Today we will talk about subdomain and subdirectory usage in this article. If you are a blogger then you are thinking of blogging, then there are some such terms which you should be aware of. One of the few terms to them is subdomain or subdirectory. Most bloggers do not know about this exactly. To solve this problem of yours, I have written this entire article for you.

What Is A Subdomain?

If we try to understand the subdomain in very simple words, then it is connected to the main domain of the website, it is also called the second-level domain. If you have ever made your website on Blogger, then initially you get it in the subdomain named That is why whatever is the name of your website is followed by For example

What Is A Subdirectory Website?

The subdirectory is such a website hierarchy, which comes only under our main domain. In which we can organize the content of our website in a better way by using different folders. Another name of subdirectory is also subfolder, sometimes it is also known as a subfolder.

Subdomain Vs Domain

The URL of what is your main domain is But on the contrary, the subdomain has a unique URL. You do not need to buy it, when you take your main domain, it comes free with it. It looks a bit like your main domain, such as:

Is It Really A Google Ranking Factor?

It has been verified that there is a separate search console for subdomains, but this is not the case in the case of subdirectories. This makes it absolutely clear that Google treats the subdomain as a separate website. This does not mean at all that you will use subdomains or subdirectories, so it can be a Google ranking factor.


Today in this article we understood subdomain and subdirectory usage Apart from this, we have discussed the advantages, disadvantages of one and how to make it. You have got all this information in this article. If you also want to make your new website a separate website without taking a domain name, then you can also use a subdomain. But you always have to keep in mind that while creating a subdomain, do not spoil your main domain.