Today we will discuss and understand the "link whisper WordPress plugin review". If you are a content creator or have a WordPress website of your own then you must have heard about this plugin. But if you have not heard their name yet. Then believe that you may not even know yet how you can further improve the internal structure of your WordPress website.

Why is internal linking important for SEO?

Now let us talk about why internal linking is important for SEO. Google has told many times that it is very important to have internal linking inside it. Because it is counted as a ranking factor. By doing internal linking, you can easily send your visitors from one page to another. Due to this, the bounce rate of your website is also low.

What is the link whisper plugin?

Link whisper is a very popular WordPress plugin that helps you improve your WordPress SEO. Link whisper using internal link SEO techniques on a WordPress website. SEO makes it easy to move links from one page to another.

How does link whisper work?

We see how Link Whisper works: -Once you install this plugin in your WordPress. So this plugin starts giving you the suggestion of internal linking below in your post editor. Because of this, you can easily add the link in your editor. All you have to do is select this link and click and update the post. -By going to its link reporting dashboard, you can see how many inbound links and outbound links you can create. It is very easy to create internal links in this when you are publishing a post. All you have to do is add the Inbound Internal Link column and click on it.

What are the benefits of using link whisper?

It gives you in-depth link reporting: In the link whisper, you can also easily see the internal links report in which you will get to see these things. -Dashboard -Link report -Domain report -Error Report


Link whisper wordpress plugin review for those who are serious about website SEO and ranking. How does it work and how can it be useful to us? Friends, if you were a content creator, you will tell this thing in advance that internal linking is considered a ranking factor.