Are we going to Understand what is contextual link building? How many types of these are there? Does it really a Google ranking factor? Actually, we use them in our content, but we do not have the correct information.

What is contextual link building?

A contextual link is a kind of deep link of any website content, because of this link, it is known about the webpage of any website that how unique and relevant it is.

Contextual backlinks meaning

The simplest definition of contextual backlinks is any of our content outbound links and inbound links.

Contextual link seo

It is because of the contextual link that the content of our website is easy to understand by the search engines. Because of this, our website SEO also has a lot of chances to benefit.

Types of contextual links

There are 3 types of contextual links. -Reciprocal Link -External Link -Internal Link


We will find what is contextual link building? What are their benefits and are they really a ranking factor for Google? It is known only after coming that it really plays the most important role for Google or any search engine to get its rank.