Today we will know the importance of XML Sitemap in this article. The present time is the online world, in which everyone makes their website and blog. If we sit down to calculate the website on the internet, then it is in billions in number. But sitemap is used for crawling and indexing this website. This is so important that's why today I am presenting this article in front of you. So that we try to find out answers to questions related to Sitemap.

What Is XML Sitemap In SEO?

"A sitemap is a file that contains a list of the entire page of the website", in which the list of pages is divided according to the category. You know by the name of this that the map of a site like pages, posts, categories, images, videos, etc.  There are also a lot of lists in which things are in the proper one file which we call Sitemap.

What Is WordPress XML Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of all pages that all users can access. An XML sitemap is a way in which a blog owner informs search engines about all the pages in their blog. The biggest reason for doing this is so that the search engine can find these pages very easily. The XML Sitemap also tells search engines which links are more important and which pages are updated regularly.

Importance Of XML Sitemap In SEO

We look at it from the SEO point of view, then it is very important for any website or blog to have a sitemap. Like I told you earlier, a sitemap doesn't increase the ranking of any website. But it is important that if any page is not indexed on your website, then it definitely gets indexed. Especially it is very beneficial for new blogs and websites.

Types Of Sitemap In SEO

If we talk about its type, then it is of two types. - HTML Sitemaps (hyper text markup language) - XML Sitemap (extensible markup language) There are two types of XML Sitemaps. - Index Sitemap - URL Sitemap There are three types of URL Sitemap. - Sitemap For Web Pages - Sitemap For Images - Sitemap For Videos


Today we learned about the importance of XML sitemap in SEO in this article. In this article, I will try to answer every question which is related to the XML sitemap. An XML sitemap is not so important if your website is properl Conclusiony organized. But if your website is disorganized then you must use a sitemap on the website. You should be fully aware of whether your website needs a sitemap or not.