website Owner is suffering because if the website is not clicked, if the searcher does not go inside the website, then how will that Website Owner get Ad Revenue or his How will Sales Generate?

Now, what is the benefit of such good content to the website owner? Google made it a direct Friend Zone and this is what we call Internal Duplication.

Now if we copy the content too lazy, then we will be killed in External Duplication and if we have published too many SEO Friendly and high-quality articles on our website, then we will be killed in Internal Duplication.

Now we come to the question that if these systems are removing web pages from the search result page then why are they called Ranking Signals?

How These Systems Are Called Ranking Signals?

If some pages are removed from the search result page, then their place will not remain empty, but in their place, other new pages will get a chance to appear on the first page. Now the loss of one is the gain of the other.

How To Optimize Our Pages For Deduplication Systems?

There will also be two parts to optimize your pages for Deduplication Systems –

External Deduplication Systems

When any of your pages are removed due to duplicate content, then there is only one solution, in that case, stop copying the content. 

If your content is copied from somewhere, then Google has removed your page from Deduplication Systems and it is possible that Google may stop indexing your page, due to which you may have to face Indexing Problem. 

That’s why copying the content is not wise and you will have to do it later.

Internal Deduplication Systems

If your content is very good, then Google makes it so high that you do not get clicks. 

Many people put the solution to this problem that they close the Snippets of the website by applying the No Snippet Meta Tag.

Now this will remove your page from Features Snippets, but by doing this you will do more harm to yourself. 

By applying the No Snippet Meta Tag to your website, your page will appear in the search result without a description, which provides a very useless look.

Now your page will come below the Feature Snippet without a description, which can affect your CTR so that there will be no use for ranking your Googler on the first page.

By the way, there are many policies of Google, if you do not follow them, Google can remove your page from Feature Snippet.

But if you deliberately violate any of these policies to remove your page from Feature Snippet, then your performance, ranking, and indexing of the website will all be at risk.

Real Solution – The right way to practically solve this problem is to create another page.

Publish another page on your website using the content of your page which is showing in the Google Feature Snippet.

But in this you will have to change your content a bit, its structure will also have to be changed a bit and in that article, you add one of your YouTube videos related to that article. 

Keep the URL of this new page of yours similar to the previous page. You know that your content is good, that’s why Google is showing it in Feature Snippet, just you have to make the second page in such a way that it does not look like a copy of your old page.

If there is a copy, who knows, Google may not index this new page at all! If you do it correctly, then your old page will continue to appear in Feature Snippets and your new page will also appear in Top Search Results. 

By using this method, you will also get your traffic and you will not violate any policy of Google.


Friends, in this article we have understood 3rd Google Ranking Signal – What is Deduplication Systems. 

Hope you have understood it well. 

If you have to get your website ranked and you have to make SEOs, then you have to follow these 19 Google Ranking Signals very well because SEO is no longer a field of simple and normal people.

If you have any questions regarding this Ranking Signal, then definitely tell them in the comment.

We will definitely reply to you.

Your Feedback is useful to us.

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