Today we will talk about the very important aspect of Search Engine Optimization, which we know as Technical SEO. Also, discuss the importance of technical SEO in detail.

To rank a website, search engines not only look at its keywords and backlinks. But they look at both of these as well as the "technical analysis" of that website.

What is technical SEO?

Technical SEO is very important to get our website ranked in Google. Google or any search engine nowadays does not like to rank a website with poor technical SEO.

What is the importance of technical SEO?

Now you all must have known what technical SEO is and why it is so important for our website. So let's not delay, let us know what is technical SEO audit & examples of technical SEO in the step by step process with the help of which you can do your technical SEO.

Technical SEO checklist & Technical SEO skills

To improve wordpress technical SEO, we are doing so many things. But in the below some important technicalities which are useful for everyone.

Wordpress technical SEO

Install SEO plugins Google analytics Google search console Tag manager or Google optimize Image optimization Caching CDN

Today, in this complete article, we learned the importance of technical SEO. If you also do not use Technical SEO on your website in the right way then your website ranking can suffer a great loss.