In this article, we will learn keyword stemming in SEO. Have you ever heard about it? Do you know how beneficial for your website? Can it help boost organic traffic to your website? We will try to know the answers to many such questions. So let's start

What is Keyword stemming in SEO?

"Keyword streaming refers to the ability of Google or any other search engine to understand the different forms of any keyword or sentence".

Keyword research is keyword stemming

In which the most popular keyword research tools are: Semrush Ubersuggest Ahrefs Google keyword planner

Where keyword stemming is not used?

When you are using it positively, it may cause your ranking to be high. But you always have to keep in mind that if you use it wrongly, it will make your content of low quality.

How to do keyword stemming with the help of a Yoast plugin

Once you have found several variations of the focus keyword, you can start writing your article. If you want to write SEO-friendly posts and also want to optimize keyword stemming properly then you should install the Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress.

Keyword stemming examples

Like you took your focus keyword "SEO", but apart from this, all the keywords related to this will be counted in your keywords such as Search Engine Optimization, What is SEO, etc. The second example is that if your keyword is "search" for it, then its variations will become many such as searches, searched, searching, searchable, etc.


In today's article, we have understood keyword stemming in SEO. It is really Google's ranking factor. In the recent few years, Google has now considered it is not important to rank your site in SERP.