Today we will talk about the Best Wordpress image Optimization plugin which is very important to make search engine optimization successful.

Why It Is Important To Compress Images

Normally when an image is uploaded without compressing it, it is very big in size. Such heavy images make your website slow. By compressing the images properly, you can reduce their size. Suppose, If the size of any of your images is 1000 kb, then it gets compressed up to 20kb.

Important image formats

JPG, PNG, SBG are the three most popular image formats that are widely used in WordPress these days. 1. JPG: Joint Picture Group mostly used for high-quality photography which is not transparent. 2.  PNG: Portable network graphic format is widely used in most logos and icons. Because the image file is transparent and we can compress this format a lot. 3. SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics is generally designed to describe vector best graphics. The size of the window can be adjusted to display images of this format.

11 best wordpress image optimization plugins for free

1. WP compress 2. Shortpixel image optimizer 3. Optimole 4. Resmush. it 5. 6. EWWW image optimizer 7. Compress JPEG and PNG by TinyPNG 8. Imagify wordpress 9. WP smush 10. Kraken image optimizer 11. WP rocket


Today we know in the full article how important image compression is for our WordPress website. We talked about the best wordpress image optimization plugins that help a lot in optimizing images in WordPress.