Today we are going to discuss in this article how to stay up to date in SEO. In the present time, it becomes very important for any content creator to stay up to date. He has to pay attention because due to this his SERP ranking is decided. The more you keep yourself up to date in terms of SEO, the more you will have an extra edge to survive in the competitive market.

What's The #1 Factor In Improving Your Search

- Always use SSL Certificate - Make your mobile-friendliness - Properly optimize your website or blog content - Focus on user experience - Never afraid to use social signals - Speed up your website (desktop, tablet, and mobile) - Renew your domain name (building domain age, URL, and authority) - Strengthen your technical SEO - Make Powerful links (internal and external links)

What Are The Most Important SEO Elements

We will talk about the most important SEO elements here. Here I am going to tell you some such elements, keeping in mind that you can easily stay one step ahead. - Always use the right keywords (work on long-tail keywords) - Optimize Local SEO (submit your website in local directories) - Create eye-catchy headlines (meta title and meta description) - Keep better your content quality

Will SEO Exist In 5 Years?

SEO is not going anywhere for the next 5 years because social media and search engines are updating themselves from time to time. All the social media platforms out there are getting searches in billions every day. Similarly, if we look at any search engine, there have been searches in billions in one single day.

Do And Don't In SEO?

Here you have to pay attention to both. Do - Incorporating keywords - Create a meta description Don't - Keyword Stuffing - Use short tail keywords - Short content