In today's article, we will try to understand this subject deeply. If you are a content creator then you must have known about the title tag. But many such content creators know what its importance is. But even after knowing this, they make mistakes in writing this. Because of which his blog is never able to rank on Google's search engine result page (SERP).

What are title tags?

The title tag acts as an HTML element. This means that the title tag is a header section on either side of the page. The title is written at this place. The title tag can be used in any type of website. Because of this, the visitors visiting the website get to know what he is going to get in this article.

What is title tag optimization?

If we want to rank your website on the search result page of Google through search engine optimization. Then it becomes very important to optimize the title of our blog post correctly. Because of this, the search engine as well as the visitor understands what your content is about and what kind of value they will get from our content inside.

What is title tag in html?

The title tag itself is an HTML code that tells us that we should give a title to our webpage. We can easily see this title on the browser as well as on the search engine result page. This is a very important activity, it is very important for us to optimize properly on our website.

How do I use title tag for SEO & title tag examples

1. Focus on length: 2. Use focus keywords 3. Use brand name 4. Never use the duplicate title tag 5. Always write relevant content 6. Don't do keyword stuffing 7. In your title tag use power words 8. Use number

Why are title tags important?

on-page seo, both title tag and meta description are very important elements in it. Only the title tag does the work of explaining any website page. The title tag is also written as an h1 heading. Just as keywords, internal linking, heading tags, external linking, formatting, etc., are important for any article. Similarly, the title tag is also very important for any post.

The number of characters recommended for title tag

-According to the Google search engine, the length of the title tag is set to 60 to 65 characters. -But the length is set from 65 to 70 in both the Bing and Yahoo search engine and the Yahoo search engine.

Bracket in title tag

Whenever we use any bracket in our title. It makes it easy for the search engine as well as the visitor to understand tha additional t we have given someinformation in our sentence. If you are using your own website name in your title type, or if you are using year or something.


We talked about a lot of points and we learned that the title tag and h1 tag are very different. Apart from this, we came to know how important it is on our website. If you are also using the title tag of your website incorrectly, then stop it today. If you want to rank your website in search engines then you will have to put some effort into writing your title tag.